Thursday, June 9, 2011

Funtime with the grands.......

As I've shared with you the kids will start a summer program through the city parks and recreation the 13th. So we are in "let's get it all done in one week" mode.

Yesterday we worked on our Midsummer's Night production for some friends as a surprise. Puck never looked like this before, well for that matter neither did Peaseblossom or Cobweb.
Then the Mom came home early and we all went bowling.....well three out of the four. I figured, no use taking a chance of pulling something and not being able to do my thing next I was the official photographer this trip.

It was a day right out of a cartoon. The Roadrunner and the Coyote ain't got nothing on my grands. Ry was just having a good time when he accidently got a spare. And I do mean accidently. That critter runs up to the line (and beyond) flings the ball like it weighs nothing and plays billards with the ball and the bumpers. He didn't even pay attention to what happened until we showed him the scoreboard.....and that's when the "oh no you didn't just out do me" showed up. She looked alot like GK but the face was all scruntched up and uggggggggggly.

Remarks like, I suck at bowling, it's the ball I need to find a new one and ughhhhhhhhhhhh little brothers were heard coming out of the same mouth she kisses her Momma with.

Then a funny thing happened on the way to the land of self pity....she got a spare and then two frames later a strike. Oh and the sun came out and shown upon her and she was GK again......but Ry went to the dark side and proclaimed, okay now I'll show you how it's done, I'll show you all. (dramatic pause).

The Mom and I just had the best time laughing and watching the jackass parade.
Funny how kids don't even know they are that entertaining huh?

Tomorrow we are off to Madrid on the other side of the mountains to see the mining towns established in the gold rush days. We will be traveling on the Turquoise Trail. Tell ya more tomorrow.....tah


  1. Kid watching is one of my favorite things to do. I'm not talking baby sitting, I'm talking about watching kids be kids. They're more fun than monkeys. It sounds like you and the family have a grand plan for fun in the sun. Have a mery time.

  2. Hey Linda ;o) Sounds like you're having a great time with the grandkids! I started laughing about the entire bowling saga! ;o) Great picture! Can't wait to hear about the mining towns! Take Care ;o)

  3. Busy, busy, busy! But it sounds like such fun!

  4. It sounds like a blast! And I agree, kids don't know how funny they are especially when they are not trying to be funny. I hope Ry showed you all how it is done ;-) and I can't wait to see next week's pics!

  5. Ooooh, I want to see pictures of the turquoise! Yep, them dramatic little girls can be a pickle. Especially with little brothers who show them up without even trying! Now I want to go bowling, although Butterbean would probably end up climbing up into the pin machine.

  6. I want to go see the mining towns, you always seem to have such fun and do such fun things. Who finally won the bowling?

  7. Usually I'm the one changing bowling balls, complaining of 'slippy' finger holes & dropping a quiet F or 2 along with the pathetically gutter aimed ball... my girls just laugh & roll their eyes (& probably hope no one they know is around to see) LOL You sound like your having a great time, yes to hell with bars & late night venues, kids are heaps more fun to hang out with, party on!!

  8. Hi Linda! Great hearing all the fun you're having!! Enjoy! ~tina... Oh, and if anyone ever needs an ego boost, when it comes to bowling, just invite me along! My expertise at gutter balls will make everyone a whole lot happier! (0;

  9. Oh this is hilarious! I wish I could have seen all of the dramatic comedy. You tell humor so well, I laugh all the way through and my face generally hurts at the end from smiling. Such a lovely pleasure! The picture of your daughter and the grands is fabulous! What a beautiful family.


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