Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Whew, that's over for another year..............

We survived another birthday....no, no not mine, his. You know his, as in RyLeigh Eoan.

He is so like his Momma was when she was a kid, sometimes. Especially at special days. If I squinch my eyes up and made things look all schmoochie and look at him....he's his Mom with short hair. Same exuberant, obnoxiousness with a side order of holy cow kid can't you get it together???? And the answer to that one is NO. That particular item is not listed as an extra if you order the small child in column one, with the birthday special in column two. You don't get eggroll with that, you get histrionics with a side of calm down. And of course a sampling of slap yo mama (not the hot sauce).

He did really well in the morning and then it must have occurred to him. Hey, it's my birthday, I'm supposed to be off the wall because it's my birthday and by golly it's expected in this family.

As the day progressed he got more amped. Oh stars. By the time they had returned from an outing to the ABQ Aquarium and lunch watching the fishies swim by while eating, he was wound up. Sissy didn't go with them, she was with Ms. Mildred painting and dying fabric after having spent the night with a friend. By the time Papa got home from work, holy damn moly. And wait for it, by the time he opened his presents, Judas Priest he was gnawing the wrapping paper off his explorer outfit and pirate ship. Mistook his sister's "home made" present (which is the cutest Minion from the movie Despicable Me, sewn by hand and fabric crayon drawn) for the wrapping to something and ripped it in half.

Okay call out the national guard. The adults sucked all the air out of the room as he ripped, he casually took note that he may have just made a faux pas and his sister then blossomed into the all time best drama mistress that has ever performed a mini series entitled, "oh why, oh why???????" Screaming, crying and the renting of clothing and a quick trip down the hall as she "took to her bed". He said sorry and kept right on ripping. tee hee.

His Momma had made him a pirate cake and like a true 7 year old boy said when asked if he wanted some cake......nah, I'm playing. If GK had already not played out the Sarah Heartburn role, we might have had two of them taken to their beds. No, she wasn't that bad but she was noticeable disappointed and was very quiet the rest of the evening. And the kids were left to get over the drama.

Ry played, Gerea glared, Momma was quiet and Papa and I wondered what it used to be like when we were just two old cutie pies all alone in a house sans birthday drama.

We always have our alone time after the lights go out at Casa de Cuckoo and we just started giggling and couldn't stop. After all, we couldn't go there in front of the family right?????? Bwahahahahahahahaha. Payback is well............hahahahahahahahaha.

Sorry there are no pictures. I just was glued to my viewing area and completely forgot. The train wreck was just to complelling.


  1. Your family drama/comedy is fun for me to watch too...my son was a major maniac for many years but he's older now and things have calmed down (finally) ...it takes forever for kids....good attitudes like yours, make it lots easier...Shelley is still in the thick of it...and if your kids can't press your buttons...who will?

  2. oh, I'm sorry but I laughed. Man am I glad my kids are grown. I am too old for all the drama.

  3. Yikes, sounds like my Ms. Andria!! She would get revved up before her birthday...had to warn the teacher every year and right when school started...birthdays for all 3 are in Sept. She was constantly in trouble for talking, being disruptive and annoying and that was just at home!!! At school, she had a wider audience!!

    Oh well, she has 4 little boys now, so yes, I know all about "payback" and what it has turned into!! Double that "bwahahahahahahaha!!" How about your special day?? I'm hoping SM will take you out someplace special for a belated celebration, without the little darlins' and the big one too!! LOL

    Loves ya,

  4. WOOF!! We all have our days.ahahahahhaaaa.

  5. Hi Linda! What a day huh?
    What did you get from everybody? I heard a rumer that a handsome postman/mailman brings you a visit this week. I hope he knows were you live :-O

  6. Oh Linda, I had to laugh most of the way through this. The visualizations were just too vivid and reminded me of my kids when they were little. You know, I think you could sale some of these tales and make a fortune! Your family is awesome and I adore you all.

  7. Oh yeah, that's why I'm glad the little kid days are over...for now ;-) Sounds like you handled it all well though and had a good day.

  8. That was just too funny but then I wasn't there. Aren't you glad when the train wreck is someone elses responsibility? Those lovely paybacks.

  9. Oh my, sorry but I did giggle some at your post. There is something to be said to only having the kids here all together a few times a year. Although most of my grands are grown now, I sometimes miss the drama (but you didn't hear me say that)

  10. Hehehehe .... not familiar at ALL. Oh wait .... ;-)

  11. That was so well written I felt like I was there! And the "what goes around, comes around?" Yeah, I've SO used that on the son who has given us grands.

  12. Well, family life isn´t always easy and it never ends up the way you have planned ;)
    Give the kids hugs from me!
    Much love

  13. ROFL, gotta love the melodrama :oD


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