Monday, August 22, 2011

Another Donkey Day.........

We had the priviledge and fun of being asked to visit our favorite farm and the lucky animals that live with Don and Justina. Sunday was the day we headed down to the valley to see a brand new member of Morning Bray Farm. Her name is Gracie Belle, she's a 10 year old jenny adopted from the BLM sale here in 'Burque.

I know that those of you who are followers know how much we love donkeys, how we mourned the loss of one of Da Boyz, sweet, sweet Fergus and now how we celebrate the joy of a new member of the Morning Bray Farm magickal herd. You can read how Gracie Belle came home here and how she has established her in charge female thing here. Ms. Gracie Belle is so pretty and of course we gave her space because she is in the get acquainted mode....well most of us did...Ry just raced past her and it was almost like a know the double take and then the escape....only she took Nigel and Patrick with her to the time out corral. I think Ellsworth and Bernard are almost immune to Ry's "charms" and outbursts. They are pretty steady around him. Better than me even.
I'm just telling you how instead of taking the new parents cigars and flowers, we celebrated with paper bag donkeys decorations (here) with It's a girl heart and Crispy Cream Donuts. Cuz we know how to party. tee hee
Never got a good photo of Ms. Gracie Belle but you can check out some at the links I gave to her story.
We had a delightful visit with Don and Justina as always. They are just like family but even better......
Don took Ry and GK for a ride on the tractor and then on Ellsworth. GK puddle jumped in posh hand me up muck boots and enjoyed Meggie the white goat who prior to GK's attentions was always a little standoffish. She loves her some GK. At times it was hard to distinquish between GK's imitation of Meggie from the real deal.

Ry and I got to check out the toads (he doesn't much care for them, I love them), the Muscovay ducks (who took a liking to my shirt and kept nibbling me) and Ry did his "let me gather all the fallen sticks for ya Don". Don and I have it all figured out.....when Ry gets older he'll think all this is fun and Don will have a yard boy.....tee hee.
All this while the girls fawned over the Donkeys. This is the cutest picture....looks like GK is the one with the fluffy donkey ears....I guess Bernard decided to share a pair.
But the most exciting part was on our way to MBF when we chased a coyote down the road by the irrigation ditch. It had just attacked the neighbors turkeys and Justina had gotten to them just in time. We didn't know that at the time, I was just trying to let the grands see a real live coyote......but I'm glad we put him on the run anyway.

And all the way home we sang (to the tune of It's Howdy Doody Time) "It's a happy donkey day".

Thanks to Don and Justina for another memory making and friendship sharing day and to the beautiful and patient animals of MBF. Blowing big kisses, Casa de Cuckoo.


  1. LOL, I want a donkey day in your house, they sounds like so much fun, especially if you get donkey ear photos :oD

  2. It sure sounds like you all had a heck of a good time at your favorite donkey place. I love the photos of the grands having fun. Thanks for sharing this. Have a great week. Hugs and smoochies

  3. Love Gracie Belle and those muck boots look like awesome dirty fun to jump around in! Hey toads??? You would LOVE Queensland I have to jump over canetoads up the steps at the side of our house, they are so slow moving you can step on them if you don't watch out (esp after a rain)... ugly little buggers, but sorta cute too ;)

  4. Now, that is my kind of day!

  5. Sounds like you all had a blast at the farm. So many it. I adore the photo of GK with the donkey ears. What a terrific place to be able to visit. Lucky you!!

  6. What a wonderful day...farms are such fun...

  7. The photo of GK with donkey ears? Priceless. And it seems like the folks at Morning Bray Farms have a love for all creatures great and small--lucky you!

    Your post was a great way to start my morning--thanks, my dear!

    word vert: ozint. Seeing GK's photo, I started singing "ozint she lovely, isn't she won-der-ful". Hee.

  8. I loved this. I have hugged donkeys before but none that cute!! We do have goats here on our little farm!! Little itty bitty pygmies!! Thanks for another great day with the grands and donks.

  9. You always manage to have such fun outings! Your grands are very lucky kids. :) Welcome to Ms Gracie Belle and glad you had such a great time at the farm.

  10. What a wonderful family outing at the farm. I just love interacting with animals of any kind - pet, farm, wild...whatever! I think Donkeys are adorable even though I have never had the privilege to own one or even come up close and personal with one. Gracie Belle sounds like a lovely addition to the family!

  11. Fantastic day all of you had! Love the pictures!

  12. Oh, you are such party animals! ;-) What a gloriously fun Donkey day. I love GK's boots. Very chic and sassy without the fear of damage.

    It is so beautiful that your grandchildren so eagerly reach for all that nature has to offer. They are going to be such remarkable adults, Miss OmaLinda. I truly believe their presence makes the world such a better place.

    Thank you so much for the birthday wish, my treasured friend.

  13. How did I miss this post? I'm sorry! :) Loved every picture and word of it. :) Love to you all!!!!!!! xoxoxoxoxoxo


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