Thursday, August 4, 2011

Update on the Olde

Don't have alot to report in the hurry up and scurry 'round addition of my life. I finally went to see a doctor about all my aches and pains. The cute young nurse who took my blood pressure and fumbled around a bit with the aparatus and said, "oh I just hate this room, it's backwards". To which I said, "well then I guess I came to the right place".

You all know how I hate going to the doctor. Most have proved themselves in no time at all to be complete and bonafide arrogant "know it alls" with a special stink eye out for crusty old woman like me. In other lack of respect is only equalled or exceeded by theirs.

Contrary to popular belief out there in bloggy land (waving Hi to Cee and Georgina), I am a patient, kind, loyal, true blue nice older lady with a sharp wit and tongue. I used to not say what I felt and then I reached a certain point in my life and it's been full out ever since. I embarrass my daughter but not my grandchildren. And when it comes to someone doing their job well, or in a kind manner, I let them know that first thing. If they are an asshole, I tell them that too. I'm fair.

Today was a real treat. The new doctor is my daughter's age, cute as a button, very kind, listened, asked questions, gave me options and made me feel like she was really concerned for my well being. First time in a whole lot of years that past medical question were asked and then covered in the interview. Also she was thorough in her exam of my achy old parts. We came together in a plan of attack for my pain that wakes me in the night and I will trust her judgement and follow her directions as prescribed and go see her again in October.

And the only reason I am being compliant is because; 1. the doctor was someone I could respect because she showed compassion, 2. GereaKaye told me not to be scared (leave it to a kid) and try what the doctor advised and try to get well so I could be happier, 3. Mr. Oblivious wants to go on vacation with a wife who can walk more than 2 blocks and because lovelies (drum roll)....I am tired of not being able to do the things that need to be done because I hurt.

That being said, I should now take my new/old meds and go pack up a dragon to ship. I have some other adventures to share with you this coming week.......smooches and squeezes, Oma Linda


  1. Oh Linda, what fabulous news! It makes all the difference in the world to find a doctor who truly cares and believes in the oath they took in medical school. I have all digits crossed that you will do all that you wish to do and then some, that severe pain will be a mere memory of the past and that all that comes your way is a life fully lived. Wishing you a beautiful week, My sweet friend!

  2. Hopefully you will get some relief.

  3. Dearest Linda! Good for you! I hope your pains will ease very soon. How fortunate to find such an awesome doctor; I could sure use one like that! i love what GK said to you! What a graphic at the end of your post...raspberry back atcha!! Hugs.

  4. Linda, I'm glad you liked the new Dr. and are willing to try her plan of attack on pain. I hope all goes well for you and soon you will be feeling less pain.
    Several months back, I told my Dr. that I was feeling pains and aches that there seemed to be no explanation for. He told me to take a Magnesium pill everyday ~ said a lot of times we don't have enough of it in our awesome female bodies and sometimes a supplement helps.
    I believe it is helping ~ I've cut back to taking one 3x week.
    Feel better, sweet lady.
    ♥ audrey

  5. Makes me think of the line in that Leonard Cohen song -- "I ache in the places where I used to play." That just about sums up aging all right.

  6. I agree that it's sometimes difficult to find a doctor who doesn't have the "god complex" going. Wonderful that you found someone that you think you might trust and that you are going to try her advice. I truly hope it all works out for you and you start feeling better soon because there are still a lot of adventures out there to be lived. Hugs.

    word vert: dentiu. Dentiu used to be the one who avoided all doctors?

  7. I have the same opinion of doctors as you do. I have not been in many years. You give me hope. But I'm still not going - yet.

  8. What a relief to know I'm not the only one who's having a struggle with pain right now. Not that I'm glad you're in pain...I really don't have the gift of gab so you'll have to ignore some of the idiotic stuff that I spew.
    My family has been trying to get me to make a doctor's appointment for more than a month now since I'm barely able to walk but I have very little tolerance for demi-gods. It seems I always end up with the know it all whose advice is if I'd loose some weight and get my blood pressure down and get more exercise and stop being so old I wouldn't be having this problem. I'm happy for you that you found a doctor that you can put some faith in. Hope you're feeling better soon.
    Love the graphic at the bottom of your post.
    Smooches and hugs to you sweet friend.

  9. Waving back, my dearie friend!! As for doctors, I concur with you and throw in lawyers with that ilk too!! Glad that you've come up with a plan of attack..pain sucks! As for growing older, as we discussed the other day, it isn't for the faint of heart and there are some advantages, i.e., the liberty of using your tongue and spitting out what your heart and brain are saying...and we're both soooo good at that!!

    Have a good one, vieja loca, and just keep being "you!!"

  10. You sound better already, tell that Dr. Lady that I like her a whole bunch. I wish she was closer, which would mean that you were closer too, that way we could walk to the her office together and compare maladies. I would even show you pictures of all my broken bones, including my latest which shows a very happy skeleton and a slightly crooked hip, which is a good thing because a year ago it was a very crocked hip.

    Kisses and Hugs, and tell the babes that I've been thinking about them while I do my magic, so not to bolt if someone with an accent is in their heads; it's just me chanting ;-D

  11. Yay for finding new doctors that are good! I just got to move doctors too, and it makes you feel so much better just seeing someone who actually understands. Hope the plan of attack kicks the pain in the butt!

  12. Linda, I am so happy you found a doctor who you can trust and is listening to you!

  13. Walking more than 2 blocks first, next holiday - skiing!!! So good that you found someone to 'listen' & not just dismiss, and I hope aches quickly become a thing of the past following your new doctor (& grand daughter's) advice - take care sweetie :)

  14. Finding a good doctor is a hard thing these days. I love mine but her bedside manner is shit. She is just as crusty as me with the mouth....but she's smart as a whip and knows her stuff.


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