Friday, June 24, 2011

I think I had something to do today, but I can't remember what is was???????

The Hatter woke up quite early today
with a question upon his brain.
"I think I had something to do?" said he,
but he brushed it away, then complained,
"I'm bored and I'm hungry and I miss the Queen."
so he gathered up things in a case
Filled with tea and cakes and few extra plates
and they walked at a leisurely pace.
"Aha", said she, "I think we just found
the perfect place for our time."
"There's mushrooms and teapots, the grass is so green.
Let us spread out our blanket to dine."
So they set out the cups, plate and cupcakes
and commenced to pour the tea,
When a noticeable bump called for more than a lump
and the titmouse had to be freed.
And just as he exited quickly
the two had the very same thought.....
"Why, look at the clock with it's hands pointing up
we've a party to be at, let's trot."
So off they did run at a quickening pace
as they skittered off through the green patch.
Alice, rabbit, flamingos and others
were going to miss them at match.
And off they did run, in a hurry for fun
left the cups and saucers behind.
Poor Alice and Rabbit were also forgotten
the party they are desperate to find.
Drink this, eat that, they did all those things
and still their size was not normal.
"Oh well," said the Rabbit, "we'll just go as is.
After all, no one said it was formal."

Thank you for dropping by to see our fun.
Dear friends and to readers anew,
we welcome you to our presentment
And hope you enjoyed the views.

Closing credits:
Red Queen................GK
Mad Hatter................Ry
White Rabbit...plastic toy
costumes & crockery......
..........thriftstore & Oma
photography..The Mommy
setting..............the park
enjoyment.......had by all


  1. What wonderful costumes, makeup and props! Bravo to GK and Ry for being so perfect in their roles!

  2. I love it!! It looks like they had fun and you had to have fun shooting. :) Lovely.

  3. this was great, the children are so beautiful!!!
    loved it:)

  4. Lol, fab, glad I caught this before I headed off (although I wish I hadn't been woken in the middle of the night by randy birds to do so lol)

  5. You have a fabulous imagination and create such wonderful memories for GK and Ry. It's too bad every child can't have an Oma like you!

    Thanks for sharing the fun.

    word vert: peerd. I peerd through the wind of your mind and was amazed and impressed.

  6. oh that was wonderful!!! loved it.

  7. What an absolutely delightful post.
    The costumes and actor/actress were fantastic.

  8. Happy Mad Tea Party Linda ;o) Oh, what a lovely day spent with the Mad Hatter and the Red Queen ;o) They both look amazing! The titmouse is so cute too! I hope rabbit and Alice made it to the party ok ;o) Have a wonderful day and I hope to see you at the other parties ;o)

  9. I loved it. Ry and Gk were absolutly perfect in their roles, and the poem was devine. This was a treat. Happy tea party day.

  10. what a wonderful party! thanks for inviting me!!!
    ❀◕ ‿ ◕❀

  11. Oh my gosh! This is wonderful, they look like they had quite a lot of fun and the parasols are amazing! Thanks for inviting me along.

  12. Love the story and the pics!! Wish our lawn looked that green!! LOL The freeze killed our sprinkler system and the stepson hasn't come by to fix.

    Anyway, looks like all had a great time and those, just fabulous!! I'll have to participate next year...this is such a fun event...gots to run..have other parties to attend.


  13. I love your plays. The children are such great actors. The costumes are perfectly awesome. And of coarse the stories you present are the best. Thanks so much for the entertainment my dear.

  14. Oh what fun!! Wish I could have played along, but my plate is always so full, and my organizational skills are a fright!.. But I enjoyed all the fun HERE today!! The Hatter and the Queen are both absolutely adorable, and have played their parts well!!! Applause! Applause!.. Hope you all are enjoying your weekend! ~tina

  15. I loved it all! I actually got goosebumps when the theme started playing! What great photos and story. You are amazing Linda, and the kids are fantastic. This was a true joy to view. Thank you so much!! This gets a 12 thumbs-up!!!

  16. Simply adorable...the children are the sweetest! You are exposing them to so many amazing things...memories to last them forever!

  17. i so enjoyed your Mad Tea Party! who could resist those little faces!
    thank you for having me

  18. What a fabulous way to play! It is so great to see your children enjoying their imagination. The tea part is wonderful!

  19. What a cute Tea Party! Love your colorful decorations and teapots!

    Happy Mad Tea Party!


  20. I've never enjoyed closing credits the way I've just enjoyed this; how lovely! And the Queen and the sweet Hatter look gorgeous. What a wonderful party!

  21. It's so great that you get the little ones involved in all the fun parties. Love your tea party and imagination! Have fun party hopping!

  22. Hey girlfriend! Long time no see! It's not you, it's been me! I do miss my bloggy friends so. Hopefully soon I shall return more fully. Love your party! The children certainly are growing nicely. **blows kisses** Deb

  23. Oh my goodness! What an absolutely amazing Mad Tea Party. Everything about it was sheer perfection. The superb cast, the writer, the photos, costumes, make-up, set-up. I was captivated and could not mistake the child-like sense of wonder that filled me from top to bottom. Thank you so much!

  24. this is adorable. I had so much fun!

  25. What magic and wonderment, just something I needed after joining the tea party so late after a super boring day of training. On a Saturday? And a tea party day? Pish posh, the bank should know better!

    Thank you for the fun, GK and Ry really knocked it out of the park this year, both look fabulous! Thanks for stopping by for a bit of our mush, it means all of the worlds of wonderland to me. <3

  26. What a fun Oma you are by having this wonderful tea party. I know the kids will forever remember this day.


  27. Oh this was so precious and fun!! I loved it!! Thanks for the smile and I was thinking how lucky those kids are to have you as a granny. Wow.

  28. What a fun tea party, with such gracious hosts! Thank you so much for inviting me :) ~Lauren

  29. Thank you for including my grand kids and myself at your lovely tea party full of cute toy tea sets, dainty delights, and wondrous costumes. A lovely Mad Tea Party for sure for 2011!

  30. What a sweet Tea Party. The Mad Hatter and The Red Queen are adorable.

  31. Absolutely beyond fabulous!!! I LOVE your models/actors!! But wait, they are not acting, they ARE MAD!! ;)

    SO fabulous, so much fun!! Thank you for being such a magical part of Wonderland!!

    I have to go back and look again, I just love them to pieces!!

    Love, A Fanciful Twist ;)

  32. Wow, Linda! This was magical. What fine actors GK and Ry are. The costumes, the props, the photography, the story ~ FABULOUS!!! The memories you are giving those children (and your daughter) are a precious gift. Surely, the good Lord will bless you for the love and time you give them. Not to mention the smiles you put on our faces.
    Thank you.
    ♥ audrey

  33. I love your tea party. What lovely tea partiers! So cute and they looked so willing. There is no way my kids would do that for me.

    I have a kid friendly post and blog if you want to share it with them.

    Have a mad party!
    Erin :)

  34. Wonderful and magical! I really enjoyed the photo story! :) I bet the kiddos had fun too!

  35. The Red Queen was so beautiful (we LOVE her socks) and the Mad Hatter was so handsome. What fun! Thank you for inviting us to come along... we had a wonderful time! Sending much love to you all. xoxoxo

  36. Hurray! That was such a fun Tea Party! The Mad Hatter and Red Queen were lovely hosts. :) Looks like fun was had by all!

    Hope you'll pop on over for a visit with me!

    Thank you again for a lovely time...enjoy all the festivities!

  37. I had a great time at your party. Lots of things to do and the other guests were so nice. I hope you will visit me at:

  38. How fun and colorful tea party! Thanks for having me over!

  39. Thank you so much for a wonderful time! I had a lovely time here at your tea party. I hope you will visit my tea party as well.

  40. You all looked like you had so much fun, bravo, bravo.
    Thanks for stopping by my hoarding post.
    Have a sunshine day.

  41. I wouldn't have left those cupcakes behind!!
    Love your story and the photo illustrations, the penguins are awesome as always;)

    Dearest Linda, we are now connected for ever through the amazing bed bugs!
    Lots of love

  42. I have enjoyed your party!
    Happy UnBirthday to you !

  43. Holy Moly!! It took 30 mins to get to the end of all your comments on this!! Absolutely adorable and imaginative and soooo much fun to see. :) Hugs!!

  44. *applauding*
    That was fantastically wonderful in every way!
    Thank you for having me!

  45. I love it! It looks like it was a lot of fun outdoors I envy you guys! Sorry took me awhile to get here! Do come over for sometime as well!


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