Friday, September 16, 2011

Has it already been a month????

As promised, even if it is just a state of the school situation update.

Let's start with the easy one....GK. She has only been in school 2 weeks. 6th grade is definitely a challenge for many boys, so little time. Oh no that is the same dilemma but add to that she must travel to access the boys and there ya go. No seriously, she was so scared I thought she was going to shatter into tiny itty bitty pieces, but now, well it's a bump in the road (just like I told her it would be but you and I both know that "I told you so" is a sin). She is going to a public academy which is a fancy term for a charter school....public but on a lottery system to get in. GK is a good student and loves to learn. She has 4 teachers, two male and two female teachers, two older and two younger, two short and two tall and 1 mean, 2 nice and 1 she hasn't figured out yet....funny how kids categorize things. This school has OCT's every week...that is out of the classroom trips. If the city bus goes there, so do they. I watched the kid across the street, who went to this same school blossom his 6th grade year and he knows more about the city I grew up in than I do. The school has a very interesting take on taking the classroom to the city and bringing the city to the student. I'm jealous and very happy for our girl.

GK has adapted to the change of school very well and is still a typical 6th grader with questions but afraid to ask. She's getting her sea legs though and drama is the theme of every day. Good thing she and I have a "get a grip" kinda relationship and she takes my advice for what it is worth. She's in for a super adventure.

RyLeigh's two teachers, his special education and blended 2nd, 3rd grade class both are in love with him. They tell us what a sweet, polite, hardworking and eager boy he is. Quite a change from last year's teacher who said he was a "challenge" to work with and hard to get on task. But that says more about the teachers than the student, in my opinion. Last year's teacher (although we found out late in the year she was only interning, was not certified and had never even studied special education, grrrrrrr) didn't even try to engage him. This year's SE teacher is newly graduated in special education, is eager to teach and he adores her. The other 2nd/3rd teacher is a mature teacher with a big heart and patience. She says he is a dream student, tries very hard, and is always willing to try new things. I know that the summer program he was in gave him confidence and new perspective on life. And notice he is up to grade level in only 1 year (since K and 1 were a wash at school). Congrats to Ry....worked hard on reading and math and interpersonal skills this summer. Whoot.

And you knew there was going to be a but didn't you? Last year at Ry's IEP (Individual Education Plan) his speech language teacher as well as all others that had dealt with Ry all heard Shelley ask them to not have Ry make eye contact with them because it shuts him down. He can't do what you ask him to do if you make him take the clues he should get from facial expression and listen to the directions at the same time. All agreed. Well, his speech teacher sent another reprimanding note home saying Ry has a problem and she is needing our help with working with him at home to learn to make eye contact.......what????? She is teaching him social situation. When we said whoa, what? It was decided at the IEP that he was not eligible for a social worker and we asked for you to be aware of no eye contact. The principal and the teacher said if it was making him uncomfortable that that was good (what kinda drugs are they doing?) because he was learning that "uncomfortable" is an emotion. By the way, so is frustration, anger and let the Oma talk to them.

Now I have a question. What child with any developmental disorder doesn't know uncomfortable from the get go? Every social situation an affected kid comes into is uncomfortable in some way. And why would you want to teach a negative not a positive? Oh hell's bells ya'll.

We will count our blessings and ask that he no longer gets his speech time. What a crock. Fight, fight, fight for your kids ya'll, leave nothing to chance.

Other than that bump in the road, it's thumbs up for Mr. Ry. He is going to an after school program on Fridays at the church (yep the little heathen is testing the roof of the church caving in theory) across the street from the school with kids from his school and kids from the church and is doing very well in the social situations department, thank you ever so much.

So I guess I have you caught up to the moment on the younger set here at Casa de Cuckoo.

Have a super weekend and I'll catch you on Monday. XOXO Oma Linda alias the Olde Bagg


  1. It sounds like for the most part the kids are going to have a positive year with their schooling and I'm happy for them. GK's school sounds amazing. I don't know if there are like schools in other cities but there should be. Best wishes to you all at Casa de Cuckoo. Hugs

  2. Oh what a difference a teacher makes. Been there done that.

  3. Good to know the "yung'uns" are doing well. My Sean, GK's future boyfriend, is also adapting to 6th grade in MIDDLE SCHOOL...oh Lord, wasn't it just yesterday we were playing tag in the park or sharing a DQ ice cream...mostly his shirt and I were sharing it!!

    Well senora...take care and I doooooo neeeed to call ya, but mom's kept me bro in NM told her I need to do more...kiss my what??? Ay, family....ya can pick your car, your house, your nose, but not your family!!

    Loves ya,

  4. Glad to hear things are mostly great, but FFS, what is that speech therapist smoking?

  5. Linda, besides that one bump in the road, it sounds like everything is going well and I am so happy for that! Have a great weekend!

  6. Yay and yay when things work out well and teachers listen. Fingers crossed for continued successful days at school.

  7. So sorry about the "but". I was feeling so pleased for Ry's new teachers. Still you have handled the situation. Sounds like mostly a positive year.
    Why didn't they have OCT's when I was in school. Movie day once every couple of months was our only break. I know how GK feels about so many boys and too little time. It took me about 40 years to out grow that.

  8. GK is such a wonderful delight. I remember being that age and having the exact same concerns. Yep, in 6th grade life became very entertaining and hormonal and well, look who I'm telling. You are living it daily again.

    My heart just soars that RY is doing well and has wonderful praising teachers (who obviously have good taste as well as brains) but that other one...oh my goodness! What in the world are they thinking??? I am so grateful that RY was born to a very special mother and has his beautiful Oma to fight for him, cheer him on and support his needs. Wishing a wonderful weekend to you all, my wonderful friend.

  9. It sounds like GK has everything figured out. Wow, a field trip, um... excuse me OTC trip per week!? That's grand. I bet she is loving that.

    I'm happy Ry's teacher's are in love with him too, buy how could they not?

  10. Crap.... "I told you so" is a sin??? I better get to confession quick smart!! Your younger set are very lucky they have you on their side Linda ;)


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