Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A very smoky day.............

We in New Mexico usually have nothing to complain about this time of year except lack of rain. Okay so I personally complain about the wind and don't like the heat but that's just me. But like much of the rest of the nation, we have had strange weather.

The jet stream is so different that we actually were cold some days in May and now in June we are warm but not seasonably hot. What we are is coughing....a lot. Yesterday we watched a wall of smoke invade us from the west. It was like the invasion of the smoke monsters. It was almost surreal. Poor Arizona on it's eastern boundary with NM is on fire. It is called the Wallow fire. Just so happens that the jet stream and the lower elevation winds are swooping up the smoke and driving it right at ABQ where I live. The Rocky Mountains are to the east of the Rio Grande River Basin and so every evening since 6/2 we have had a smoke invasion along the valley, which then becomes trapped ovenight.  What that means is that this cry baby can't have the swamp cooler on because all it does is to draw in the smoke inside the house.

Combine the AZ fire which now has burned 150,000 acres of some of the most beautiful "Arizona Alps" and a fire near Silver City in the southwest section of NM and here we sit in a pot of pollution that has given us fabulous blood red sun rises and sunsets but headaches, coughs and some serious health risks for those with breathing problems. Don't know if you remember my bouts of pneumonia....lurgy I think Cee calls it, but I'm really wheezing and coughing and moving slow.

Yesterday we were out taking pictures for our participation in the Mad Tea Party and this is a picture of  GK's eyes because of the smoke in the air......and it was pretty clear at that time.

But that's the way the bacon crumbles. My little drop in the bucket problem is nothing when you compare it to the poor folks in western New Mexico that are bracing themselves to flee from this monster of a fire.

It's it just mind boggling when you contemplate how much we need the rain so that our forests don't burn away and further east so many folks still can't get back into their houses because of the overabundance of water has ruined everything then own in the floods.

Makes you kinda ponder stuff huh?


  1. Oh man! Poor little GK and you. We go through a few dry spells in the summer, which is what inspired me to start using rain barrels. Of course they don't last forever and right now I'm hoping we get some rain this weekend so I can stop using the tap! But, like you said, compared to the flood and fire victims, we are sitting pretty, my friend.

  2. We have been watching news about the fires in the west and the floods in MO and back east. And then there's that nasty volcano in Iceland! Linda, please take care, hope you have an inhaler to use! I am sending thoughts of rain to you, but not so much that it becomes a problem, right? Keep safe, and have fun with your Mad Tea Party post.

  3. Yea, girl, I hear ya...out here in far west TX, we're getting the smoke too, however, not like you all...you're lots closer, but the winds are blowing it down this way...damn winds!!

    Haven't had any really nice, clear days, usual this time of year, due to the Silver City forest fires. Our 'lustreous gov had a prayer meeting for rain in TX, meaning "that" part of TX...(remember, El Paso is the freckle-face stepchild of TX...we need to be annexed by NM)...ya think maybe for the entire Southwest, fool!! Then our equally 'lustreous mayor said he's not going to pray for rain because the last time he did, in 2006, we got the great flood of '06...another fool!! This is the same bozo that was in Austin during the freeze in Feb. when so many people were out of electricity and water for days, even weeks for some. His reply to why he was in Austin and not here, "Well, I'm not a plumber!!" Guess what's going to rear it's ugly head when it's voting time!!???? dumbass!!

    Anyway, take a trip down here...our swamp cooler is working like a champ due to the 5% humidity...the only little silver lining in this friggin' drought and lots less smoke...oey!!


  4. Seems like there's strange weather in every direction. Tornado, floods, heat waves too early in the year, fires and dry spells. I wish I could invite you and your family for a visit to get you away from that dang smoke. It's got to be miserable at night since you have to keep things closed up and no swamp cooler.

  5. Linda,
    You poor dears. I hope they get those fires under control soon. There is nothing worse than having a hard time breathing. I will pray to the rain gods for some relief. We have been having HOT days with no rain here. Mother Nature is playing games with our country. We are cold when we should be hot, wet when we should be dry, earthquakes, fires, and more ~ things are mixed up and extreme it seems. I hope this bad mood she's been in leaves her soon.
    You take care of yourself and your loved ones. GK is a cutie even with her watery itchy eyes. ):
    ♥ audrey

  6. Linda, please take care of yourself! My thoughts go out to everyone! Poor GK! I felt so bad for her, looking at those beautiful eyes of her's! Blessings my friend ;o)

  7. I was wondering if you were getting any of that smoke. Goodness, each section of the country has some sort of excess that another section could use.
    Not much sense these days.
    Arkansas Patti

  8. It does make one wonder... so strange how we depend so much on our natural resources, but many of us tend to ignore how important they are until they stop doing what we want. I hope things don't get dangerous... fires are so scary...

  9. I just finished reading SueAnn's Journey and I guess things are burning quite nastily around her way. I'll fill my cauldron with fresh water and wish for a nice thunderstorm, my friend! The only fire your city needs is the one in your witchy heart!

  10. This fire is horrible, been watching it on the news. I feel for you with the smoke. I am praying for everyone that is effected by this act of nature (or was it someones campfire?)

  11. Poor little one! Fires are not fun. I just found your blog! Really inspire by it. I will love to make a mermaid. Pirates of the C, from Disney, got he cutest ones. I will keep checking your beautiful art, Andrea.

  12. oooh... look at GK :-( with her nice red lipstick on :-) Here's the weather pretty good actually. It hasnt rain much lately and that isnt normal for holland,cause it normally rains a lot?! But since a couple days it rains a little, but not much. It seems like the whole world is changing, and that scares me...

  13. Oh, I hate that you all are suffering with that horrible smoke in the air and I truly hope it is not causing you any further serious respiratory distress. True, it is not as bad as those who have to deal directly with the fire, but still a bothersome condition for your and yours to endure. I honestly do not know what to think of the weather and it's many changes this year. I just put my faith into the hands of the Gods and Goddesses for as you know, we have no control over such things. Life is always a daily wonder.

    Aside, from the red puffy eyes, GK's make-up is amazing! What a beautiful job you have done. It honestly puts me on the edge of my seat for your party! I am certain it will be a gala event.


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