Saturday, December 3, 2011

Pietown or bust.....

The main reason for the trip to Pietown, outside of the mood, was to look at some of the wonderful "junque/antique" venues afforded there. I am looking for a rancho/cowboy/barnwood style floor to ceiling shelf for my kitchen. I have offically declared, the my hand me down, designed by my Mom in the 60's, pullman kitchen, the pits and I need more shelving. We have updated the cabinet fronts with wormy maple solid wood fronts and black appliances (I call my side by side refrigerator Darth Vadar) and the floors are 18" ceramic saltillo-esk colored tiles. Very southwestern flavor but the cabinets are limited and I'm tired of going down the steps to the garage to get staples....thus the shelving hunt. Actually it is the trip up with my arms full that have gotten to grating on my nerves and my old bones.

But now that our trip was curtailed on account of "woo woo feelings", I shall just have to build something on my own. Not waiting until whenever. The slave labor that is available here at Casa de Cuckoo are going to get a schooling in DIY Linda style.

I realize that not everyone would even know what the VLA is and so let me digress and explain. This is from the pamphlet I brought home for the grands so here goes. "The VLA is one of the world's best radio astronomy observatories. It has 27 radio antennas, which are laid out on  railroad tracks in a Y shape so that astronomers can move and arrange them differently. The VLA uses interferometry which means that it operates by multiplying the data from each pair of telescopes together to form interference patterns. Using the patterns, astronomers can make radio images of the sky like a map. A radio telescope scans across an object and receives radio waves from each little spot in space around that object. Some spots may have stronger radio waves coming from them than others. The computer turns this information into numbers which are in turn shown as different colors on the mapping. Radio Astronomy examines the invisible universe. We see the world around us because our eyes detect visible light. Radio waves are a different type of electromagnetic radiation, one we cannot see with our naked eyes. But because some objects in the sky emit radio waves, we can locate these objects using radio astronomy"......thus the VLA is like a listening and transmitting station. Not listening for UFO but rather listening to the electromagnetic radiation that the unseen emit from way out there in space.

So on to the animal life we saw on our trip. At the VLA we saw a herd of something on the horizon. The closer we got the more we thought that the herd of Angus cows pastured on the VLA property had been joined by ????????? sheep, goats. No, it was a herd of pronghorn antelope, with their cute little white butt cheeks flashing in the air. There must have been at least 100 in the herd and at one point, they covered the horizon line. This picture is not very good but it does show some of the animals.
Right after leaving the pronghorn we had a Mexican spotted owl do a take off from the side of the roadway with a huge snake in its beak. The wingspan on this owl was breath taking and I was so in awe of seeing it I forgot to take a picture. The same thing happened when a Harpers hawk surprised us when we stopped to see the roadside brush fire set by the forest service. I don't understand the logic of an unattended burn like that when just months ago we were all choking on the smoke from a similar burn just 100 miles from this spot to the west in Arizona. That controlled burn caused the largest brush fire in AZ in quite awhile..... What were they thinking? and here we go again? Thank goodness for the snow.

Some foxes near the intersection of NM60 and I25. A coyote pair near the turnoff for lunch at San Antonio and lots of crows/ravens everywhere we went. Must be the crows time to move for the winter. Of course horses, cows, goats, sheep, chickens, pigs and even some of my adored favorites donkeys were spotted in the Belen/Los Lunas area. A small herd of buffalo near Isleta Casino and once again the V's of the migrating geese and ducks. We scored big time on the animal spotting.

Back to lunch, we got a wonderful green chile cheeseburger at Chef Bob's place the Buckhorn Tavern in San Antonio. Chef was busy putting up the holiday decorations so we only had a brief visit. Just love his burgers. And then we drove back to 'Burque and missed the idiot 4 o'clock crash fest traffic.
This is earlier in the morning right around Belen
All in all we had 7 hours of quality alone time together. We visit more in the car than any other time and get caught up on thoughts, dreams and wishes. That's not to say that we don't hash out some stuff as well. It is always an intense couples therapy for us. We set the tone for this activity when we got married and immediately drove to San that's the way to get to know, really know who you married, up close and personal. That was our honeymoon....just driving to his new job. And every time we take an adventure drive, I am taken back to when we first shared that intimate space....I love it.
We had the snow storm at our back all the way home. You can see that we traveled over 300 miles round trip. The place we stopped for lunch is on the road to Carizozo. Lots of backtracking and lots of fun seeing our state when there's a storm abrewing. And last night, here in the heights where I live, we only got about .5" but around the city they received lots more as did the surrounding communities. So December brought with it moisture that will make our spring trips even more beautiful. Even the wind storms as ugly as they were to listen to, did some house cleaning Mother Nature style sending the seeds and compost making elements to other locations for the benefit of all. We just need to keep an open mind about being "inconvenienced" by the weather and remember there is always good that comes from adversity, yes? Because really, does anyone even listen to the bitchin'?


  1. What an awesome trip - you saw lots of cool stuff! An owl flew over us yesterday as we were doing early afternoon chores. I didn't realize it was an owl (thought it was a hawk) until Don pointed out that it was indeed an owl. Wow.

    Mother Nature has definitely been interesting these past few days... and yes, you're right, no one ever listens to the bitchin'. :)

  2. Wow, you hit the animal sighting jackpot!

  3. What, you went all that way and did drop in at Truth or Consequences for me? ;o) Glad you had such a fun trip though, gotta love long talks in the car :o)

  4. Wow, what a great trip! Thanks for explaining the VLA. I didn't know what it was all about either! You saw some great animals! What a treasure! I wouldn't have minded joining in on having a burger ;o) Take care, big hugs ;o)


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