Friday, May 6, 2011


Well I tell ya what. Yous guys are big supporters and uplifters of my grands and I am so appreciative. Ms. GK thought she was a rock star with all the well wishes she received both here and on fb from all of you.

You all added some real love to her 11th birthday.

As I always da bestest lovelies.

I blew it when it comes to having pix ready this morning but will try to paint a visual for you. We got her a drift scooter (beats me, I just bought it). It is like a skateboard with 3 wheels and handlebars. She is dressed in (just guess what color) bright pink t shirt, with a bright pink tutu skirt and bright pink leggings with multi colored polkie shoes, trying out the scooter in the street. We're telling her to make it drift.......slide sideways. "But I don't know how yet". Two seconds later she's doing the hula move and the thing is winding it's way skidding one way and then the other. "Oh, you have to shake your booty to make it work" says Ms.Thang. And within 10 minutes she's sliding in sideways up the driveway. So much for a learning curve.

Happy Mother's Day for those that are, or celebrate and for those that don't, have a wonderful weekend.

I'm gonna play with my dolls this weekend come hell or high water. And nobody better mess with me. I'm arting deprived and a little cranky, no make that arting depraved and crazed.

XOXO The Olde Bagg

The music selections are in honor of the upcoming nuptials of Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert. I think she is darling and he deserves her.


  1. HI, glad GK had a great birthday. Kids are so smart when it comes to new gadgets. Happy Mother's Day to You too.

  2. What fun !!!!!!!!!!
    Happy Mother's Day.
    Hugs, Amy

  3. Gad Zooks!! That is one sharp cookie you've got there. Not only does she know how to dress, but she's got talent too. Have an artsy weekend and a happy Mother's day.

  4. So glad that you and GK had a lovely birthday celebration. We all need to be treated like rock stars on our b-day, right? I'm also in a creative kind of space now. I wouldn't know where to begin with making dolls and other beautiful art like you do, but my Book of Shadows is calling to me. And I remember your wonderful advice to me and just have fun with it..Happy Mother's Day to you, Linda :)

  5. Gosh, the drift scooter sounds like fun. Wonder if an old gal----??
    Sounds like she had a great Birthday. Eleven only comes once.

  6. She is a rock star!! lol Well at least she be able to be one on her birthday. :) And that drift scooter sounds like a blast...I want one! Did you try it??? hahaha

  7. Sounds like a blast to me!! Except the sideways thing......I'd prolly fall head over heals......

    You have a happy mom's day too!!

  8. Happy Mother's Day to you too you wonderful woman, keep painting those images, you don't need a camera I got it all ;)

  9. Well she certainly is "Miss Thang!" That little lady has it going on in all the right ways. I had to chuckle at her outfit description. I loved it! She sounds so much like my own daughter at that age. Wishing you a warm and peaceful Mother's day with your amazing family. And craft on, sista! Craft on!

  10. Happy Mothersday Linda! We also celebrate it here in Holland ;-) xoxoxo

  11. I'm glad your baby had a wonderful B-Day, I must wish belated happiness that lasts all life long, for I missed the first post.

    And to you, life giver, the happiest of all mother's day. Oh, but don't you dare read this message today, you better be playing with your dolls!

    Hugs and Kisses!


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