Thursday, March 22, 2012

Early Birthday to me............

This must be my lucky weeks....

I ordered myself a book by Katherine Dunn, I love her work particularly the donkeys, for my birthday and it came in......I'm very psyched about her style of drawing and the book does not disappoint. I am having so much fun.....oooooops, I was supposed to be cleaning the house.....oh well.

I got a surprise in the mail from a wonderful artist on Etsy, Cathy DeLeRee...she sent me a donkey painting that was ordered by the dear Stacy of Magic Love Crow. And included here is a photo of the wonderful artwork given to Shelley by Stacy. Check out the leaf with M for Mommy that the kids made this last weekend with a magnifying glass....burn out art.

And finally, I saw a pin on Pinterest for a flower???? bouquet for the spring. Carrots with tops still attached, and my favorite white with yellow daisys in the middle. This morning after errands Sweet Man surprised me by suggesting we go and find the "ingredients" for the bouquet. We also splurged on some mini daffodils. The arrangement looks a little weepy now but I am sure that by tomorrow the whole of it will look wonderful.


  1. Happy Birthday to you,
    Happy Birthday to you,
    Happy Birthday dear Linda,
    Happy Birthday to you.

  2. cant wait to see your creations.... your mind is so vast... I love Stacy's ravens.... they always make me smile.... blessings.

  3. Birthday?? Did someone say Birthday?? Well , dang, BB, when is it???

  4. love the looks of the new book!...great the cutout!...and what a wonderful bouquet....i know a few donkeys that would love you for it!

  5. So many wonderful distractions! Housework can ALWAYS wait.

  6. Happy early birthday to you. I love Stacy's art!! I have one myself. You will not be another year older just another year wiser!! Wiser is better then older any day.

  7. Happy Birthday, dear lady! Love the carrot bouquet and this week I gifted myself with a bundle of daffodils to celebrate spring--yay!

  8. Happy Birthday young lady. Hope you are properly spoiled on the day.
    That carrot bouquet was quite unique but I really loved those mini daffodils.

  9. Happy almost Birthday my friend! what lovely gifts you are receiving lately! I have always guessed that you would enjoy the Apifera farm blog, now I know you are aware of it. Isn't that far from me, but I have never been there, not yet.

  10. Hey Young Lady ;o) It's almost your birthday?? And, I didn't even know! Happy early Birthday ;o) Don't worry about house cleaning! It will be there for you tomorrow ;o) The book looks like a lot of fun and your donkey looks very happy ;o) The painting looks great ;o) It matches the wall perfectly! I love the burn out art! Have to try it! Your flower bouquets are so much fun! Love them! I was mad at myself, I missed out on buying your bear pendant from your store! I shouldn't have waited! Be well and big hugs ;o)

  11. Happy Birthday to you!!!! :D
    Yay! I love the bouquet! How ingenious. It's so cute. Love it.

    Happy birthday and bright blessings,

  12. Did someone say birthday???? And I love the prezzies you got. You deserve so much, you goddess, you :0

  13. Ahhh this is a cool post, love seeing all this beautiful artwork & don't think about cleaning when it's birthday time, enjoy gazing at these beautiful gifts... & isn't Stacy the sweetest babe :)
    Happy Birthday Linda - enjoy with those you love :)

  14. Happy early birthday, my lovely! Your treasures are fabulous! I have never seen burnt out art. It is amazing. Ooohhh, I love your bouquets. How utterly clever and terrifically beautiful.

  15. How cool, and hey, cleaning can always wait ;o)

  16. Dearest Linda!
    Happy birthday to you!
    The " carrot bouquet is delicious......and absolutely wonderful, just like you<3


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