Monday, March 26, 2012

Goodness what a lovely morning to be alive....

Okay so you can see through the title right????? I am going to be positive.......saw it on facebook as a smiley so it must be the order of the day. It read " I am Be positive". So much for blowing air up someones skirt.

I am snarky for sure.....there now that is the truth. Had a great weekend. We are all doing well. I'm afraid to say this one out loud but here piece of equipment in or outside the house is in need of immediate repair.....but my insides are telling me I'm cranky. Even watching my donkey blogs and seeing Alan bray today didn't do it for me. Something is off.

Moving on. I have to list many more items today in both of my Etsy shops. Gawd almightee, I know I have alot of things to rehome but they seem to breed in the garage overwinter. I remembered only having 6 tubs of things......turned out when Shelley and I ventured into the pit of damnation that there are 10 tubs of Etsy falderall and 8 tubs of fabric. That is not counting the 5 million tubs of holiday decorations I am still to sort. Or the 5 (or at least that's what I remember and we don't trust my memory now) boxes of 1950-1960 plastic walking dolls in my closet to sell.

Does this seem to be a theme here? Am I really hoarding things to sell that I don't seem to get off my arse and list? I've already had Save the Children, Le Gudwil, St. Vincent de Paul and Storehouse come out for tons of stuff and still I'm drowning in things. If we, the Cuckoos, as a conglomeration of humans did not need some mullah from selling these things, I swear I would put them to the curb for my boyfriend the garbage man. That's what Joe calls the sanitation workers because I gift wrap the garbage according to city code. yeah, yeah.

For those who do not partake of selling on Etsy or Ebay, then you don't really know the joys of photos, descriptions, typing, pricing, weighing and packaging. And the inordinate amount of time that those endeavors actually take. Even if I made a million dollars, that would never outweigh the encounters that I have had on those selling sites. Etsy and Ebay have brought some of the most wonderful people in the world into my life. So it is worth it by far. And the few stinkers along the way were probably stinkers before they got to me anyway so I can't help them, it's probably their Momma's fault.

It's the lack of motivation that is killing me. I want to, I plan to, and then my dears......I find every other thing in the world to do but do what I need to do. If I was doing this for someone else they'd fire my lazy, unmotivated arse.

So I used you for a few minutes to type my thoughts to. And now the pile of jewelry, crafting to do's, well loved chatchkees and very important junque that is sitting in the middle of my dining room table is braying louder than Alan this morning (go to 7MSN to see the sweetheart bray). So I will now move my donkey loving arse into the other room and endeavor to persevere. Wish me luck lovelies, I'm going in.


  1. BB, I have the same problems of finding the "oomph"...,the motivation to do things, even things that I really Want to do. Sigh. What the hell? Can't explain it, but I know we must be in the same boat. Spirit is willing (mostly) but the flesh (of which there is an inordinate amount of) is very weak! I sympathize, commiserate and understand. So I will meet you for a cuppa and let the crap fall where it may!! Hugs!!!

  2. Good luck kiddo! You sound like you need it. I'd offer to come and help but I'm busy sorting buttons and can't seem to find the bottom of the stack or the table I'm sorting them on. I've got piles of them all over the place and with the lighting in my house I'm probably going to have to resort if and when the sun ever decides to show itself. Isn't this fun?!?

  3. I think I know what the 'off' thing is, it's contemplating your pile-o-shite! Good luck with listing the mound of madness...

  4. Yikes, that sounds like a horror to me. When I moved, which got me down to the bare bones, I put anything not donatable out by my gate for the trash man. I lived in the country and had a long driveway. By the time I got back to the house, everything was gone from the road. I think they were waiting in the bushes.
    That said, I have no idea how to get rid of good stuff. Hope the mood hits for you and good luck.

  5. Hi Linda.
    I, too, have that motivation problem. I have tubs of items to sell on eBay and I just can't get myself to start with the photos, descriptions, and all. I get tired thinking about the process and then I worry about the "stinkers" (there are bound to be one or two). But, that is not positive thinking, is it? ACK!!!!
    One day I will shock everyone and have my etsy shop up and running and maybe an item or two on eBay. hahaha
    I'm off to check your sites to see what you've listed.
    ♥ audrey

  6. Good Luck my friend ;o) I will be watching your stores ;o) I like your stuff ;o) Too bad I didn't live closer, I would help you out ;o) You are going to have lots of fun ;o) Have some tequila while you are posting everything ;o) I would love to see your gift wrapped garbage ;o) Hugs ;o)

  7. Sometimes standing still is essential for our journeys. Relax and enjoy your moment , Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  8. Great luck OmaLindaLuv. Like Stacy, I wish I were closer, too. I wouldn't only help, but I would probably drive you crazy enough for a while to forget about the work--for a bit. Then I would help ;-)

  9. So with you on the hating the weighing, describing, packing end of selling online. Did that for weeks for my mom's estate. Hate to even look at eBay now.

    And yesterday while we were out shopping to replace the fried microwave? Heard Johnny Crawford singing "Today is Cindy's Birthday" Truly laughed out loud.

  10. Well, you could always just claim you were bit by a snake as the reason for not getting anything done. It's working for me.

  11. Oh yeah. I sold on Etsy for a while. Two years. It was fun, but lots and lots of work. Made some good friends through there and my blog. I actually miss it very much but haven't got the finger strength to do what I was doing before. Everything was from upcycled wool and hand sewn and lots of time and work... but I loved it.

    I know what you mean about the accumulation of stuff too. My goodness, I keep weeding through it all here and I think I'm doing good and six or more boxes of things shows up. It's as if I have a magic closet and it keeps producing this stuff hands over fist.

    I hope you can work your way through it all and get to sell your junque and make some bucks.

    I'm off to listen to Alan bray!

    Brightest blessings to you,

  12. Oh my gosh... 7MSN is so danged sweet I can't stand it! Love it. Thanks for posting about their blog.

  13. Every so often we do the Ebay thing and I know what you mean. It is so incredibly time consuming. I can spend hours just listing 4 or 5 items, trying to get good pictures, making enticing descriptions, calculating shipping. Oh, such a bother. But like you, we could always use a little more cash and at least that I can do from home without having to step foot anywhere near corporate America. And aside from monetary, the value of meeting some truly wonderful people is always a lovely thing. Wishing you an energetic week and wonderful sales.


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