Monday, November 7, 2011

We've gone from the ridiculous to the sublime.....

Thanks Shelley for your very well received KMA guest post. I only hope that all that viewed it in the way it was intended. And thanks lovelies for your overwhelming chuckles.

So now we move to the events of Sunday. Shel, GK, Ry and I went on our favorite kind of adventure.

L to R Ellsworth, Nigel, Buck, Patrick, Bernard, Gracie Belle
You all know how we at Casa de Cuckoo have fallen in love with donkeys, particularly of the Morning Bray Farm variety. Don and Justina are some of the nicest folks on the planet and we feel like we have found family. It is so comfortable to go to MBF where Ry kidnaps Don and they go off and do duck chores, make a bow and arrow, fill in holes in the pasture and love on the donkeys and goats. Justina entertained and visited with us girls out in the corral where we simply enjoyed the very entertaining antics and physical contact of her beloved long ears. MBF now has 6 donkeys.

I never would have thought that a tumbleweed would be such a yumy treat. The donkeys had a great time with it
The first to come to Morning Bray was the always comical Bernard. He is more like a dog than a donkey in very many respects. He's has such a cute personality. On our first visit he was not happy about Ry's energy, but in the ensuing months he has learned to just go with the flow with our untamed boy. He was such a good boy and let all of us love him. Even ear scratches were applied.

Donkeys greet each other by breathing into each others of course GK tried
Next is Ellsworth also known as Big Red, who is a riding donkey. He and Justina have a very powerful relationship and he is always open to scritches and hugs. A real tribute to the love he has had showered on him since he came to MBF. He is a gentle herd master and keeps an eye on his donkey partners and the humans who come to love them. He has the most intense eyes filled with love.

When you stop scratching and ask Ellsworth "where?", he'll show you...
The next to come is a BLM donkey Nigel who came with Fergus, who we will always miss. Lovely dark, handsome fella who has come a million miles in trust with tons of love. You can see he wants to trust us but hasn't quite gotten there yet. He will. Especially if the donkey whisperer, GK has a few more tries with him.

Then comes "Fuzzy Feet" the adorable and very precocious Patrick who was rescued from torture at the hands of wanna be cowboys who used him as a roping donkey. He absolutely shocked me this time by coming up to us and letting us love on him. Gosh what 7 months has done for this sweetheart. He has the softest, fluffy topknot and face fur and is such an affectionate donk.

Ms. Gracie Belle has been at MBF only a short time and was such a thin girl when she came. Now she is sleek, filled in, commanding respect from the herd and in her own way also shows that while we are strangers, she knows a good scratch squad when she sees one.....won't be long.

And the latest edition to the herd is Buck, so named because he is a very deer color. Red, gorgeous and young enough to enjoy the romps, runs and antics of Bernard and Patrick. Funny thing is as you can see in the photo.....gave himself over to the love and curiosity of the kids. It was a thrill to see him go for it.

GK is touching Buck and look whose watching really closely....Gracie Belle
A few hours spent with Don and Justina and their soft, gentle, intelligent, funny and charismatic animals.....cures what ails your soul.


  1. You captured the essence of each and every one of them perfectly and eloquently. :) We loved having you here and will look forward to next time. xoxo

  2. Oooh, looks like a fab day down on the farm with the donks. Love the pic of GK rubbing noses and breathing nostrils :oD

  3. Oh my, you make me want a donkey. They are adorable and what smashing and unique names.
    What a wonderful home they have found.
    Visiting them would also be on my to do list.
    Love this post.

  4. Hey, BB, I love how you have written about these wonderful, dear sweethearts. I wish I could come see them, too! What a great relationship of give and take, each of you and the donkeys receiving love from the other. Don and Justina sound amazing; and GK and Ry are learning so much about life and love! Thanks for sharing this beautiful experience!

  5. I'm glad to see you all spent some quality donkey time to put the world back in order. I just wish I had such a place to go at times. Hugs to all of you cuckoos.

  6. I've always loved donkeys, what a great bunch of characters they've got! I love how you introduced them, such great personalities and wonderful rescue stories. It's wonderful that they've gotten used to and embraced the kids, especially Ry the big ball of energy. :)

    P.S. Of course GK is a donkey whisperer, is there any critter on Earth she can't make love her? ;)

  7. You know, looking at donkeys through your eyes Linda, I have came to love them even more! Thankyou! What adorable animals and it's so cute to see, that they all have their own personalities ;o) Take care my friend!

  8. I can feel the beautiful tranquility of your day. I don't know who is more blessed - You all for bearing witness to the wonderful transformations these stunning creatures make upon coming into the arms of love, or the sweet donkeys who are taken into the world of such loving humans. It is the perfect symbiotic relationship. I can't wait for the day you tell us Miss Gracie Belle joined in the sweet scratches.


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