Saturday, July 30, 2011

A whole week has come and gone............

I feel as though I have been away for more than a week. There I was having fun with the bedbugs and others and then the terrible four letter word came up real kind....the essential kind.....the have to kind. ICK Housework, computer work, yard work, sorting and pricing work, hauling stuff out of the old computer room work to make room for painting work.
engraving of the infamous Kraken
I had plans to stage another bedbug shoot yesterday so I could have pictures and another story but then "the hurrier I go, the behinder I get" got me.....big time. I have been at the computer to play and visit for less than 1/2 hour a day. That's just not right. I feel like I've been gone forever.

Mr. Oblivious and I were working on a honey do on the back porch. My grandparents swing (over 100 years old), which has been pictured in my blog with kids atop it, had developed an age associated was coming apart in the back and getting a little wonky. So we were putting the mend to it. It is monsoon season here and we love to sit on the porch and watch the lightening storms and listen to the rumbling thunder and swing. So we needed to get it done. I came inside to get a small hammer from my household tool drawer.

I need to stop here in the story to tell you, this is a sore spot at my house....always has been. Mr. O has a garage full of tools, LEAVE MY STUFF ALONE because you lose, misplace, can't remember where you put yours and I have a drawer for mine. So put it back in the drawer when you use mine. Well over time, either the drawer becomes empty or crammed....nobody listens.

So when I tried to pull out the drawer and it would only open 2 inches, I knew, yet once again, someone had abused drawer privileges and I was gonna have to jiggle the darned thing to get whatever was crammed to move. So I proceeded to jiggle.....nothing. So I got the flashlight (which I hide so I can find it when I need it) and took a peek inside, as best as I could. The small hammer was wedged up into the front of the cabinet, keeping the drawer from opening. I turned my hand upside down and kinda backwards to try to free it and the back of hand started to burn. It took awhile to get my hand extricated and then I went to tell Mr. O, he needed to get the drawer unstuck. As I was telling him this he asked what was wrong with my hand and I looked and there was this golf ball size blue blood blob under the skin getting larger with every second.

I came inside and applied an ice pack to the boo boo and sat down for a bit. The swelling seemed to dissipate so I went outside to help Mr. O put up the swing. Well stupid story long. It got even bigger. I got icky feeling and Mr. O took charge and made me sit an elevate the blood blob hand.
Pirate's hand with the black spot marking them for death, not mine from the drawer
I must have broken at least two of the blood vesselss on the back of my hand. Burned like fire ya'll. Still feels like a wasp sting but the blood has been reabsorbed and there is one of those very attractive (I bet your so jealous) and sought after purpley blue going to be green, yellow and icky pinky colored bruises there. If it were on the inside of my hand I'd be afraid that the Kraken from Pirates of the Caribbean was coming for me with the black spot.

Instead I didn't get anything else done yesterday...sorry lovelies. I'll try harder.................


  1. Oh...yuck!! Those blood blobs are miserable. I know what you mean about your knowing where your stuff is and he hasn't a clue about his. DH had many tools at one time, but then the entitled sons began to rummage through his stuff, decided they needed them more than their he has nothing so he uses my tools, which I got in the divorce!! One of his entitled sons decided I didn't need mine either, so one day I walked into my studio, catching him in the act...was going to abscond with my electric one touches my drill....NO ONE!!! Told him to use his, the one he took out of his father's storage shed...said he didn't know where it was...told him he couldn't use mine...end of story!! Yea, I'm the mean stepmother....mwhahahahahahaha!!

    Don't worry about all that stuff, it will get done and there's nothing like a rain storm, thunder and lightening show in the desert!! Have a great weekend, my buddy-pal!!

    Love ya,

  2. Good grief, Linda, your hand looks terrible. All from trying to get a drawer unstuck? I hope it doesn't hurt you too long and heals quickly. And, I hope this will make others think twice about using things out of your drawer.
    I think you are working too hard. Time for a break!! (:
    Sending healing thoughts your way.
    ♥ audrey

  3. It sounds to me like you got a lot done considering the circumstances; no apologies needed. Oh, and I better read entire posts before I look at pics. I saw that nasty hand and my eyes almost popped out of my head *don't scare me like that!*

    I've been busy too. I've been fishing my last school projects (school will finally be over on Tuesday. Then I'll be able to give my writing 8 hours as day for a few weeks. Yay! Also, I'm working on a few very special spells for very special friends. That is the fun bit.

    I'm also trying to get my blog cleansing finished before my Oct 31st deadline; yeah, busy, busy, busy... so I fully understand. Take care of you first.

    Many hugs, kisses, and a sweet pinch or two ;-)

  4. I know Exactly what you mean about the tools.

    I was afraid you had been bitten by a recluse spider. I'm glad that is not the case. Your hand looks horrible! no offense. You sure do have long fingers. I am sure your hands are lovely usually. Hope you are healing well. Put a lock on your drawer;-)

  5. Okay, you said the back of your hand was bloody bruised not the palm, so whose hand is the one in the photo? Is it from the Pirates of the Carribean movie? You probably needed a rest anyway, am I right? Try not hurting yourself for the rest of the weekend.

  6. Linda, your poor hand! I hope you are feeling a little better ;o) Sending some good healing thoughts your way ;o) No need for apologies ;o) Put your feet up! It sounds like you have been doing a lot! Take Care ;o)

  7. Linda, mam oh man sorry about your hand. we have the same problem here. we have the tools he just never uses them. hope you are feeling better real soon. The swing sounds nice watching the storms. I would love that. be well, think of you and your family often. hugs.

  8. I'm with you on the his/her tool thing and yes, Denny will raid my tool drawer. Grr.

    Ick on the bloody bumpy bruise. It's hell getting old and having tissue paper skin, isn't it?

    word vert: diheighs. Fortunately in my life diheighs are more frequent than dilows.

  9. Linda, sorry about your hand. Maybe now that you have injured yourself the family will listen and leave your drawer alone.

  10. Yowie, well I do hope the drawer has bitten whoever else has tried to rummage in it too, it must be trying to get revenge! I have lots of tools etc that I have hidden away from the flatmate. He would dearly love to borrow many of these things, but I just feign ignorance of their whereabouts when asked. Does that make me an awful person? Maybe, but it makes me an awful person with tools ;o)

    Hope you feel better soon!

  11. Oh Linda, ouch, ouch, ouch! Those blood blisters are so very painful. At times it is so difficult to be an independent woman. (Mainly when people won't keep their hands off our stuff!) I go through the very same thing here. I'll bet we could retire on what we have spent on flashlights, pocket knifes, hammers and screwdrivers through the course of our marriage. And when the kids were still living at home...oh I won't even go there. Yet we love them. Go figure. ;-)

    Have a beautiful weekend and take care of that nasty injury, my sweet friend. Mina

  12. That sucks big time huh?! I haven't been on my blog a couple weeks,so i better post something untill everybody forgets about me :-(
    Try to rest a bit more Linda! xoxoxoxo

  13. My my Linda! I see you have THIS blog too! How wonderful! I am very sorry to hear of your injury. I hope that it heals exponentially fast! Thanks for stopping by and I look forward to many wonderful correspondences!


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