Saturday, March 24, 2012

Beautious Boys......and the reaction to same

Okay so last week....or at least I think it was, I started a board of good looking men on my Pinterest. I must say ladies, we do rally round that flag easily, don't we? I'm enjoying all of the comments, emails and interactions that have come from just that one post here.

Ms. Maddy and others have asked me about GK's list of who she thinks are good lookers and if she had one. I did go to the source of that info and got her opinions on who she thought were in her words, "hotty, hotty, bo bodies". I know that at age 12, I had some very definite ideas of who I thought were cuties. But the only way I had of seeing those choices was, TV (limited), fan magazines (read my friends cuz my Mom wouldn't allow them), and movies. Here's a short list from the early 60's...Fabian,
Tommy Sands
 Tommy Sands  were all singers.
Then on TV were Rick Nelson  (Ozzie & Harriet),
Rick Nelson
 Paul Petersen (The Donna Reed Show), 
Paul Petersen
 Johnny Crawford (The Rifleman) 
Johnny Crawford
 Edd Burns (77 Sunset Strip).
 Some older, some younger but all ones who made me swoon as a prepubescent teen.

GK's list has a wide age range as well and some guys, I had no idea who they were, like Bam Margera...who she actually got to meet when HIM was here in Albuquerque when GK was 5. Her Momma was doing promotions back then and GK met a lot of rockers and we have some of the most adorable pix of her with these hard core looking dudes who were just the sweetest things to her. So if you are interested in GK's younger view of the beautious boys, she has a board on my Pinterest.


  1. I loved Eddy Burns and Johnny Crawford. Also Nick Adams from the Rebel adn Clint Eastwood when he played Rowdy on Rawhide. (oddly I stopped thinking Clint was hot when he got really famous). Now don't get me started on the musical groups, cos we'll be here for awhile.

  2. You know I saw Paul Newman in Hud not long ago & was blown away at what a stunning face he had, I don't think I ever realised what a gorgeous man he actually was... these are a sweet collection, I just realised how unkempt many of the 'stars' are now!

  3. Oh, BB: I just remembered Edd Byrnes nickname..they called him Edd "Kookie" Byrnes...remember that? I think that was on the 77 Sunset Strip tv show. Did you watch Surfside 6 with Connie Stevens Troy Donahue, and there was another good looking fellow too, cant remember the name. Good grief that was a long time ago.

  4. I'm with you there on Johnny Crawford my dear. I'm going to be hearing "Today is Cindy's birthday" all day now. ;)

  5. I'm loving these posts. I'm getting so old that anyone my age looks as bad as I do so it's wonderful seeing these extremely good looking males. Clint Eastwood in his Rawhide days was always a favorite of mine. I like your choices as well. Catch up with you later. Hugs

  6. Well, I have to say Linda, these are all before my time, but I think it's a very nice collection ;o) Fabian has my vote ;o) Love his smile and eyes ;o) I bet the pictures of GK and the rockers are adorable! Hugs my friend ;o)

  7. Rick had my heart, especially since I was going steady with a Rick look a like at the time. Loved the Nelsons.
    Fabian however was quite fabulous also.

  8. Oh, these are a handsome lot! I once read that Fabian was discovered sitting on his front porch. He was so good looking that they (whomever they are), approached his and asked him if he could sing. Now I don't know if this is a true story or not, but I could see it happening. He had the most dreamy eyes. I'll bet GK and the rockers are a treasure to behold! Hugs, my lovely friend.


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