Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A new direction.........

Thank you all for your good thoughts and wishes for Ms. GK and her being able to go to regionals in the science fair. So many of you asked about the subject of GK's science fair entry.....it was titled "Sugary Goodness" and was on the formation of sugar crystals. I think of the the cute and funny things she said about the project itself, the one I like the best is "it's too bad you can't wear these things because they are really sparkly". Spoken like the little crow she is (reference to the Secret of Nim crows).

Also many of you were not familiar with Roseola. It is like measles in it's appearance but has not nearly as many dangerous complications associated with having the disease. It usually is a small child disease. GK had it when she was 18 months old. The red spots start off as blotches and it's almost like they spread out from behind the ears, chin and stomach to everywhere else on the body. Ry even had them in his eyes. The fever is high, blotches appear, fever is gone, then the spots spread to tiny little pin head size dots and then as Ry put it....."they are defeated" and go away.

I was so glad for Sweet Man's help with Ry on Thurs and Fri. I was able to get a few things done and not feel guilty about leaving Ry to his own resources.

Anyway, I went to a new/old doctor yesterday. You know how I love me some doctors.....errrrrrrrrrrr. This guy saved my Mom's life back in 1989. If he had not been doing rounds to see his own patient and been called into see my Mom who was not his patient at the time, she would have died. Just that simple. She wasn't good about saying what was really wrong and was a real people pleaser. Good thing he saw through all that and ordered immediate surgery. She had had a gall bladder surgery and the doctor had not run her common bile duct and there were stones festering in there. She was septic from that little error.

It was a patient referral system that assigned me to him. I am really glad I went. I do have some hope that he will work with and for me. I am going to begin on some new meds for my pain. Going to a pain clinic. Starting a weight loss program through the hospital and have my fingers crossed. Ry was so sweet and said he would go with me if I thought I needed some "extra support". What a doll baby.

The past few years have been character building, personal space stretching but if you come right down to it, really wonderful for all of us. The kids are happy and blossoming. Shelley has found herself again and is very powerful and capable. And Sweet Man and I are enjoying the time we have with our family. Now we need to take time for us and not feel guilty doing so.

It is hard to remember what it was like before and that is a beautiful thing. Remaining positive, not tearing down anything from the past, and holding the value of someone else's relationship with the kids more important than personal feelings is hard to do but worth it for the sake of the kids.....and after all, that's all that really matters anyway, the grands.

As Shelley said,"I see a light at the end of the tunnel and know it is not a train heading my way. Rather, I am the train". To that I saw toot, toot.


  1. Shelley is a Wise Woman. I'll have to remind myself about that light at the end of the tunnel when I feel nothing but darkness.

  2. Yes and I will toot just for you and the little scientist! Peace be with you! Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  3. Wearing the sugar crystals, love it! I've always thought those coffee stirrers that are covered in sugar looked jewel-like.

    Hope everything goes well with the new doc and he can help you :o)

  4. You are a wonderful and special grandmother! I hope the pain clinic helps you lots.

  5. BIG HUGS from Froggyland ;-) xoxoxoxoxo Donna

  6. Sure hope the doctor does the trick for you. It was wonderful what he did for your mother. It helps enormously to have confidence in them.
    Let us know.

  7. boy how they do grow... bet you are a proud gandma... so glad to hear that things are looking well. blessings to all of you

  8. Wow, I've missed so much. Happy to catch up this evening. Very glad to hear that Ry is better and sincere congratulations to GK!!! You must be pleased to know that Shelley is feeling good about life and seeing that light!! If our children are happy, we are happy. Right? And I hope all your health issues will work themselves out, Linda.
    Although I've not been on here as much, I still think of you and your family often.
    ♥ audrey

  9. what a great post!
    glad everyone is doing well:)

  10. This post sure has that uplifting and bright happy feel about it. It gives this old lady a feeling of hope. Give Shelley a squeeze for me and tell her I love the light in the tunnel comment. Happy to hear Ry is feeling better and GK always lights up my day with her sweetness. See, your post has worked it's magic. I'm now a more positive person. Hugs to all of you at Casa de Cuckoo.

  11. Your post shows how much having a positive attitude can help us through the difficult times in life. You and your family are an inspiration to us all, the way you keep moving on with a smile in spite of roadblocks. Hope you all are better soon.

  12. Linda, you are a special person, a special grandma and a special wife!
    I love Gk's science fair entry!
    I hope Ry, is all better now ;o) Roseola, sounds horrible!
    I love what Shelley said! I have to write it down! Big Hugs my friend ;o)

  13. I forgot to say, I am thinking of you, with your weight loss program and getting better! I know you will do well! You have Ry beside you for extra support! You are in good hands! Hugs ;o)

  14. You're really rallying the troups, Linda! I love GK's smilly little face and she looks like a sugar faery and can so identify with Shelley's return to the light. Yayyy, there's a tribe like yours out there when so much darkness is 'round us.

  15. Look at that gorgeous GK! Sugary goodness is a wonderful title. Ahhh...regionals for science...I still can't get over it.

    Very powerful words from Shelley. Toot, toot indeed! It seems that your lovely daughter and precious grands have been blessed with an abundance of emotional and spiritual peace. Oh, I know that there are hard roads and more will appear, as life goes, but look at the courage they have all gained to face it head on. I hope you and sweet man realize the role you played along this journey. The Matriarch and Patriarch of the clan, the benevolent leaders, so to speak. I truly wish you both the knowledge that you must get away guilt-free from time to time just to appreciate one another and to re-solidify that bond that sets the foundation for all the others to grow.

    Best of luck in your new doctor and the plan he has proposed. My candle is lit for you, my lovely friend.

  16. The positive energies emanate like sugary sparkly fire out of this one, and like GK, I, too, wish I could wear it.

    I'm glad things are going better. And I'm all smiles at the fact that you are going to see a doctor who you like. I know how much that means. My doctor of more than a decade was killed in Iraq a few months ago. The search for a new one has been a nightmare, in part because no one can replace my old doctor's friendship, expertise and insight, but I'll get there... eventually.

    Tell, Shelley, that she is train surrounded by friendly smiles willing to burn anyone who dare tries to stop her. Yes, sparkly smiles of protection ;-)


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