Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Everything is 20% off in my Etsy shop..............

OmaLinda's Practically Magickal has been my only Etsy endeavor until now. I have put my art, crafts and recently destash and vintage in the shop. I feel like I would like to separate art as Practically Magickal from destash and vintage so.........
both graphics for my Etsy shops were done by the wonderful and talented Ms. Sharon at Plumrose Lane
I am opening a new Etsy shop starting August 1st. The name of the new shop is: OmaLinda's Boondoggle Emporium or as Etsy calls it OmaLindasBoondoggleE.etsy.com. This emporium will contain all the destash, vintage and I can't use this anymore items. For the month of August you can receive a 20% discount on 1 or 100 items by entering the coupon code IMBACK.

when I saw the hodgepodge of this graphic I knew it was a Boondoggle, just for me
And in the meantime you can also receive 20% on anything listed in my current shop by entering the coupon code NEWSHOP. This sale will continue through the month of August in celebration of my new etsy shop and also to make room for my new endeavors in arting and crafting.

And another bit of information and a favor, if you please....if you have an Etsy shop, would you please include my new shop in your circles? To me the circles have increased my selling and also my seeing other people's lovely items to buy (good thing it sorta evens itself out huh?). I have also had the opportunity to meet new folks and I am loving the circles. So if you wouldn't mind

1. Come by and see if there's anything in OmaLinda's Practically Magickal that calls your name.......
2. Don't forget to come by OmaLinda's Boondoggle Emporium for destash and vintage (remember...I working to list box 2 of the 13 that I have gotten to from my Mother's household).
3. Include me in your circle, if you are an Etsy seller or buyer.

And now back to the grindstone...................


  1. Sounds like a great sale, will check it out.

  2. Thanks Linda ;o) Really sweet of you! Of course you are in my favorites and in my circle ;o)

  3. Congrats on your new shop opening soon and thanks SO much for selecting one of my designs for the theme ~ you're a sweetheart (oops! I mean olde bagg)! ;D

  4. YES!!! WILL DO!!!! & WHAT WAS I DOING NOT HAVING YOU IN MY CIRCLE??? So pleased you are busy creating, good for the soul :)

  5. Congratulation on the new Etsy, my sweet friend. Wishing you all the luck in the world.


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