Friday, May 27, 2011

Poor Sweet Man

This is the "days off" that means we are starting the big 52 card pick up moving of the rooms around here at Casa de Cuckoo.

 We started Thursday afternoon with the moving of the china hutch and all it's contents. I had over the years, put "things" away in the storage section of the hutch. I forgot I had them......what a maroon. "That's where the kids christmas stocking things got hidden...teehee". You know sometimes, I outsmart myself.

Yesterday we moved dining room table chairs sideboard and shuffled them in between moving the couch, loveseat, chairs, tables and lamps.....sorta like Ernie and Bert on Sesame Street and the Cooperation game.

Today, OMG, we have to move my studio (AGAIN) so I think I will be able to be back blogging by mid week (just in time for the kids to be officially out of school). But just think, I'll have more to sell as spare parts, too manys, and just plain supplies on Etsy when we are through moving my stuff again. I'll have a funeral for my feelings later.

Sunday Sweet Man goes back to work and will be able to rest from the insanity of the moving of crappee. And this is how he spent his days off. Poor Sweet Man.

Happy Memorial Day Weekend.


  1. Aww.. I think just being together, no matter the conditions or circumstances, is wonderful, and it sounds like you're very lucky to have this "poor sweet man"!... Well, I've given it some thought.. not much.. but some, and I've decided to throw caution to the wind, and just sign up for the Mad Tea Party! It just sounds like too much fun, and I can't resist!.. Good luck with all the furniture rearranging, and have a great weekend! ~tina

  2. Hello sounds like you were blessed with a very sweet man...I was easy to live life that way...I just read some of your previous posts...I had some catching up to do!

    I am truly interested in the "Tea Party"...and I would also like to tell your daughter bravo in the way she handled the big Pow Wow about Ry...she certainly did her own homework and was able to teach them a few things...I bet they never even watched the video...if there is one thing I have learned over my 60 years it is that teachers and doctors are not infallible!

    However, I did like the teacher that said Ry has ahome with love...good going Grandma!

  3. God Bless our poor sweet men!
    What would we do without them.
    Hugs, Amy

  4. aaaww... he really is a poor sweetheart huh? As long as he does it with much of love for you :-) Bert and Erny? hehehehe! Yes, we also have them on Dutch tv for ever! When i was a little one, i always watched them. I thought Bert had an annoiing voice :-( but Erny i liked so much,cause he always made Bert mad! I made a new ghosty child and i almost finished another... i'm really into sculpting again! Oh, my Green witch of the west is sold on Etsy! And this lady wants me to also make a good witch! hmm... can i make good witches? :-O
    xoxoxo Donna

  5. I finally figured a way to post a comment to those of you who imbed the comment section below the post. Blogger is blocking those but by commenting as anonymous, I should get through. It is working for the others. This has been such a pain. Blogger knows and is working on it. Lets hope it is fixed soon.
    Arkansas Patti

  6. I want to know your secret.

  7. Sometimes I tuck things away in "a safe spot" and don't find them again for years!

  8. you know, I think we lived better as hunters and gatherers.

  9. Linda, hugs to you and your sweet man ;o) Have a great long weekend ;o)

  10. I just want to know 1 thing... DO YOU EVER SLEEP???? OK back to work Linda you've wasted enough time here, & I think that loveseat would lopk better over there by the door... he he.... Ohh I joined the tea party too... let's have scones together, it's a date ;)

  11. Well apparently sweet man is happy spending his time off in any manner as long as it is spent with you. LOL on the kid's stocking stuffers. Sounds just like something I'd do. Don't forget rest periods!

    Hopefully by the time you are back to blogging Blogger will have resolved some of these issues. Thank you for taking the time to comment anonymously. You are such a treasure to me.


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