Sunday, May 29, 2011

Thus far............

I am done in. Sweet Man went back to work today...I know doesn't it seem strange to go to work on Sunday at 5:30am to rent cars......??????? Anyway we worked so hard for the past three days. We are tail draggin old folks.

Wednesday, I did some prep work by clearing off the dining table which heretofore had been used to put whatever on, because we couldn't get to the table to use it to dine upon. So it became the catch all for everything. And I sketched out where the furniture needed to be placed as we switched rooms. Sweet Man does best with visual aids.

Thursday after he took the kiddos to school, we sat down to plan our attack. I promised not to loose my mind and get loud (liar), if he promised to listen so that he wouldn't miss any of the fine points of blah, blah goes here and not there......see the map!!!! By the way, Joe wanted me to thank you for all the nice things you said about him on last post. But.....he also wants you to know that "he has had to move things so many times in lo these 39 years, that he is a pro."  I then explained to the kindest possible terms, honest, that there were no selective hearing professionals listed in the yellow pages. He just shrugged his shoulders, threw the map away with his Egg McMuffin wrapper and said, (I swear),"okay, where do we start?"

So for those of you who asked how I get him to help.......uh help is not the verb I would use but there ya go. You also must know that humor and jibbing each other is how we have managed to do what we have done all these years. We make people laugh at the store when we go shopping because we give each other fear not.

We moved all the furniture by Thursday evening. I will give you my very own "Heloise" hint for moving heavy furniture by yourself...or with a man....same thing. Lift up one end...I know sometimes you do need their muscles, and put a towel or blanket under the legs, lift up the other end and put another towel etc., then pull and if you have another body even a small one (GK) it works really well for them to push. We did put those EZ glide thingies under the couch on all four legs. We forgot to take them off and when we went to sit down for a rest.....yep we went an unexpected little ride.

Friday morning, we went out to find some hardware items needed to complete the 52 card pickup switch of the rooms and an area rug for the wooden floor in the "new" living room so the kids and dogs could enjoy the area (and within 15 minutes all five of the animals/kids were using the rug) and I didn't have to be fussing about them scratching the floors. Yeah, I am a nudge like that. And then when we got back home, we began the arduous job of putting the "little" stuff back where it belongs. And getting rid of a lot of things that, 1. where the heck did it come from?, 2. do we need this?, 3. this is not going to fit back in here.

Yesterday, Sweet Man took the kids to the "picture show", as my Daddy Jack (grandfather) used to say. While they were gone, I moved, and cleared and organized my desk, the new/old storage cabinet I will be using next to my desk. Moved a rack of supplies and made ready a path to be able to move the goldfish tank. Dusted the mess and collapsed in my easy chair. After a brief respite, we finished the moving of supply wire racks, boxes of Etsy items tagged and stored, and gave in to the exhaustion and napped.

Today, I only have one rack to move....with the help of the kiddos and all will be finished, except the making of the curtain wall that will hide the racks from view from the sitting area......I'll photo the before and after of that extravaganza when it is finished.


  1. Oh my ...a lot of work I know!
    We were in the military many years. Pack & unpack,nothing matched and nothing fit from place to place. We sure had fun though...hugs, Amy

  2. I'm tired just reading this and I didn't even do anything.

  3. Linda, I hope you and your hubby still have your feet up! I was laughing my head off, when you wrote, "We did put those EZ glide thingies under the couch on all four legs. We forgot to take them off and when we went to sit down for a rest.....yep we went an unexpected little ride!" Maybe you should keep them on for the kids! It would be great fun! LOL! Have a wonderful day!

  4. Oh Linda! I need a nap just reading about all the hard work you did. ;-) I'll bet it feels so rewarding to sit back and look at the results of all of your combined efforts.

    Just an FYI...I would continue to follow you and comment whether you could ever get to my blog or not cuz that's the way I roll. Happy weekend and get some rest!

  5. Whew! I am exhausted. Cocktail time!!

  6. Oh, boy! I get tired just reading about all you did. I had a dining room table once that was a catch all and I got rid of it. My apartment is way too small for that.

    It's nice getting things accomplished even if it seems like you will never get done... enjoy your home and your Memorial Day tomorrow!

  7. After reading that, I'm exhausted ;)

    word vert: hoarapp. Hoarapp and finish that movin' stuff, I want to see pictures!

  8. I'm tired just reading about it!

    Uh, when you finish, I could use some help.

  9. busy is right... it made me tired just reading it all... sit down and take a rest...

  10. Can't wait to see the photos Linda!

  11. Do we get to see pictures? Huh huh??? I need to do a massive overhaul of our finished basement/playroom/computer room/shit collection space. Send me some of your gettin' it done vibes, puhleeze.


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