Tuesday, November 29, 2011

We are turkey poor and loving it.....

I hope all of you had a super Thanksgiving. We celebrated on Sunday instead of Thursday because of work schedules. So Saturday was prep day and Sunday was the official Casa de Cuckoo Turkey day. But mischief reared it's ugly, twisted head and we had to throw the turkey, gravy and dressing away. We all thought that we smelled something off while the Turkey was cooking but it became apparent that the turkey we had roasted was rancid when we started to carve it. I talked to three other folks who purchased their turkeys at the same store and they too had the same non-turkey Thanksgiving.

Oh well, what are ya gonna do? Well I won't be having turkey anytime soon. Rancid oil used in the basting of the turkey was the culprit. Ick, poowee, blech, rats and bad to the extreme.

So we had potatoes, broccoli pea casserole and cranberry sauce with rolls and decided we could fit in pie (apple and pumpkin) because we hadn't stuffed ourselves. So it was a win/win situation......the garbage man got to cart our dinner away and we didn't feel badly about eating too much.


  1. What a rip off! I hope you can get your money back for that rancid bird.

  2. I am so glad you are not suffering from food poisoning right now. PBJ is always a great back up food when this happens in my house.!!! Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  3. I can't even imagine having the anticipation of a lovely Thanksgiving dinner ruined by a rancid turkey. But the rest of your meal sounded lovely.

    Denny and I are still waiting to be able to access our kitchen before we can have our own much delayed turkey dinner. Can you sing "Anticipation"?

  4. Sorry about your turkey, but if you got two pieces of pie that mmakes it a little better, sending hugs your way.

  5. Oh dear, sorry about the turkey-less day (although I hate turkey, I might have been glad if I'd been there for dinner!) Although it's always a bonus when you can fit in more dessert :o)

  6. Oh wow, what a bummer! Did you guys talk to the store about it? Not necessarily for the money back angle, but just so they're aware and can possibly get rid of any more bad birds and keep this from happening in the future.

    Glad you guys enjoyed the birdless feast all the same. Yo be totally honest, I fill up mostly on sides myself so can't say I would have wept for lack of turkey. Take care, cuckoos! xox

  7. Wow, what a tough way to go vegetarian. Hope you can get a refund.
    At least the company was good. Nice save.

  8. I am happy to hear you had a nice family Thanksgiving in spite of the turkey ordeal. The gathering of loved ones breaking bread together is the most important part of the day no matter what you eat.
    Nice to see your post. Blogland has been very quiet.
    Have a great rest of the week!
    ♥ audrey

  9. I've never heard of a rancid turkey, rancid ex-husbands, but not turkeys!! LOL I do recall the Thanksgiving of '88. My mother just about poisoned her entire family...the turkey was bad, very bad. We figured that she bought it when it had been partially defrosted, then re-frozen...nasty little bacteria!! My soon-to-be-now-ex sister-in-law ended up in the ER...we figured she ate more than the rest of us!!

    So my mother pronounced from that day forward, she was never making another GD turkey, and she never did..I did for years and never poisoned anyone....bought it at a butcher's place.

    Well, you made lemonade out of lemons...that's the spirit! If anything, this will make for a good story down the road...like the one I just told.."Mom almost wiped out her entire family with a deadly turkey!!" LOL

    Loves ya and the goats are so grateful they aren't part of the holiday main course, at least not in this country!!


  10. Well, given a choice, I'll take pie over turkey any day.

  11. Wow...how great that you got to enjoy so many others things and did not get loaded up on turkey...Happy Thanksgiving...

  12. Thank the Goddess that the turkey smelled bad....some bad meats don't have a smell, and you end up really sick! I am so sorry that happened! But I am sure you put a really positive spin and things and everyone enjoyed the day thoroughly. And cranberry sauce and pie are the best parts of t'giving anyway!!! Hugs to you, my dear BB

  13. Linda, I am sorry about the yucky turkey!!! I am glad it smelled bad, because if it didn't, all of you would have been so sick! Well, I guess it worked out for you all good, because you got to eat more pie ;o) Big Hugs ;o)

  14. Oh goodness gracious, thank goodness none of you ate any of it, Oma Linda! That would have added a whole new and terrible element to your holidays. Food poisoning, YUCK!

    I'm sorry to hear you were turkey-less for the holiday. And maybe avoiding that store at all costs may be good for your health and the health of your family. That's just poopy. The rest of the meal sounded very yummy though.

    My husband and his brother and sisters share a story about when they were young and their Mom made Thanksgiving day turkey and it too was not a good turkey. They all ended up sick. They laugh about it now but, oh, can you imagine?

    Hope you have a simply beautiful and wonderful December with good food and good friends and family.

    Brightest blessings to you and yours,

  15. am i glad that i don't eat meat! luckily you had a wonderful Thanksgiving after all ;-)

  16. Rotten poultry is gross, gross, gross! I hope you received a refund and charged a percentage over for having to endure such aromatic trauma. I shudder to recall a similar chicken situation.

    But you know Miss Linda, this very tale is just another example of how tough, tight and together the members of your lovely home are. You took control of the situation and had a wonderful time anyway and then topped it off with a dessert duo. You go girl! Happy belated Thanksgiving to all, my friend.


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