Sunday, October 9, 2011

Thank you all around....

Sorry for the pictures being first......Blogger hates me......

I need to say.....thank you for loving and gifting my grands. They are so involved in my blogging because of their interest in all of you. They know who you are and what you do. They know your families as you have shared and they feel like you are their extended family. How lucky are they to have so many wonderful aunts, grandmas and loving lovelies.

Ry has some favorites that he just has to find out about when he gets home from school. The looking in on how life operates in your "neck of the woods" has been so monumental for his growth and development socially. I know I've told you in the past, how he has shared with his teachers that he has friends in Sweden, the Netherlands, Portugal, Canada, The British Isles, NYC, the Pacific Northwest and the heartland. And he uses those terms. He knows where you all live on a map (great teaching moment) and he is beginning to use the flags of the world and state flags and can identify them fairly well in his drawings and "arting". You have made a difference in his life. Thanks.

GK, has the same, if not more affection for you my dears. She asks about you specifically and has even taken to wanting to comment on your blogs. The warmth she shows when relaying a story of yours to her Mom or Papa when they get home, the sadness she shows when you are "under the weather or hurt", the pride when she reads of your accomplishments are all embroidery on the cloth of her life and will of course only add to the great caring woman she will be. Your examples are truly undeniably essential.

And then some of you send more than your thoughts of concern, love and caring and surprise them with gifties. I will tell you I am blown away by it all and I never know whether to picture your gifts or not. But I have decided that I am not going to be shy about any outpouring of love anymore. So for those of you who have sent things and I kept it silent, I am sorry, we did and have welcomed your gifts and been blessed by them.

And to Auntie Donna from Froggyland of So Dark So Cute....thanks for the fun for Halloween gifties. Since this picture was taken, the boy has secured his room with the tape and we are working on a banner for the wall over his pirate drawing desk. GK has decided to gift her new girlfriends with the bags and also use the stickers on her school books. You da bestest Auntie Donna and they did in fact deliver the hug to me as requested by you.

To the fabulously talented Marlene of Marlene's Musings, well thank you does not seem to be enough for not only sharing your talent with the drawing of the grands favorite Apollo and Diana but your love to the grands. We are humbled by your gift. The drawings are on their walls in their new spaces and will be forever treasures.


  1. Aaawww...How absolutely sweet of you Linda! Now you make me shy as a turtle in the winter ;)

  2. There are some big hearts beating in Blogdom.

  3. You, your grands and your family, are fun loving people! I am so happy to apart of your life! What beautiful gifts! o)

  4. I so love this spooky music...entertaining and enchanting at the same time . Have a HOOT in your studio. Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  5. Oh so sweet. Tell them Bobo and Meja and Mommy sends bunches-o-smoochies...

  6. It's wonderful what you find when you cast your nets wide. How wonderful that Ry is using your blogging experience as a learning tool, tagging the locations of your virtual friends. He'd have pins all over the map for us, wouldn't he? Hee.

    Thanks for sharing--there are some very talented and loving folks out there in blogland.

  7. Yeah, I'm convinced Blogger is out to get some of us these days between its photo and commenting 'features'! It's a Google conspiracy, I think, to make us all use Chrome...

    Anywho, taking off the tinfoil hat with the wee antennae, love the wee gifts that GK and Ry have received, and be assured that they keep us more entertained than I'm sure we ever will them lol After all we are old and our lives revolve around, erm, not very much ;o) (Jack says I speak for myself here, as his life is very full and important...) I feel like I have my own wee troup of actors, ready and willing, at the drop of a hat, to put on a performance for a whole blog party around any manner of topics in order to let the rest of us regress a few decades to our childhoods :o)

    Have a great week

  8. Linda, we can't help but love those two grands of yours ~ so cute and so sweet. I can only hope to be so fortunate one day in having a grandchild to love.
    I must thank you for your visits to my blog and your sweet words. You are always so kind, Linda. Thank you.
    Love the Halloween music!
    ♥ audrey

  9. Oh Linda, this does not surprise me one bit. You and your grands are so dear to the hearts of many of us. It is only natural that gifts of word, deed and material favor come their way as well. They are so special and it is through your sincere and loving heart that we truly "know" the inhabitants of your lovely home. Go team Green!

  10. I am so happy the kiddos liked their drawings. I think of them as my extended family also. You can never have to many loving grandchildren. I am back from running all over Oregon so will be a regular visitor again.

  11. Linda, you and your family are part of our family at least where it counts. We may never meet face to face and I may never get the chance to give GK and Ry a hug in person but you're family and I love you all.


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