Monday, September 19, 2011

So you think you're Piratical..........

Yep, here it is Talk like a Pirate Day, seems like only yesterday....oh yeah it was. The kids went to a Ren Faire yesterday and he who must be called Jolly Ry, came home with a kick butt pirate hat and a swagger to fit.

No pictures though.....soon I promise. After his day of stimulating activity...uh we just let him be when he got home. Later this week you'll see him in all his lovely piratical self.

But remember your five A's today and you'll have the pirate speak down pat.
Arrrrgh, Avast, Ahoy, Aye and Aye Aye.

Now you swarmy bilge rats, heave to.


  1. Hey, pirates and we beaners have a word in common,"Aye!" But ours is pronounced, "Aye-eeee!" LOL

    Have a good one, my friend, and yes, meeting in Mesilla would be fun, but I'm still hoping we'll make it to Albuquerque soon. Told him I want to go back up through Santa Fe and see the desert on fire again...was amazing!! The changing colours of the trees, not literally on fire, even though I know that is quite possible!!!

    Loves ya,

  2. But me love why t' ratty talks when me heart bleeds for your sweet guts.

  3. Hot doggies, now I can speak pirate. Looking forward to pictures.

  4. LOL! Now I have a second language ;o)

  5. Arrrgh, long may yer parrot swear at scurvy landlubbers.

  6. LOL! My little matey be having a rollicking good time. ;-)


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