Sunday, August 7, 2011

A trip to the Santa Fe Children's Museum

First let me say that I love Santa Fe. I particularly love to shop and stroll and admire but not with 30,000 other shoppers and strollers and admirers. So we at Casa de Cuckoo plan our adventures to the City Different very carefully being mindful of all the fiestas, markets and other falderall that occurs there.

And Friday we hit the jackpot of not the Children's Museum that is. We had a blast. I like our interactive kids museum here in Albuquerque but this one in Santa Fe really knows how to rock the kiddos. Open space inside and out. Play at whatever is there and no ugly old troll docents hurrying you along. And the best part............everything.
Oma in the background

Papa up the ramp

pass the bunny

doing her own thing

Ry had all the room he needed to try it all. GK was engaged by the physics and workings of much of the hands on's and Papa and I had a great time because the folks at this museum encourage adults to play as well. So............we did.

I took Bopp, his sweetheart du jour Bunnikins and of course Ms. Bagg the intrepid reporter from Ye Olde Crone's Gazette. All 7 of us had a really good adventure.
Santa Fe is known for it's natural "treatments" so Bopp and Bunnikins do a new kind of acupuncture

Ms. Baggs and Bopp the most handsome Bedbug in NM wait for the result of a domino tumble
Ry's favorite was trying all the water tables and finding some girls in the sand pit who were from Europe and knew how to play pirate correctly....digging in the sand for treasure. They were bossy, blonde and just his type.....willing to play.

GK tried everything and said she enjoyed holding the baby bunnies most...go figure. I mean if there is an animal within 50 yards she's charming it, holding it, scrtiching or cooing to it. She also liked helping the little kids dig for earthworms at the earthworm and bug table.

The summer program GK and Ry were in was really good for GK's tolerance level. Since it was a program for mostly special needs kids, she learned to see that everyone has something "different" about them and it doesn't necessarily translate to something being "wrong" with them. So "just kids" as she calls them, probably have something bothering them too when they act out. Wow and we thought we had found the perfect program for Ry, seems like his sis benefited even more than he did and that would be hard to do because Ry got sooooooooooo much from his interaction with kids outside a school atmosphere. The staff just loved both of the kids and showed it. Now let's hope school which starts for Ry in 9 days can accept him for who he is like he is used to because of the summer program.

Anyway back to Santa Fe....we stayed at the museum for at least 4 hours and all of us were tired but chalked up another wonderful grands adventure to our score card. Next week we are off to the south of Albuquerque to show the kids the VLA...Very Large Array. It is as they say...AWESOME and maybe we'll do some turtle hunting and visit some space museum stuff....we'll see. You never can tell what the old folks at Casa de Cuckoo have up their XXL sleeves.


  1. The bunny would have been my favourite thing, too.

  2. Sounds like everybody got something from this trip. For the life of me I can't figure out what Bopp and Bunnikins are laying on, it just looks uncomfortable. Have a great week.

  3. you rock! it all sounds so fun...playing is always the best way to learn....good thing you understand that so well....the kids must have been so excited by all of that.....sounds like you are having a great summer!

  4. Oh man, I'd have loved to play there too! I particularly liked the new form of accupuncture, The Clan were most intrigued...

  5. It sure looks and sounds like everyone had a GREAT time!! Love the photos!
    ♥ audrey

  6. Looks like everyone had a really good time :) Museums are so much fun! Baby bunnies are sooooo cute :)

  7. It sounds like you all had such a fantastic time! Too bad I didn't live closer, I would love to go ;o) I love all the pictures and the adventure ;o)

  8. What a great museum, glad you had such a good time. Can't believe it's almost time for the grands to start back to school! Looking forward to the VLA!!!

  9. I too hope that this school year works well for Ry. And yay that the summer camp opened GK's eyes a bit. As a teen I worked with mentally disabled adults in an adult workshop and it was the best experience I ever had. As you said, not all of our dis-abilities are visible.

    Thanks for taking us along!

  10. Littleman LOVES those kinds of museums as well. I'm allergic to crowds at this point in my life, especially ones with irritating parents and their cranky kids. I know, I know....can you imagine me in another 30 years....oy.

  11. Sounds like a lot of fun and so glad for Ry and his summer program.

  12. Ry looks so happy, it is so great to know you guys are having fun. And just so you know, every time I look at pics of Ry and GK my heart jumps and smiles; not sure why...

  13. This is not fair you know!
    I want to come out to these interesting gigs with you all but you never do invite me :o(
    It isn't that far...only a few thousand miles or so, as the raven flies...
    Love love love (and peace) the hippy frock my lovely although I think you were looking for San Fransisco *wink wink*
    kiss kiss Cee

  14. What fun! I feel as if I were side by side with you and your loves through this entire adventure. You just cannot wipe the smile off my face because the beauty and joy of this day passes through the air waves (or whatever it is these computers go on.)

    I LOVE Bopp and Bunnikins getting their acupuncture and Ms. Baggs and the Bed Bug...hmmm...could there be a little spark between them?

    It is so wonderful that GK grew in such an enlightened way over the summer and that Ry had the benefit he so greatly deserves. Sending all of you warm hugs, blessings and a heart full of love. -Mina

  15. Dearest Linda,
    GK and Ry look so happy<3
    Nice to see Oma and Papa in the background too:)))
    Hope you all are doing fine
    Lots of LOVE to all of you

  16. Hi Linda! I couldn't get into blogging cause there was some kind of error :-( How nice to see the blue BunnyBabe in your adventure! I'm glas she's having lots of fun with Bopp and the family ;-)


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