Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Three Freaking thngs..............

Magaly at Pagan Culture gave me another reason to spread more "who gives a big one" about me. Her title was 4 Freaking things....and then she did 3's and 4's and 5's. You know us Aries and our lack of being able to follow rules. So if you think you can stand anymore info on me.....

Three Places I go:

1. Junkin’
2. Grocery store
3. Library

Three Crushes I Have:

1. SM when he plays with the grands and uses his million voices to be all kinds of characters.
2. Watching my daughter tucking in the grands at night.
3. Seeing an American military person in uniform, I get all teary eyed.

Three Smells that I Love:

1. a baby’s head
2. the air just before it rains
3. lavender and honeysuckle
4. Dirty Dreaded Hippy soap and Body cream from Wicket Soaps…smells like every head shop I’ve ever been in.

Three Favorite TV Shows:

2. Castle
3. In Plain Sight

Three Favorite Movies:

1. The Notebook
2. Ever After
3. Despicable Me   "oh poop"

Three Recommendations:

1. Be who you are right from the get go
2. Don’t wait for opportunity…..go out and grab it
3. Don't ever believe you can't

Three People that I’d Love to Read Their 3s or 4s or 5s...

1. Mina from Green Witch with Sprinkles
2. Donna from So Dark So Cute
3. Wendy from The Year of the Cats

Three Things about Me that You Don't Know:

1. I didn’t have my top wisdom teeth
2. I would love to be able to juggle
3. I cheated on my drivers license test when I was 15

Three Bands that I Love: Okay so it's more but hey

1. Rolling Stones
2. Big Brother and the Holding Company
3. The Doors
4. Iron Butterfly
5. Jethro Tull

Which of my 3s made you say “Yep, that’s sooo Oma Linda!”?


  1. ooo, the wisdom teeth thing. I only had one and it was just a little tiny thing with one root but they pulled it out anyway.

  2. :) Fun to learn even just a little more about you. Your three recommendations struck me as being Linda Oma.

  3. You totally rock, Linda! The Rolling Stones, The Doors and Big Brothers...I could totally see us yelling and screaming at one of their concerts (for the one's who errr...still alive ;) and I live the smell of a baby's head too, sigh...almost as much as puppy breath. I am honored you want to hear my threesies' and I will take up the gauntlet with pride...

  4. Ohhh OmaLinda...you remind me of things that I forgot in my Freaking 3's... think I ought to adjust them or leave them...

    Your loves are definitely you...

  5. IRON BUTTERFLY???????????? I hated those dudes!! Reason being, is when I was a teenager, my brother would play it full blast every friggin' Saturday morning to wake me up...just because he was a tool...hey, still is!! One day while he was staying after school for detention, I went into his room, found the album and took it. I hid it between my mattress and box springs. He kept accusing me of taking it, but I maintained, was steadfast in never admitting to any wrong doing.

    So fast forward about 2 weeks ago, while my oldest, Joel, was emptying out his storage locker since he now had a job in Houston and was finally able to actually "move in," someplace, I found the album. Joel absconded with many of my vinyls and apparently, this was among my collection when he went through it!!! Wow, did that bring back fond memories!! LOL


  6. GK is my editor and since I can't spell......she pointed out to me...hey Oma there is no I in things. Okay now wait for it. I thought that was team. Can't spell but I can snark.

  7. I usually don't like MeMe's but I loved this one! Thanks for letting us into your head : )

  8. Soooo Oma Linda's: Likes to go Junkin, Get teary eyed when seeing a military person in uniform, The air before it rains, Be who you are...
    Thanks for tagging me! Hmmm... i have to think about my 3's ;-)
    But before i post it, i first like you to show how my new doll Ashley turned out. Gonna post it today!
    xoxoxo Donna

  9. may the 5th was liberation day here in Holland. There were festivals everywere. I went to one nearby with my mom to see the dutch Rolling Stones! They were actually pretty good! It was so funny to see a lot of 60+ people dancing like they were teenagers again!

  10. Linda, great post! I love your "Three Recommendations"! It's nice to know more about you ;o)

  11. All were interesing but had to laugh at cheating on your drivers test. I faked a sprained wrist so that my miserable parking was forgiven.

  12. They are ALL you! The three things you love made me teary eye. I want to go Junkin' with you. And ditto on the baby's head scent!

  13. This is wonderful! I love learning about you and each time you reveal a little more and I get a fuller picture, I smile with warmth and wonder, knowing I have found another treasure in life. I have to agree with Magaly, that they all sound just like you. You are somewhat like the triple goddess - A wise crone, a beautifully nurturing soul and a young heart with a playful sense of wonder. Now I will tell you that I am honored that you would want to know my 3's or 4's or 5's? ;-) I will make that my next post, hopefully later today if I get off this blogging and get my butt back to work! Have a wonderful day!

  14. All of it is you! You and Mooch with the "oh, poop" line in Despicable Me. I personally like "It was your cousin's idea" "Whaaaaattt?" The minions kill me.
    And hell f'ing yes to the Stones and Big Brother and The Holding Company!


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