Monday, August 15, 2011

The best laid plans of ..................

It like this Mercury retrograde has affected the internal wiring of well....everyone here at Casa de Cuckoo.

Or inertia has set in. Or's starting and we all are in shock.

Whatever the case may be, nothing happened that was supposed to and alot happened that wasn't. And after all this babble, I should take a drag off of my hookah as I sit atop this mushroom and say Whoooooooo are youuuuuuuuuu, while tweedle dee and tweedle dum do a dance on the tea table, or something.

Our plans to go on our last adventure were dashed by a lack of camera and illness...poor Sweet Man has a summer cold and we all know when a man gets a cold it is tantamount to an operation for gallstones, only without the blood. hehehehehe

So we stayed home to have fun......uh what????????? So the kids and I dragged him to the pet store for a preliminary look at the fish GK wants in her black light tank in the new pinker than pink bedroom and because we wanted to see the kitties. This pet store has all manner of reptiles and I had a great time checking out the bearded dragons, iguanas and snakes. Ry loves the birds, particularly the finches and GK ooooohed and aaaaaahed over all the bigger than our dog, cats that were there for adoption. Mr. O, alias Sweet Man ventured in for a little while and then sat in the car to wait for the fun seekers to return. Whereupon, we took the kids to a new park to play. I had seen this park with new equipment, like spin arounds and a climbing wall on an errand to Home Desperate and thought the kids might enjoy and new place to explore. But an unforeseen accident and panic set in and we had to return home. All of this "in front of a very cute boy", OMG, so Ms. Thang was not pleased. So now we have three in the party of four upset or ill or embarrassed.

Being the only member of the Sunshine committee now unscathed by illness or accident, I suggested we go to a buffet for lunch where the fun seekers can graze. We did and they did. The grands are not good eaters. Not just in limited quantities but also limited items they will I keep trying to introduce them to new things, just in case they happen to bump into something new that fits the criteria of picky and upturned nose chillun's.

This particular buffet has one of everything so I steered them to veggies, fruits, proteins and then of course the inevitable happened....the chocolate fountain called their names and Willy Wonka won. They were sucked down the chocolate river with dazed smiles on their faces and bits of sprinkles were stuck on their grubby little fingers. But they were happy and they did try broccoli, brussel sprouts, asparagus, Asian chicken salad and pork roast. So it wasn't all bad, not counting yeast rolls and mac n cheese. Sweet Man made good use of the buffet as I have been "starving him" on normal people portions and I had a great salad (and I must confess a yeast roll) and enjoyed watching them finally have a good time at something.

So Ry's off to school tomorrow, fingers crossed and hopeful sendouts to the universe. GK and I are "in process" on our arting and also the blog parties in Sept. Shelley is working her booty off and being fabulous and Mr. O went back to work sick so he could share all the germs with the population at large.

Me? I miss you my lovelies and hope that the world, the retrograde and my life slows every so slightly so that I might visit with you more. Smooches and Squoozes, Linda


  1. Sounds like you had the same kind of crazy weird weekend that we did. I'm sorry about the accidents and illnesses tho..hope everyone gets on the mend quickly. It has to be the just has to be! lol

  2. This Merc. Retro is a majoy Beyotch!!! We're all falling apart and smoking on the hookah sounds like the right way to go. The fact that you're blogging, managing the family, and maintaining a sense of humour reminds me of your awesomeness. I really hope that this year will be wonderful, wonderful school years for the kidlinks. I'm so glad I don't have to go through that ordeal with my own son. Now, he just drives me crazy in other ways. I've found that lighting a yellow as well as a blue candle and asking Merc. for help DOES help....well, a little at least ; )

  3. I, for one, am glad to see summer come to a close this year. The few jobs we've had have all had to be done in this terrible heat and much as I love the grandkids 4 one week visits prevent me from getting any of my stuff done.

  4. Funny post, not the illness or accident parts. The retrograde must be universal. Seems everything I try to do goes just a wee bit wonky. Example: I decided to do a painting for a blog party in September so I grabbed a canvas from the stack and painted for two days with results I can live with. Long story short the canvas I chose is a size that Michaels only carries one frame that fits and it's not suitable for the painting. It was suggested by the woman working there that I go to the specialty frame shop in the mall and pay a fortune. I've had heartburn since Thursday so getting to Michaels was about as far as I'm going to make it right now.
    Keeping my fingers crossed that Ry has a great school year starting the first day. Scoot over on that mushroom and make room for me. I wouldn't say no to a hit off the ol hookah either.

  5. I did miss hearing about Casa De Cuckoo while I was on my self imposed sabbatical. What is a black light tank? My youngest is absolutely in love with fish and that sounds like a really cool idea for a night light for him.

  6. your life sounds full and fun..not without challenges but with love abounding...cozy stuff! is always stessful...what's whith that anyways...why don't they greet them with cupcakes and fun games...lighten up the learning a are a super grandma!

  7. I think you must be the best grandma in the whole world. Your grands will remember you forever and pass down all these wonderful adventure tales.

  8. Hee hee, did they dip the veggies in the chocolate fountain? That's the vision I'm having here ;o)

    Hope the kidlets have a fab year at school, enjoy your refound 'you' time :o)

  9. I don't know anyone else who can tell about illness and accidents and leave me snickering. Now you know I am truly sorry that Sweet Man is under the weather, the grands had an accident and poor front of a cute boy...the horror! But you are such a gifted storyteller you turn it all into pure entertainment for reading.

    This Mercury retrograde has certainly been taking it's toll on all of us. I am a Virgo, Mercury ruled, and as luck would have it, was born while Mercury was in retrograde. The Fates were having a good chuckle with that one.

    I am crossing my fingers as well for my sweet RY to have enlightened school teachers this year, I can't wait to see what you and GK do with your arting, I hope Shelley does not overdo it (I feel her pain in the work department) and you, my sweet friend, visit when you can. We will be there for you. I have been lagging in my visits as well mainly due to too many work hours and obligations. Perhaps we will both slow down some. Hugs to you and your precious grands, the beautiful GK and the handsome RY.


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