Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Rainy days and Mondays..........

When you live where the sun shines three hundred and fifty something days a year....cloudy and rainy and coldy is just kinda too different to give any appreciation to.

Yesterday, today, tomorrow and all week will be this way according to the weatherman, who is awful cute but that doesn't make this prediction any easier to take. I'm a sunshine kinda girl. I'm not like so many who love to curl up and read or contemplate when it is inclement and chilly. I wanna pace and growl and snarl. So my fam is looking for a dart gun for sedation purposes until there is a change in this crap weather.

Last night, the master of stranger than fiction (Ry) and his Mom worked on his holiday project. The one where he had to tell how his family celebrates the holidays. Good thing they avoided the truth as best they could. After all if they share with the world that we are really Casa de Cuckoo and march to our own drummer....they might wanta come and join us and we are a party of 5 only for our very special celebrations at this time of year. But back to the project.....Ry wanted a picture of "them" decorating the tree and his list was very generic and wonderful. I helped him "jazz" it up with some fun drinking straw cut up into garlands and a tree at the bottom of the bright red sheet of paper.....cuz red is my birthday twins favorite color.....mine too. We had so much fun and he was so proud of the work he had done on the project.

He woke up this morning and sounded like an elephant seal. Didn't have a fever, no streaks in his throat, just the obnoxious, terrible sounding barky cough. Mom told him, you need to stay home and he said he couldn't miss handing in his project. So medication given, nurse informed and teacher advised, the boy showed off his handiwork, with his winning and charming, Ain't I the bestest grin on his sweet face.

So clouds or no, it's a good day. But "they" are still in the market for a dart gun, ya know where they can find one?


  1. overcast here too but no rain so far. I miss the sun but I know clear skies mean cold weather. hmmmm. I guess I'll take overcast and warm.

  2. Oh, sweet Ry, going to school even though he had that cough. I bet you were all proud of him showing off his handiwork.
    Wow, you can see in this photo how much the grands have grown. I love the glowing festive tree!
    I can't get anything done ~ Jake follows me everywhere and wants my TOTAL attention. What have I done? lol
    ♥ audrey

  3. Yay for handing in homework you're proud of. I don't recall that happening often (I'm sure I'd have embraced the day off lol)

    Anyway, I'll see your rain and raise you a freezing hurricane o.O

  4. WOW! I thought I came to the wrong blog! Love the new backgrounds, BB! Ry is such a good kid to want to go to school when he is feeling poorly! That says a lot about his dedication. Sorry you are having crappy weather and feeling snarly. Have a cuppa, sprinkle some fairy dust around and think happy thoughts. (I know, I know, you ain't no Tinkerbell, but we loves ya anyway)

  5. I hope Ry feels better soon and gets an A+ on his project!

  6. Nice new blog background Linda!!! Ry is so cute! What a kid, wanting to go to school, even being sick, to do his project ;o) The weather here has been very weird! No snow?? You need the sun, I need the snow!! I would be worried where they would shoot me with that dart gun, after they get it ;o) LOL! Hugs ;o)

  7. What a kid. Hope he is feeling better and it was nothing serious.
    Laughing about the dart gun. Thank goodness you don't live in the Pacific Northwest.

  8. Love the new blog background. No photo of the actual project? Pout.

    No offense, but the RV Vagabonds are EXTREMELY happy that Denny's sister let us off the hook about assisting her with home repairs there in ABQ. We'll be dodging snow/icy rain today in the Beast as we head to Deming. Where is that warm and beautiful sun of the southwest?

  9. First off, LOVE the new look. Then there's the photo of the kids and the tree, perfect in every way. Now for you griping about the weather. How would you ever make it living where I do and there's something like 30 days a year when it isn't overcast? Here we don't know how to act when we have a day of sunshine. It's been clear here the past few days and so cold I can't get warm. Wouldn't it be great if we could chose our weather? Give Ry a hug for me and tell him, "Job well done." Have a good week in spite of the hardship of dealing with that terrible weather. :^)

  10. I truly love your precious Ry. He IS THE BESTEST! The picture is wonderful and your background is so festive. Dart guns? Uh-oh (snicker, snicker). I hope the sun comes out to greet you soon. Warm hugs to you and yours, Mina.

  11. Um... I can make a pretty decent dart gun ;-)

    Now to the pretty; what a lovely pic. And Ry is such an incredible boy. How lucky and bright for you, even during the coldy days.


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