Saturday, May 14, 2011

Oh my stars..........

Who would have thought that some mess up on blogger would make so many of us have such a strong reaction.

I, like so many of you, sat down at my computer (let's make contact with the outside world) desk, cup of coffee in hand and posts already saved to just push a button and post another bit of insanity from Casa de Cuckoo when..................

I can't even type the noise I made. Sweet Man was sitting at his desk and turned and asked me what happened. For just the briefest moment I couldn't speak. I was in shock. WHAT???? Whatdayamean?????? Huh?????

It's not that I didn't have other things to get done. It's not that I couldn't go somewhere else on the interwebby thing and make contact. It's just.....but WHAT??????

Sweet Man whose name I have changed to Mister Oblivious, actually tried to soothe me. What a marroooooon. Not now I have a headache. All my besties are out there all alone too. And there is not way to get to them. Who will save them? What was that Lassie, Timmy's fallen down the well?

Okay so for a moment I over reacted. And then like when the electricity is out and you know the lightswitch is not going to make the light go on, but you keep going and checking the lightswitch out and keep clicking it to see if it has power, I kept coming back to blogger.

What is that quote about doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome being the definition of insanity? Well then, there ya go.

I then went to facebook to see if any of my besties were on there and that's when it hit me....I've been captured by the blogging addiction. Do they have a twelve step for this? Am I doomed to depending on Big Brother Blogger for my daily fix forever? If I am an addict, will I ever be a non blogger?

Then Mister Oblivious spoke again saying "how dumb" to his computer and I turned and said....."hey let's go do something besides sit and waste the morning on the 'puter". He then said, "hey Susie sunshine girl, be quiet, I'm reading my emails".



  1. Think we all felt that way,but you make me laugh about it.
    Hugs, amy

  2. LOL!! Great post Linda!! Yes, I have to agree, Since what, Thursday night? It's been a rough couple of days.. Clearly I am an addict too! I'm glad things are up and running again. I missed my Blogland friends! Have a great weekend! ~tina

  3. I felt the same way Linda! Great post! I had a good laugh ;o) Take Care!

  4. ROFL, Linda!!! Timmy in the well!!!! I kept checking the damn blogger too. Like checking the fridge to see if someone put something yummy in there (when I'm the only one home!). Yep addicted. But, all is well, and if it happens again (please, no, no, no, blogger god) we're not going to freak out. Right? right.

  5. ROFL! I needed to read this post today...Between Blogger, the "oblivious one" and FB, I must say you handled everything with grace and good dosing of humour...Hmm, I'd like to see a post about blogging addiction ;)

  6. Yes, the cold shower of reality. I hate it.

  7. How funny. Wish I could say I joined you but while I resented it for stealing my blog and then returning it without the comments, I actually enjoyed the break. Mercy did I get a lot of stuff done. My house is really clean and I cooked up a storm. One day was enough however. Two days and I would be with you looking for a 12 step program. Glad to be hunched over the keyboard again letting dust bunnies rebuild.

  8. It was scary. I do not save my blog anywhere. Maybe it was a grand scheme to get us all to publish our blogs as books!!

    I was lost so, I, too, am addicted.

  9. Okay, I'll admit, I had a little moment of a panicked feeling when i signed on and my last post was gone. I was actually trying to blame someone for hacking my account and deleting the post!! hahahahaha I called J and husband over to my laptop to see what "someone" had done. Then after dinging around, realize blogger had an issue. I've gotten so accustomed to signing on in the morning and bloggin with my coffee. I'm sure alot of us would be looking for a 12 step program if it hadn't come back up. This is too funny Linda! lol

  10. Linda, I'm hear to tell you that I nearly didn't make it with the blogger down. Three months ago I never even thought I'd ever blog or want to, and now I'm totally addicted. I'm easily addicted to things so no surprize there. I'm just glad we all made it through this dark time. There must be some emergency procedure we can put into action if this ever happens again.

  11. You are hilarious! It's funny, but I felt the same way. I was super busy with exams and family stuff (still am) but I really wanted to post. I started working on a few projects, but I would go and check Blogger every once in a while just to see and every time I saw the huge nothing, I would make a face.

    The last line about checking emails made me roar!

  12. your post made me chuckle, lol! yes I certainly know the feeling about being addicted to your computer. I go crazy when my internet is down, and keep checking every few minutes.
    Luckily I didn't notice blogger was done, I've been busy with other things - because If I found it down I too would be panicking :-)
    funny how we love our blogs/emails- it's our way of connecting to the world.

  13. You are so funny! I was exactly the same way. Sitting at work and sneaking onto blogger every 30 minutes to an hour, which is a cardinal sin at my job but I couldn't stop myself. It was as if I were obsessed, suffering from withdrawal,all alone in the world with my 362 line spreadsheet that needed done ASAP! What woman can live in a world like that? How did I survive the day without you, Miss Oma Linda? Let's hope we never have to experience such anguish again. ;-)

  14. I must have clicked Blogger about 80 gazillion times that day. Ugh.
    Anddd, I gave you an award :-)

  15. I must confess that I'm a bit confused about the whole "blogging thing".
    I love it, but hate the addiction....and all the time spent in front of the computer.
    BUT, I love YOU:)

  16. oh wadda i miss??? have been away on hols but sounds like it was a nightmare lol funny post x x x

  17. Good Morning!!! I have an award for you :) Come on over and pick it up:


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