Sunday, June 19, 2011

And here's the itchifying part of the surprise...........

I have a new buddy. His name is Bopp, which stands for Bedbug of Plaid Pants. He was gifted to me by some really remarkable humans and their playmates at Martha and Jane. I adore Martha and Jane and their antics with all of the plethora of monsters, things, and animals. I especially love how the storytellers make the adventures too much fun.
And you all know that I can't keep my opinion to myself. So that's how my darling Bopp came to live with me and my menagerie of playthings. I assured Martha and Jane I would be a good bedbug caretaker and make sure he got his anti itch button immediately....for me not him and that I would make sure he has proper accommodations befitting his status of one of but a few plaided bedbugs in the world.
He arrived in a very well padded shipping container. Monkey opened, titmouse chewed through the wrapping, Vivian pulled him free and Doodles the donkey made sure he was comfortable.
As you can see by the photos he has already begun to make friends with my precious family of toys. The donkey, pincushion terrapin, baby flying monkey, Wervyn, titmouse, our new house guest faery (who I will introduce more formally in an upcoming post) and even Ms. Baggs were all so excited knowing that they had a new brother.
Bopp was a little tired from his trip but was very ready to tell of his adventures and fit right into the group immediately. But he did kinda have his eye on the faery and well...but that's another story.
So here he is. Isn't he the most handsome and debonair bedbug ever?

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  1. Those are the most adorable platted pants I've ever seen. And a fang(ish)smile never looked so cute. Hope you have lots of phone at the new place Bopp!

    And I'm still going for the heart ;-)

  2. What a handsome fella! It appears he will fit right in with your odd group--hee!

  3. I think Bopp looks charming in his plaid attire! (ALICE) ~tina

  4. If all bedbugs were as cute and friendly as Bopp, what a different place the world would be!

  5. Who would have ever thought we'd think a bedbug to be cute??? hahahha But, Bopp is a special and adorable bedbug. So glad to see you have a stash of sweet stuffed friends. I thought maybe there was something wrong with me for having my stash. (:
    Since I recently won a mermaid, I shouldn't take part in this giveaway. But I can't help myself - I like your hearts too much!!!! (:
    xxoo audrey

  6. So cute! That smile is ... dare I say ... infectious! :-)
    Oooh, I'll go for the crown!

  7. Hmmmm, never considered a bedbug as a playmate, but I am very fond of plaid! Hope the whole gang enjoys a long and happy playtime, with or without itching! Oh, and Alice! Again I say Alice!!!

  8. Okay, now I want a bed bug. I can't believe I just wrote that. Bopp's cuter than he has any right to be. It does appear that he hit it off with your collection right away. As for the giveaway, there's only one word to say, Heart, Heart, word said three times.

  9. Cute and bedbug just don't fit in the same sentence, but in this case I will make an exception! My heart still isn't quite right without a Not Quite Right Heart!

  10. He is so adorable! I love him! I love his sexy smile ;o) I think he will get along very well with everyone ;o) I want to know what happened to him and the fairy ;o) Oh, Heart ;o) Please Heart ;o)!!!

  11. I'll bet your little friend has a lotta HEART!!!!

    That's my entry!

    Happy Summer Solstice!!!

  12. I absolutely adore that little bed bug. Cutest thing ever in his plaid pants.

    And since I forgot to do this earlier. I am putting my name in for the crown. So lovely. :)

  13. Whew, well lets hope Bopp gets better treatment than you, dear Ms Baggs, and doesn't get waylaid. After all, he may bite back ;o)

    Crown :o)

  14. Isn't Bopp the cutest little bed bug there ever was! You have such a wonderful menagerie of playthings. How wonderful that everyone greeted him so warmly and welcomed him into that beautiful family. Oooooo...could there be romance in the future between Bopp and the fairy? ;-)

    Heart, heart, heart.

  15. Bopp is awesome Linda! I can see he likes his new family very much!

  16. I want to hear more about the Fairy and Bopp! A budding romance with a lot of ... heart? ;-)

    Yup, there's my entry!


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