Sunday, September 25, 2011

When bloggers go bad......

I know that many of you won't know the specifics of this posting but I also know you have been in the situation of knowing folks who are at odds with one another and how uncomfortable it can be for the bystanders.

I'm a very lucky girl. I have for the most part been exempt from bloggers going bad. Oh, that's not to say that I haven't had a tiff or two with folks, or a difference of view point with some, or even had to delete some random "stranger than fiction" nut jobs rant or worse the "stupid man guy". And in the spirit of live and let live, I have not named names etc for some time.
The reason for that is that it never makes the other person look like an idiot....rather it's a party for one.......yep, me that looks and acts like a fool if I give in to the devil, getting even. And each time I have been a stinker, I have had a hard time scrubbing the egg off my face. Standing on principal is a suckers bet in my head. I crave peace and harmony in my old age. Wait, I'm a dirty dreaded hippie, I crave peace and love and rock and roll. So, when I watch and read a train wreck in progress with other bloggers, my stomach turns, my heart hurts and I am drawn into the bigger picture of Being Nice matters so much more than one upmanship. Besides standing on the I'm right pedestal isn't all it's cracked up to be. But to each their own, I guess.

The last time I regressed was when a buyer was a nitpicker and I was offended. Time before that was when someone ripped of a recipe from my favorite southern gal and didn't even wait a day to post it (some people's children ain't bright ya'll). And I promised myself, at the time, it was the last time I would "go there".  But I hurt for others when they are trying to do something unique and fun and someone else has a hard on about the letter of the law. Blog parties should be just Not a playground for cyber bullies, or nanee nanee boo boo folks, or nit pickers with a eye on my way or the highway.
Words weigh more than we even imagine....the weight can crush a spirit...and do we really want that little Karma bead added to the necklace girlfriends????. I'm not standing in judgement of either of the participants in this weeks phfffft, I am just preaching the law....harm ye none of your sista's. After all the PM party was all about sistas.

Damn it girls play nice or no more fun times, got it? Kiss, Kiss, Hug, Hug, The Omalator.


  1. I don't know what you are talking about so i have no comment about that but I'm glad if you were able to get this off your chest and maybe help the guilty parties to wake up. what I wanted to say is that I am really enjoying your play list, especially this harry Nilsson song. I've been thinking about buying a HN CD and this little reminder might put me right over the edge and make me shell out some $. so thanks.

  2. Oh my goodness! A party is to have fun. Why can't some people play nice?

    I can't remember who said it, but I truly believe that we need to "be the change which we wish to see in the world." Sending you wishes of a happy week and a huge warm hug, my dear friend.

  3. Oh Lord, someone got their knickers in a bunch over at a blog party and at the Practical Magic one to boot....that was one of the "bestest" I've ever attended...what fun! I'm so sorry to read about that....what's with people now?? I don't get it..what ever happened to "Live and let live?"

    I too am a dirty hippie and proud of it!! Hey lady, we're still into love, peace and rock 'n roll, easy listening versions of it anyway!! LOL Anyway, I agree with you, allow them to be the ee-dee-ots, party of one. I think I posted something the other day about not arguing with an idiot, because you'll always lose!! LOL

    Take care, my friend, and thanks for coming by my time, next trip will be us getting into some trouble!!

    Loves ya,

  4. I too have dealt with the "Peanut Gallery", as I call them. There are these Oz snobs who hate anything I write about Oz because it violates their Victorian perspective of Oz. They want Oz to remain in the 19th century and have no idea of how to be polite about their displeasure. Virtually all of them are 20-somethings living at home with mommy, have never been laid and have nothing better to do than bitch about everything. They don't just target me, but I seem to get the Cowardly Lion's share of their hatred. Frankly, I take some measure of evil pleasure at annoying them any way I can. Free speech works both ways and I throw it back at them in ways that demonstrate their inability to respond in an adult manner. Logic frustrates them as they can't retaliate with logic. It does help though to get it off one's chest.

  5. I have been working on my playing nice with others and not leaving comments when I vehemently disagree with them - so my live friends and family get to hear my vents after I've unfollowed the offender. Well, at least it's a start ;o)

  6. I have no idea of who you're talking about but if it was someone attending the pm blog party I'm so not happy about that. I thought the party was too much fun to not do again next year so I can't imagine anyone having a problem with any of the blog posts. I never could figure out why some folks have to be snitty and act like idiots. Hope they never show up at my site, I have such tender little feelings. Yea, right!!!

  7. I know exactly what you are talking about and it breaks my heart. I wish we could all play nice, but sometimes people just can't agree. My advise for this circumstances is take time away (for a bit or for always) some relationships are not worth pursuing... and in the worse case scenario I cling to my motto "Ignore stupid, even if it oozes out of the mouth of a friend you love."

    Thank goodness nothing but goodness and loving words ooze out of the lovely mouth of my favorite "dirty dreaded hippie" ;-)

    P.S. I might or might not be working on your All Hallow's Eve present *cough, cough*

    P.S.S. I found the perfect socks for my shoes! I shall show them off soon!!!

  8. Well I don't know what went on but the best thing is not to engage people like that at all. If someone made an offensive comment or made stupid accusations, then you delete and report or just ignore and let their bad behavior reflect badly on them.

    I guess. Depending on what went on.

  9. You speak the truth...we should do like the doctor's no harm.

    I missed the party and sad that this happened.

  10. Well ! Not sure what it's all about BUT if ya can't be kinda nice to others......... Go play some where else. Like ya know I'm 66 and life is just way to short to BITCH!
    So for those that can't play nice...GET A LIFE !!!

  11. Sounds like I'm glad I missed the drama train, but even so... you tell 'em Dirty Hippie Oma! Hehe. Parties are for having fun and if you haven't got something constructive to say, move along to another blog.

  12. I hope it wasn't me...I mean i am always so honest and forthright (to a fault) that sometimes it is taken the wrong way.

    I am insecure now due to depression and anxiety, so i am sorry if I sound paranoid. I just don't want it to be me that has pissed people off.
    Group hug,

  13. Seems I missed the "fun" also. So sorry you had to be exposed to the baser sorts out there.
    I agree with Danni.

  14. Oh boy.. Ya know?.. I come here to ESCAPE the stress of day to day life, in hopes of meeting up and catching up with my Blogland FRIENDS, stopping by just to say a friendly "Hi!.. How are you?!".. and I enjoy that! I haven't heard about any particular snarling cat fights going on just yet. I don't know who they are and I'm glad I haven't run into them, because I honestly don't want to hear it... Hope you had a nice weekend, and that the week ahead is good to ya! ~tina

  15. Haven't heard about the tiff, but I'm sure the party will go off without a hitch because you have worked hard to make it that way...both arm Huggs...

  16. I don't do blog parties and while I saw this one in my feed I am clueless who you are talking about. I am not, however, clueless about people being in a pissy mood and instead of taking it out on the person who put them in that mood (i.e. spouse, mother, sister, etc.) they get on an "anonymous" computer and get all Tony Soprano.

    Screw that horseshit. Send them to me, I'll settle it ; )

  17. Hello My Friend ;o) I don't know what happened, but all I can say, is that I am happy for the person you are because you speak the truth and it is always from the heart! Big Hugs ;o)


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