Wednesday, June 29, 2011

After the party's over.....after the break of dawn....

Those are words to an ancient song that most of you have never, nor will you ever hear so nevermind...just an intro to the after business of the Mad Tea.

Can you tell from the Mad Tea that we had fun?

I'm going to make this post all about the grands and their reaction to your reactions. It's a funny symbiotic thing, blogging. I love it.

The kids and Mom and I had been shopping forever at the junk stores to find just the right costuming finds.

We found the black dot on red dress way last fall at the after Halloween sale at the thrift store. We had an idea that we could fix up some Red Queenness and netting to the dress, then we found the longline strapless bra which we embellished with hearts etc., GK already had the necklace from the Halloween story, socks, and the shoes (and are the only new thing and were in the clearance bin) are still a bit big but will be great again for the "dark faery" for Halloween and finally I made the crown which now lives in Scotland. Total cash out for Her Heinie....$24.00.

Mr. Ry's ensemble. We had the hat from last year. Regular clothes underneath the fantastic and pimp looking animal print (I knew I shouldn't have let them watch Jerseyliscious) jacket which I am sure the junk store was happy to see leave......for $9.00. The jewelry was mine, the umbrellas we had.

The tablescape was a combination of "stuff" I had to make other things and old bedding. Suitcase, Alice (2 actually), and tiny rabbit were the only purchases coming in at $11.00. The huge pocket watch was a something I had bought for Mr. Oblivious but he hadn't noticed it on his desk so we used it. The smaller red pocket watch is something Shelley had as a kid.

So for under $50.00 we had a fun tea. The kids once again had the initial thought for the storyline and are getting really good at story boarding the action. The having to be in a hurry was the most fun. You should have seen them "slow motion" the running so we could capture it. There were people in the park which isn't far from our house, watching them and having the best time.

Someone commented how the grands looked so willing and they could never get their kids to cooperate for something like this. Ya'll have to understand that this is as much them as me. Hambone runs in our fabric of life. It's that old Mickey Rooney and Judy Garland line....let's find a barn and put on a show.

That being said, they loved the comments, compliments and when someone would just thank us for the invitation to the party (as many are apt to do when trying to attend the 50 bazillion parties) Ry would say to the monitor, "oh no, thank you for coming" or "the pleasure was all ours". Handsome, pretty and fun are their favorite words next to ice cream.

Thanks from the actors, the seamstress, fabricator and the photographer for letting us entertain ourselves in front of you, our lovelies.


  1. Wow, this is incredible! I had to laugh about your comment that the hubby didnt notice the huge pocket watch. I assume you mean the big golden one? How can anyone miss that??? Sure looks like a fab party though :)

  2. And again, Linda, many many compliments to you and your daughter for helping the grands put on a great mad tea party.!!

  3. I'll try again -- is your comments function working?

  4. Good, it seems to be working now! What I said in my original comment was: What wonderful memories you are creating with these fabulous photo shoots -- I'm sure they'll remember doing them always!

  5. ...many the hearts that are breaking....after the ball. Can't fool a gal who grew up with player pianos and all the "top hits" of that era!

    Can't wait until the next 'do--always fun and always fascinated by the amount of work, talent and imagination shown by all!

  6. The grands were the brightest stars of the tea party. They are such little hams and would have fit right in with my gang when they were that age. Those two are delightful, and Oh no, thank you for having us.

  7. Linda you and the grands put on a great party! It was so much fun! Great memories ;o) Have a wonderful day ;o)

  8. ♥♥♥♥ For all of you. (:

  9. ...and a good time was had by all...

  10. We had a fabulous time and hope you will invite us all back for a Halloween blast.

    My post that will be up July 5 tells of a few other parties to entertain us while we plot and plan.

  11. You and those precious grands bring such a magical warmth to my heart. I sincerely loved the entire Mad Tea Party and could only picture it better if I were one of the lucky viewers in the park to witness the revelry first hand. GK is more beautiful with each posting and RY stole my heart long ago with that handsome little face. Lucky, lucky children to have the special Oma to encourage their every aspect of living. Hugs to all of you.

  12. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo Auntie Donna


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