Monday, July 4, 2011

I'm married to a mongoose................

Nah, I didn't say mangoose...however, there are times, but that's another story.

Every 4th of July I am reminded of a specific quality of my Sweet Man. That is the quality of protecting his own and not letting go. I used to think he was like a Fox know, tenacious, never letting it get away but through the years and the retelling of the story I really think he is a like a Mongoose. He knows he is could get bit but it's worth the risk.

Case in point: Shelley, our daughter, was about 6 and my Mother had just stepped off of a sidewalk wrong and had broken her ankle. Mom was in a cast and was not real light on her feet (bad choice of words but hey). We had set ourselves up just in front of the porch on the street side of the house on lawn chairs, enjoying the twilight and the neighborhood feeling of the 4th of July. Everyone was setting off legal fireworks on the street and we enjoyed all the displays, taking turns lighting the fountains, sparkles etc. Idyllic picture right?

I had just gone in to get the watermelon and was coming out of the front door when the very tall and lanky teen aged boys from kitty corner across the street shot off the first bottle rocket, which went up in the air and exploded. Sweet Man is a law abiding citizen to a fault, and proceeded to let them know they were not supposed to use those fireworks in the city limits. In under 30 seconds of his last utterance, the boys who were using a tin can (no control over where it goes) to light another bottle rocket and let it rip. Truth be told, they probably had already lit it as SM was telling them. However, it came right at my Mother who could not stand and run, skidded under her chair, hit Shelley on the leg and came into our house where it exploded in the doorway.

I have never seen SM move so fast. He had both of those taller than him boys by the shirt fronts and up off the ground in the blink of an eye. He then had them on the ground in the next blink and a number of other neighbors helped him hold the boys until the cops got there. The boys were taken to the police station charged and held until parents could come to get them....which they did not even get the boys out until the next morning. Their parents had warned the boys but well...I guess since later on in life I worked with teenagers for 20 years, I understand that teenagers don't actually hear Adult speak most of the time...unless translated by circumstances.

We had to replace the screening on the front screen door and the parquet flooring at the entrance had some very interesting mottling to the wood but other than that we all survived, with only shaken nerves and a heightened awareness of how something as innocuous as a bottle rocket can give you a different perspective.

I always thought I had married a very mild mannered soul. Well he is, unless there's someone or something threatening the people he cares for.

So Happy 4th to all of you, have a safe and sane one. And to you my little mongoose....thanks for being you.


  1. That must've been very scary for your immobile mother as well...To tell you the truth, I'd rather go to a big, controlled Firework's Display (where the Fire Department is on stand-by) for that very reason because too much can go wrong with those firecrackers you can buy yourself!

    Enjoy your 4th - Gizzy is snoozing and I'm spending too much time on the computer LOL

  2. All I can say is WOW! Your mongoose is mighty! I can only thank the Goddess that none of you were injured; a great story; and the music playing as I read this story was perfect.

  3. First and foremost, I am so glad that none of you were hurt. That could have gone very, very bad. And super high five to that hunk of a mongoose, Sweet Man. I love his chivalrous behavior and truly believe that if more men acted like that, it could be a bit safer out there. Happy 4th to that entire beautiful family of yours, my sweet beautiful friend.

  4. No fireworks of any kind, not even sparklers this 4th of July for us. The drought has made it totally illegal to have a fireworks stand open here. No public fireworks show either.:( So tonight it will be very quiet. The puppies will sleep too.

    As for your Sweet Man, he had every right to react the way he did. So far David has been a very quiet man. Nothing has set him off, yet.

    His daughter said the only time he was mad was when his ex wife took everything. He tore the dining room chandelier out of the ceiling and threw it through the window. The room was closed off and the window replaced. I hope to never see him violently mad for any reason either.

  5. A good man is what he is.

    If a few more ruly teenagers were picked up by the shirt collar, life would be more pleasant.

    Back during the civil war, we had our fireworks at the river. People were playing with bottle rockets and throwing them in the air. One lodged in the shoe strings of my young daughter's shoe and the strings began to burn. I was the Mother Bear...and no more bottle rockets were launched that night.

  6. He's not a mongoose. He's Super Mongoose, protector of hearth, home and family!

  7. they're brains just aren't formed yet, especially the part that concerns judgement.

  8. Linda, your cute mongoose man, is a sweetheart! I'm glad no one got hurt! I wish you and your family a very happy 4th of July ;o)

  9. Wonderful story and I'd have to say that SM has some things about him that make him almost Santa like. =^) Hope your 4th was a good day for you and your family.

  10. Quite a fearless fellow there that you have chosen to share a life with. What a scary moment and glad the little darlings had time in the pokey to rethink firework safety.
    What a guy.
    Arkansas Patti

  11. Officially now whenever you mention your Sweet Man I'm going to be picturing him as Rikki Tikki Tavi. Every garden needs a good mongoose!


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