Friday, October 14, 2011

Do you kiss your Mother with that mouth mister?

Have you ever wondered where certain sayings come from? Or why folks adopt them as part of their everyday vernacular? I worked with a lady from Arkansas who, when referring to someone who was really upset, she would say they looked like they were going to have a set of dishes. Huh? I have heard the same situation referred to as, so angry that they had a litter of kittens. Okay. Mad as a wet hen. yep that one I get. So hot, you could light a match from his forehead. Blue in the face, stomping mad. Gonna straighten out that horseshoe with his bare hands. Fighting mad. Wow, all those sayings have their own power, but nothing says mad like what???????? Okay that's it I'm gonna count to three............mommy mad.

Some folks just walk around mad. My Dad was like that. Seemed like he just couldn't have a good day unless he made someone else as mad as he was. All of us have bad days, when we don't feel good, or something hasn't gone quite like we hoped it would, or disappointment rears its ugly head and sticks out its tongue.

There are those who hide anger and sorta grit their teeth and smile venomously. Those who can't get mad cuz they don't like confrontation, those who enable anger by saying I'm not mad and then act like they are wounded. But you guys are smarties and know all this already.

My sweet man and I met a very angry man tonight. Wanted to pick a fight with us over a parking place at a restaurant. I am going to ask you all to do something for me. Pause for just a moment and say "bless you jerk" to this man and all the thousands of others just like him who have a social interaction disorder. Kinda does make ya wonder what the heck is going on in our world.

Polite, kind, gentle, nice.....are they antiquated behaviors? I think not , but on a lovely Indian Summer evening on a date with my sweet man I have to stop and wonder. Hmmmmm.


  1. Always told the kids...Nice Counts...

  2. Unfortunately, I've met many people as you described, especially around the holidays. People today feel entitled and during this time of year, everyone is in a hurry...hell, life has become nothing more than a marathon for so many.

    Many years ago, there was a group of smelly, and I do mean smelly, teenies walking behind can imagine how they must have stunk if I could smell them upwind from me. They were cursing horribly in front of my two young children. I turned around and asked them if they were able to eat since it would be impossible to find any room for food in those potty mouths!! You can imagine what they said to me...I then told them they needed to read more to expand their vocabulary!! This happened after taking Joel and Andria to get a pic with Santa...Andria still remembers that incident and she was 2 years old.

    Anyway, I just say leave them to heaven...fortunately for us, we aren't like that.

    Loves ya,

  3. HI, well I have met people like that and I really feel sorry for them. They are hurting themselves more than anyone else by their behavior.

    PS: package in the mail

  4. Some people use anger as a shield. I know that for a fact because Marc used it for years to ignore the pain inside that had to do with unresolved family issues made worse by the fact that he claimed to have let go of all that stuff long ago. He hadn't of course. Carried a boulder around on his shoulder for years. then it escalated into bouts for rage over insignificant stuff. he did finally get help when I told him it was that or divorce. and I meant it.

  5. Wow.....I just spent some time lurking around your blogs today....they are DELIGHTFUL.....can't believe I haven't stopped here before. You'll see me again.



  6. they're everywhere! some people are rageaholics, and make such a big stink over's a parking spot for crying out loud!!
    I love how you say 'bless you jerk', lol!
    ah well, I've also run into very kind people, so I guess it balances out
    don't let the turkeys ruin your night (oops, no offense to turkeys).

  7. When I see someone like that I just thank my lucky stars I don't have to go home with them. Makes me feel better.

  8. So very sad to witness the ugly out there when there is so much beauty.

  9. My father is exactly like your father! Hates when we are happy! Has to bring us down. I never let him though. I am one of those people that don't like arguments. I do smile a lot and always try to be positive, although, it is very hard to do sometimes!!! "Bless You Jerk" ;o)

  10. Glad the jerk didn't ruin your evening! And how about this saying -- "I'm so mad I could chew tin and spit nails" -- heard of that one? It's one of my faves.

  11. Listen with your heart if you can...they are in serious pain. Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  12. My mother is always mad. I think it was because she thought her world would be more fascinating by marrying a man (my father)in the service and traveling the world. Her expectations were way too high. She is such a sad person, and I don't feel one bit sorry for her because she made my life a living hell.

  13. Another thought provoking post. I live in my own little world so I never notice the rude or angry people out there in that other world. In my world there's nothing but smiles and happy thoughts and people being kind and caring. Hehehe. Have a great weekend dear friend.

  14. :::hanging head in shame::: I am a HOT HEAD but I don't feel like I walk around initiating it. Actually, I know I don't. However, if you mess with the bull you get the horns.

    I can't help it, I'm from Jersey ; )

  15. I just don't understand why people have to act like that and it seems to get worse over the years. Sometimes I blame the economy, the excessive heat, a bad day, but really, I can't help but wonder if the state of humanity is just declining in masses. Negativity, complaining and pointing blame seems to be the status quo. Do people have any idea how they sound? Okay, I'll hush now. It is just such a loaded topic. ;-)


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