Tuesday, July 5, 2011

I used up alotta brain cells today...............

Lovelies: you may have realized by now (stop all that snickering) that computering is an extreme and dangerous sport for me. I always wear a cup and my seatbelt each time I log on.

If the directions cannot be read by the two people it always takes for me to complete a task online then forgetaboutit. My daughter has on occassion, all the time I do something new, holds my hand, in spirit only because I need my fingers to type.

Today was three days long.

I wanted to open a new shop on Etsy so that my handmade items and the vintage/destash could have separate rooms to live in. After an intervention, thanks Shelley, I accomplished the task. I would give myself a high five but my hands hurt from all the hair pulling and door slamming I did. No need for you to remind me why it is that we are trained to read in school?????.....oh yeah, so I won't have to prove to myself, my family and the neighbors what a fool child I am and break the sound barrier all at one time.

All I had to do was read the directions and follow what they said....but noooooooooooooooooo, I sorta read the instructions and then continued to do the same thing over and over and over and yet....being hopeful, I expected a different outcome each time. Hey, isn't that the definition of insanity....well there ya go.

So starting August 1, you can find my lovely destash and fabulous vintage goodies and all manner of etceteras at OmaLinda's Boondoggle Emporium or as Etsy likes to call it OmaLindasBoondoggleE.etsy.com/

I will still have my handmade jewelry, not quite right hearts, and the new and different on Omalinda.etsy.com or as I like to call it OmaLinda's Practically Magickal.

And now I will bid you adieu or as I like to call it Night night.


  1. Lots of luck with your new venture.

  2. This is exciting news!! Congrats on the new shop. I, too, have computer interface problems, to put it in tech-y terms. It's amazing that I have a blog, really. Good luck and can't wait to see the new shop!!

  3. Congrats, my friend. We are cut from the same bolt...sigh. I'm the same way about directions, but then maybe it's a generational thing...who knows, but I look forward to your new store. You've inspired me...just to add all the stuff that's on my slab roller table (I knew that slab roller would come into good use someday) posted on my Etsy and motivate myself to get my arese in gear and start advertising...oey!!

    Hope your leetle gray cells are awakening again, those that you haven't lost yet anyway, and have a whole new perspective this morning!!

    Loves ya loca mujer,

  4. I'm so thrilled that you got the shop set up. I was starting to worry about your blood pressure. Isn't it wonderful that feeling you get after you spot butting your head against the wall? Well done, you can rest now.

  5. Yeh Linda, you did it!!! That's what counts ;o) Can't wait to see your new store ;o) I hope your hands aren't hurting anymore and I hope you have some hair left too ;o) Have a wonderful day ;o)

  6. Congrats,for those of us who suffer from CRD (can't read directions) we understand.When we also have CRS (ya'll know that one)it makes life complicated. hugs

  7. Congratz on the shop. And as my husband the engineer always says right before a a 2 hour project that runs 3 days- directions, we don't need no stinkin' directions!

  8. Can't wait to see your store, love your music especially the piano and this word 'forgetaboutit' - that be my New York vocabulary, or as am told I say 'New Yawk' - OK actually Long Ghiland New Yawk - now you know. This from my new sounthern friends who say you'all and you'ins? I mean come on forgetaboutit. I'm outta here.

  9. oooooo can't wait to see what you will have!! I'm working on my etsy project also, All About Marvin. I totally screwed up the title of it so mine is tamarames hahaha oh well i can't do a thing about it now.

  10. LOL...I'm still picturing the cup and the seat belt.

    I am so glad I'm not the only one who will repeat the same exact action and expect a different outcome on one of my attempts. How wonderful that you were a success in the end though and now have 2 lovely Etsy shops! May you have blessed rewards from both.

  11. Hi Linda :) I have an award for you! Come on over and pick it up :) ((Hugs))

  12. "Today was three days long." Okay, so I know this post is not about writing, but hey, I'm a Witch writer and some things I just can't avoid. My adored Linda, the sentence that starts this comment are amazing; you say so much with so few words...

    Now to the post; I was roaring thinking (sorry, but it's funny). I can't wait to see the new shop and to tell the world about it. Can you say mini-press release at Pagan Culture? *wink, wink*

    Also, I have a surprise for you... it's been killing me... but I'll be strong a little longer and then surprise you with a little something straight from my heart.

    Mega hugs!

  13. Hey, you DID it, Linda, yayyyyy! Good for you not to give up. Excited about the new shop and getting some goodies :)


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