Monday, May 2, 2011

Snow report...And the winner of the "When Oz was Young" giveaway is...........

Sorry for the delay in announcing the winner of the 8 piece limited edition Pez Wizard of Oz collection. I had a bit of a blip on the radar, medically, this weekend and that messed up my timing but if you remember, I messed up my timing when it came to Celebrate Oz too and that was all on me.

Without further babbling......Maddyrose of Santa and the Mrs is the winner. Ms. Maddyrose is kinda new to blogging and is such a talented artist. Go to her blog and check out the Santa's, they are so well done, lovely, detailed and fun. And Ms. Maddyrose ain't a slacker herself. Fun lady, you'll enjoy a visit, I promise. Let me put it to you another way......she's already given me a shovel full and I love that.

Congrats lady. Send me your street addy in an email and I'll send your prize, straight away.

Thanks to all who commented on my fiction for Ms. Magaly's Witches in Fiction. I had such a good time writing the story of When Oz was Young and even though I've been called the devil for stringing you all along until next year....tee hee, I think I've found something else I like to do. No, not being the devil, although, I can be a bit of a stinker sometimes, like that's news to you....duh. I have finished 4 more chapters in this series and am beginning a new episodic view of even before Oz was Young....yeah me and the creator of Luke Skywalker and our prequels.

Just an aside, we had a pretty heavy frost last night. The wind blew like crazy yesterday, again and we even had snow flurries.....and this is the first of What??? Crazy weather. Hunker down ya'll.

Congrats Maddyrose.


  1. Very cold wind here too,
    but our heart are warm, right!?

  2. Thanks Linda. I can't believe how lucky I feel at this moment. I was feeling a little down earlier this morning but sure do feel pretty darn happy right about now. I've emailed you my addy so I'm awaitin... ;-)
    I'm also happy to hear that you're writing more OZ segments. Will you be putting them on your blog?

  3. Lol, you've just finished at the time I've finally managed to post my party post, sorry!

  4. A huge congratulations to Maddyrose! I love her Santas. And I am so glad that you are writing more...continuing that craft is a great idea! Have a lovely week, dear friend.

  5. the weather gods are up in arms!

  6. In the 40's here but no frost. Goodness, when will we be able to store away the heavy clothes? At least we can't say our weather is boring.

  7. Congrats Maddyrose! Linda, I had a dream ... more like a nightmare .. the other night that I woke up to snow. no snow for us, but a few days of chilly windy weather. Hope my peas don't mind!

  8. CONGRATS BABE!!! Never too late to announce winners, at least someone will love you :)


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