Monday, November 14, 2011


Okay so let me explain Lucy.

I love autumn. I'm not all that fond of being cold but I do love winter in NM. Lots of clear blue skies and amber colored sunlight fades to stony blue skies and blueish colored light the closer we come to Winter Solstice. I am not complaining about any of this, only explaining that right now we are in transition. And because of that I am in a nesting mood.

Having already winterized the house and yard, I am now working on my closets and getting rid of extraneous stuff. Laying in supplies for winter style cooking instead of the ease of quick suppers and off to some other activity. Soups, casseroles, home baked bread and the addition of more coffees and teas.

Yep a cup of pumpkin coffee and a homemade yeast roll and I'm good to go. The smell of green chile stew cooking and bread and butter pudding in the oven. Okay winter, go ahead and give it your best shot.

I'm also in transition in the crafting Cubby. Because of my icky bump bible cyst (so called because the bible was the biggest book most folks had to whack the calcium growth), which limits my handwork, I am getting out the sewing machine and I'm making fabric paper and I'm having some mighty big brain spurts. I need assistance with the cutting and pinning but I know a certain 11 year old apprentice to the Oma that loves the work. So beads and clay, boot painting and paper piecing will be on hold for awhile and we will be making clothes, purses, pixie hoods and shoes as well as wall hanging with this crazy paper fabric. As we "create" we will share our trash and triumphs.

What do you do differently when Jack Frost paints the windows and Ole Man Winter is whistling a happy chilly tune?


  1. Yay for sewing creations, can't wait to see what you and GK come up with!

  2. If I were closer I would be your assistant in the sewing and cutting department! I hunker down in my home and make delicious comfort foods that are bit starchy at times ...but the warmth of the oven and the aromas of breads or stews seems to ease the chill away from the day's activities. I have found my crock pot to be a loyal friend during the cold months. Have a fabulous week Linda! Peace, Mary Helen

  3. I like everything about the winter except the cold. and the short days. OK. I don't really like winter.

  4. Your winter preparations and routine sound a lot like mine. I'm all into staying in and staying warm and making the house smell yummy with cooking and baking. It's the only way to go. If we lived closer GK could get some side work pinning and cutting for me as the right hand is still wonky and limited and I'm getting some flack from certain quarters about letting the wee bears assist me in my work. Stay warm and creative and I can't wait for the show and tell.

  5. What do we do differently? The main they we do differently is put on more clothes before heading outside...

  6. Ok, I am so hungry from reading this post Linda!!! Can, I come over ;o) Please ;o)) What I do differently, is shovel the snow, put more clothes on, clean more in the house, and bake more with my mom ;o) Hugs ;o)

  7. For me its stew...... and also I love winter cause its skiing time!

  8. When my doc told me what those calcium cysts are I get occasionally on my wrists I cracked up!

    As to your question, what do I do differently during the Winter.

    Crockpot, casseroles, layers, blankets, snuggling by a fire and enjoying the darkness.

  9. Pumpkin coffee and homemade yeast rolls have my mouth drooling! How scrumptious. I am so envious that you have been able to winterize your house already and are in process of so many wonderful nesting projects. I long for retirement. (sigh)

    Anyway, I hope your hands are not bothering you too much and I cannot wait to see what you and your lovely apprentice create.

  10. Well, I tend to be more inside during the colder season. We have had a wonderful November so far -- knock on wood! Foggy days, but often sunshine, too. No snow yet -- and for that I am thankful.



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