Wednesday, July 13, 2011

And so it goes...............

I have the most amazing friends in the entire world.

I have seen only pictures of some of you, but most, I do not even know what you look like but I know to me you are all beautiful souls and angels.

I have shared laughs, tears,hopes and dreams. Tea parties, holiday decorations, rants, happinesses, victories and life. I have given away hand made items and receieved amazing and precious gifts. Told stories to and been entertained by and made a place for myself that has led me to this moment.

I never used to believe that hope is alive. I never thought I'd ever know another soul who knew what I was like and still like me for myself. I wasn't sure I could trust myself to be real and still feel like I was okay......

And then there was you my lovelies.

And there are so very many of you who know my family, my heart, my life, my craziness, my pain. Who go out of your way to be truthful, positive, direct, kind, gentle, funny and what I have been lucky enough to find here in this cyber jungle......friends, soul sisters, people I can count on to help readjust my compass and kick my butt when necessary and hug me when I need it.

Know that I do not take this lightly, I do not assume you are just there. Know that I am a better person today and able to hold my head up and face what is to come because of you.

There is a storm coming our way, one that life has given us. We are ready, able and eager to meet the storm and it's wind damage because we (my family) know you all have our backs. Thank you for the reassuring, warm comments felt and received. We will be here in the aftermath to let you know what has happened and we will all rejoice together my friends. We'll have one of those celebrations that is purely based on good winning a good fight.

Keep my babies in your thoughts and prayers. I may falter momentarily because of this damnable depression but I am and will continue to focus on the matter at hand.

Please know you are appreciated, respected and loved by all five of us at Casa de Cuckoo.

Thanks, I am feeling much better today.


  1. Well..that sounds pretty serious...sending hugs, love and all the positive wishes I can muster right now out to the universe for all of you. Battin' down the hatches and know that there will be all of us out here when you emerge from the storm...hugs to you.

  2. Know that we are hear for ya. (((Hugs)))

  3. You are such a strong and beautiful woman. I will never lose faith that good and positive power will prevail in the end and that all that is meant for us in this life will manifest. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later. Hold your head high and know we are here for you unconditionally. Hugs and love to all.

  4. Excuse my language, but there is no way in hell, this will not turn out the right way.

    Praying, wishing, hoping...isn't that a song?? If it is, I will sing it for you, my friend.

    Sometimes the world grabs you by the balls and squeezes, grit your teeth til you can breath again.

    If this crude bluntness offends, I'm sorry...let me know and I won't use these tasteless analogies nor bad words again. I am just trying to express how strongly you are in my thoughts.

  5. You guys won't stand alone. We'll get your back.

  6. well, you know the giving and receiving goes both ways so thank you.

  7. Linda, we are here for you, my friend ;o) My candle is still burning and my prayers are still with you! You are not alone ;o)

  8. I hope it is a temporary storm, like a micro burst, that causes it's chaos and then leaves. I hope that you will be able to clean up after your storm quickly and that you will be able to count your blessing before and after.

    I hope it is nothing life threatening, our thoghts are with you and your family.

  9. Dearest Linda, I don't know what storm you are talking about but I know you will make it out and when the sun shines for you we will all be here for you....and like you, well you know chickadee, you are awfully hard not to love. hugs and hope.

  10. Love and affection, like magic, works like a mirror: what you put in front of the mirror of friendship tends to reflect right back at you; you give a lot to many, my Cuckoo Luv, so you get a bunch in return. We adore you ;-)

  11. Oh Linda.. So sorry to hear you distressed in these troubled times you're experiencing right now... Keeping you in my prayers, and hope things get better for you and your family soon! ((big hugs)) ~tina

  12. Hugs, love, peace, and good energy! I know you can handle whatever comes your way. I am here!

  13. Sounds like something pretty serious is heading your way and if you get scared or worried or lose hope, remember we are all here to give you hugs and support. :) Stand strong!! I'm sending positive light and energies to you and your loved ones. Hugs and Hope to you!! :)

  14. You're receing so much love because you share so much yourself, Linda. And damn it why has the Goddess given us this illness to deal with? Well, asking why never helps I guess, we just take one footstep at a time, knowing that we have angels surrounding us both seen and unseen. Sending you lots of love my friend.

  15. Linda, I hope the penguine gives you support!
    Better days will be coming!
    Can I do something to cheer you up?
    Much love
    Yours Becky


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