Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Old friends, new friends and a guard hummingbird......

I've been remiss in not letting you see what is happening around me as the summer grows to a close. I shall not complain about the weather we have had as of late because we at least have gotten some rain. Scary thunderboomer rainstorms. Run for it the drops will knock you out they are so big rainstorms, the wake you up with light and sound rainstorms....but we'll take what we can get. It is late but a happiness, none the less.

As you can see from the sidebar, I have signed up to do a couple of blog parties and in preparation for such we called on our friends at MBF for the use of their lovely farm to do our photo shoot. Wow, talk about unexpected adventures.
We got to see our "old" friends, the longears of MBF and all the loving and scritches that entails. Then check in on the progress of the newest donkey in the herd Miss Gracie Belle. This 10 year old has had quite a life as a wild donkey and now she is living in Donkey Paradise with our beloved Justina and Don. Miss Gracie Belle has settled in quite nicely and is sharing all of the joy at the farm. Well, all except for the racing around like Da Boyz...she is more the "yeah, you guys go ahead I'll watch kinda girl....just like me....tee hee. She's beautiful and has the softest eyes while watching what's happening.... Won't be long until our GK the donkey charmer will have touched GB's nose and befriended her too.
Then we got to meet Leonard. It was not planned but I guess even squirrels need attention and he wanted us to see what a good provider he is for his family. Check out those cheekies filled with sunflower seeds. Leonard is a gardener of sorts. Seems as though he plants sunflowers everywhere he goes....kinda like a miniature Johnny Appleseed only in his case he would be Leonard the Sunflower Giver...even if Don and Justina would rather he left the gardening to them.
On our visit, Ry of course riled up the donkeys and they ran and then he ran and then well I'd had enough and told Ry to go play on the driveway and not the pasture, which he did. I wish I would have gotten a picture of the expression on his face as he came tearing back to us in the pasture with the news that he had just spotted a snake and to come quick... People, I haven't done anything quick since '97 but I made an effort and of course by that time...darn we missed the snake. I just want to send a shout out to the Goddess and say, thank you, thank you for my old legs. I don't hate snakes, I just don't want to be up close and personal with one.
And now to the pitbull hummingbird that has taken up residence on the north side of my house. This is the faery garden and we usually spend lots of time there leaving pressies and feeding the turtles. Not so much since the muscle and mouth moved in.

I have a hummingbird feeder there and then around on the back porch too. This little guy is adorable and full of bull. He has appointed himself head hummingbird in charge of "oh no you can't drink outta my feeder". Runs all the hummers off and chases the bumblebees if they get too close too. He is a regular bad ass and fusses the entire time. The grands hear him and are sure he is cursing at the other birds. He has thumped me a time or two as I go about my business. It's a funny feeling having a tiny little thing pecking your head. He even went after one of the turtles for walking on the sidewalk under the feeder. Rabid I tell you. The really odd part is he isn't one bit timid when we are at the sink looking at him through the window (sorry, I took the photo through the not so clean window) and usually stays there on his dead sunflower branch until it is almost dark. He's a dedicated watch hummingbird. I will miss his antics when he and the others move south soon.

So there you have a view of the animals that have entertained us in the last few days of August.

Be well, smooches and squoozes and if ya need um scritches, Oma Linda


  1. Alas I am going to have to hold my hands up in defeat to the Practical Magic Party this year, but I can't wait to see what you guys have come up with, you always do the bestest stories :oD

    Your animal adventure sounds fun already, I'm guessing there's sunflower's everywhere round there each year then? ;o) Such a shame you missed the snake... I only came up close and personal to one once, in Australia (which of course has the highest population in the world of super nasties!) but thankfully we agreed we'd each turn round and scuttle off in the other direction again and not look back!

    BTW, do you know how much photographers would pay to get that close to a humming bird? I think you need to start getting him to earn his keep posing ;o)

  2. I love a good hummingbird story, they are the most amazing creatures, and your pitbull hummer sounds like a real zinger!! What a riot! I feel the same way you do about snakes; you couldn't pay me to hurry to see one. I am glad the donkeys are enjoying you guys as much as you are enjoying them! And a scritch would be real nice right there just below my shoulder blade....uh, a little to the left....ahhhhh!!!

  3. To quote the theme from Shaft: That hummingbird is one bad m . . . . *shut your mouth*!

  4. It sounds like you are being thoroughly entertained.

  5. Loved the darling donkeys. As for your aggressive hummer, I have its twin. I feed about 40 of the little moochers so sometimes I go out to stand about a foot away from the feeder to get an up close and personal view. I get thoroughly buzzed by all but one gets right in my face for the longest time and insults my ancestors. They are a hoot.

  6. hummingbirds have big must be small bird thing....

  7. I loved all the animal pictures, but that hummingbird is too cute for words, even if he is the master of the garden! LOL! Big Hugs ;o)

  8. What a sweet, sweet post. :) We loved having you here, as always. What a great picture of Leonard and his chubby cheeks. You should see the BIG hole in the BIG bag of sunflower seeds in our garage. Oy.

    Can't wait to see the rest of the pics - especially the ones of GK with you know who. :)

    Love you guys.

    p.s. Your hummer dude is gorgeous.

  9. what a great post! I love reading about animals, especially bad ass hummingbirds, lol! what a character he is, he probably thinks he hurt you when he thumped you one on the head, lol!
    nice to see happy donkeys too, we've gone to a donkey sanctuary a few times near where I live, and I just adore them!
    glad you gave them lots of scritches, lol! now try that with Mr. Bad ass haha!

  10. Your past week has been magical and enchanting! Justina and Don are just some of the sweetest people, aren't they? I love when you visit them and come home with marvelous stories of the goings on at MBF. As far as RY's excitement, my legs can move pretty fast, but to see a snake I would feign a broken ankle. Snakes just give me the willies!

    That hummingbird is hilarious (or is it your fabulous writing?) At any rate, I agree that it will be a shame to see him go. Blessings to you!

  11. Loved to read one of your bestest stories Linda! I haven't been around for a while, again heehee! But now the reason is that i was in Spain :-) It was such hot weather! Now, back in Holland here it is half of the temperature!!! And it is a very windy,rainy,cold autum-alike day today :-(
    I have to hurry up with making goodies for the fair of 17 september! I'm gonna show it all when finished. I only make cute things, no dark at all,hehehe! Its nice to make colorfull things for a while tho :-)
    See ya later!


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