Friday, January 6, 2012

Happy 100th Birthday New Mexico

I live in a state that some folks don't even know is one of the 50 states making up the United States.....but we have been around for 100 years.

We are the only state that has even flown a 47 star US flag. We were the 47th state just before our neighbor to the west Arizona which joined the union just a scant 8 months later. So there was no reason for mass produced 47 star flags since by the end of 1912 there would be 47 New Mexico and 48 Arizona.

Many people are still confused about New Mexico being a part of "Old" Mexico and there are literally books, blogs and columns in newspapers written about the silliness of unknowing people when it comes to the truth that we are part of the US. My Mom's relatives used to ask us if we: had to fight off the Indians, had to get shots to get over the border, had indoor plumbing, if they had to dial international numbers to call home, had to pay out of country postage to send packages, if our house dissolved in the rain since it was built of mud, had snakes in our backyard, or had we ever seen a jackalope? And that's just some of the silliness.

So happy 100th Birthday, Anniversay, O Fair New Mexico, a very proud native.


  1. Happy Birthday to New Mexico...I have never been in this wonderful state but I would love to discover in a visit first hand. Life always seems so vibrant in this hot and spicy culture. Have a wonderful weekend in your studio or sleeping or watching new or old movies...anything your heart desires! Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  2. I would love to visit New Mexico some day. Sounds like a wonderful place.

  3. Happy anniversary New Mexico. I've never been there either which is strange considering I've been all around it. Maybe I did go through a part of the state on my way to somewhere else. Who knows? Most of my life is a blur from the early sixties to the early eighties. Don't ask!!

  4. Whooo hooo…What kind of ignoramus' don't know that N.M. is one of our states…wait, don't answer…sigh ; )
    I'm so excited I'll be joining you someday and I'll be moving there in the hundredth b-day and happy N.M. citizenry (I think I just made that word up) to you, Linda!

  5. Happy Birthday New Mexico! Linda, thanks so much for all this information. Not being from the United States, you have taught me some interesting facts ;o) Big Hugs ;o)

  6. Happy Birthday New Mexico and may you have many more. I am so glad your houses don't disolve in the rain:))That is funny.


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