Monday, May 16, 2011

Okay so if it happens again...........

I hafta tell ya that I write to make ya smile. If I accomplish that then yay for the Olde Bagg. If in commenting, you in turn make me smile then.....yay for the both of us (and others too).

I think that is what I love the most about this crazy little think called blog.

So when my buddy Maddyrose of Santa and the Mrs. commented on our recent loss of blogging ability in the great Blogger crash of '11 "that we need and emergency back up plan", I started up my edge trimmer for a brain and I swear the only thing I could see in my minds eye was.................a signal in the sky like Batman uses. Quick to the backup system Blog gals the signal is up. I haven't been that tickled in a long time.

So many of you voiced the same fidgety happenings, I just love it were all doing the same addiction......keyboard tapping.

Honest, if you had told me a short time ago that I would be blogging, let alone care about it, need it, I would have laughed at you but now, well I guess we're all in the same kettle of fish. And I for one am blessed by it and look forward to it.

So yay for us, the addicts of the blogsophere and here's to big brother blogger not blowing it again.....cheers......clink..


  1. Well, I've been out of touch for a bit. Was in Phoenix, refer to recent blog about Part 1. Had access to the computer at my sis', but she seemed to be a big 'puter hog, so I really never had a chance, plus, it seems the AZ heat wreaks havoc on those poor 'puter cables because her service SUCKS!!

    I've never had a blogger shutdown, so wha' happened??? And if it happens, then what other than do a "Yosemite Sam," act!! Just glad all is well with the Universe right now at Casa de Cuckoo or at the Loca Vieja's place!!

    Loves ya,

  2. it IS interesting how addictive blogging is...I used to be alone all day....but now there is always somebody out fun is that? Clink!

  3. Ditto.............and I'm smiling. Hugs

  4. Linda, clink and double clink!!

  5. I'm just glad Blogger didn't like my blog enough to keep it. It loved my comments though for they are history.
    Just add a buzzer to the "BLOGGER DOWN" signal in the sky or I will miss it for sure.

  6. hhmm nice vintage... nice to have someone with whom to enjoy it, eh?

  7. OOPS! Yeah Linda, we are blog-alcoholics without a drop of wine or beer,hahahaha!
    xxxxxxxxxxlove ya!xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    OOH, btw...Did the package for GK allready arrived chuckoos place?

  8. Hey Linda ;o) Clink, double clink, triple clink, oh well, let's finish the bottle ;o) Take care!

  9. Clink, clink! My name is Magaly Guerrero and I'm addicted to my wonderful bloggy friends' words and I'm not ashamed. So there world!

    I just laughed because I remember that you and I exchanged emails and facebook messages while Blogger was down. My adore friend, we have it bad!

  10. Hola preciosa, just stopping by again, to let you know that there is an award with your name on it at my blog. You eclectic witchy thing you!

  11. You always put a smile on my face or warmth in my heart. I love the idea of a Batman type light in the sky. Maybe it could be a big middle finger salute to blogger outlined in a bright neon light, green of course. ;-) We may all be addicts but we are certainly happy ones! BTW, I visiting Marlene's Musings and saw that beautiful doll dress you made with just the measurements??? Wow! You are a seamstress as well? You are certainly an amazing lady.


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