Friday, January 27, 2012

update on Casa de Cuckoo

Real quick before something else grabs me away from playing on this silly working on things that need to be finished.

I went to the Post Office and mailed lots of special things to special persons who shall remain a mystery until you let me know it arrived.

Ry has been home ill since Tuesday. Sniffles, general ickies and then 102 fever up and down for two days and yesterday he blossomed.....literally. He's a little old (usually in infants and toddlers) for Roseola (spelling is probably wrong) but he's got a full blown case of it. I have to admit though, even though there were times when he felt weak and bad.....we did have fun doing stuff we wouldn't have been able to do with Sissy home with us. And he and Papa played chess alot in the afternoons, so it was okay.

GK had to do a science fair project. Mandatory for her school. And guess what????? She is going to regionals. Hurrah for her. She was very excited and happy.

I relisted some old stuff in my Etsy shop but have been working on new things and will have them listed by first of next week. Got a pillow order to finish, some "not quite rights" for a customer, decorate for Valentoonie Day, work on the Sketchbook project (almost finished) and start learning digital scrap booking.

I have to say that many, many of you are so funny in your comments about my blog on Sunny J. Most of you got that I was being snarky about him not cat hating. Funny thing, the next day, he was even worse, but I think he's got it out of his system for awhile. There may be a new fur baby member of the family if things work out. All I'll say is that we sure do miss a certain large breed of dog and have found one at a rescue that we are checking out. Maybe, if it is supposed to dreaming really.

Sweet dreams my lovelies. Oma


  1. Aww, sorry Ry had the ick, hope he's feeling much better soon. Yay for GK, and the etsy orders (still think the cats are evil though ;o) )

  2. So sorry Ry was sick and hope he is 100% now.
    Congrats big time to GK. You all must be so proud.
    Can't wait to see your new fur baby. Hopefully it will be able to survive Sunny.

  3. Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Doggy!!!!!!! Keep us posted!

    Sorry to hear about Ry. It's aweful when they are sick isn't it. I always feel so helpless.

  4. You're being very upbeat despite Ry's bout of illness--perhaps thinking about that new doggie helps? Hope it works out for you, although a certain ginger tabby will surely not be happy if it does....

  5. Is roseola like the measles? I hope Ry is better soon. And congrats for GK for going with her science fair project to the regionals! I never, ever got past the first level in science fair. I'm vicariously excited for her!

  6. Just like National Chocolate Cake Day, I missed your last blog posting too. Sounds like you're keeping yourself out of trouble with all that's going on over at your casa.

    Hubby will be in Albuquerque next week for an Aborist seminar and his yearly cont. ed. for his certification. Sadly, I won't be going...have to stick around since it would mean leaving my mother alone...sigh.

    Have a good one and hope the Ry Guy is feeling better and congrats on GK's oldest went to a regional many years ago for science fair. They both hit us up the night before it was due...Joel got regional for his gross knowledge of the Universe, ya know, planets and stuff, but his display sucked!! LOL Heard science fairs are now very different from those of our kid's more volcanoes!! LOL

    Loves ya,

  7. What did GK do for a science project to go to regionals? Does she watch a show called Eureka (it's a family fave here), everyone is super smart & most lateral thinkers, it's got a bend to science & is pretty funny. Most the regionals in Australia are for SPORT UGGGHHHH, like I know sport has a place in peoples lives but Aussies can go a bit overboard about it, I only like it if I can bet on it ;) Sounds like (is Roseola measles?) poor Ry benefited from some home time with you folks & I hope he is feeling much better but keeps up playing chess with Papa!
    OK your super busy by the sound of it, you sure pack a lot in to your day, I admire you stayed awake to get time to post LOL & sweet dreams to you too :)

  8. Take care of your self lady! That cat is a hoot! Peace, Mary helen Fernandez Stewart

  9. Hey Linda ;o)I hope Ry is a little better ;o) I don't know what Roseola is?
    Yeh for Gk! What did she do for the fair project?
    I can't wait to see some new not quite right hearts ;o)
    You realize, if you get a new fur baby, Sunny J. is really going to be nasty! LOL! Big Hugs ;o)

  10. Oh Linda, I hate that Ry was so sick and so happy that he is better. I remember when my kids used to get sick with fevers like that and I would feel so helpless. My daughter was colicky as an infant and Dan used to sleep in the rocker with her straddling his arm. It seemed all that relaxed her. To this day she thinks her daddy hung the moon.

    A huge congratulations to Miss GK! OMG! That is so exciting. Please tell her how very impressed I am. She was blessed with both beauty and intelligence. Have a wonderful week, my friend.

  11. Okay..I need to stop by more often so I get to know everyone. What a Darling GK you have!!! Look how proud and Gorgeous she is!!!
    And I'm so sorry you are in pain, my dear. I had no idea..but I hope you are much better soon!!! Thank-you again for the wonderful cat card! You make me laugh and shake my head in smiles!!!! XO!!!


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