Monday, March 12, 2012

Like you need another weather report.....

We all compare the weather on the blogopshere huh? Especially at this time of year when we are all anxious for spring to come and winter to go far, far away.

Yesterday morning, Sweet Man had to be to work at 5:40....or 4:40 old time. Through bleary eyes, (I don't do early morning well) I saw snow on the cars. I was at the window to wave goodbye to SM and there he was brushing snow off of the windshield. By yesterday afternoon, while the grands and I messed around outside, the temp was 71 degrees.

Yep, I'd say spring is peeking around the corner. So to test the theory, we went to the back yard to look for burrow holes. Sure enough, the turtles have come up to the top of the soil to check out the situation and the top of their burrows have opened. I've had turtles out in the snow stomping around in April so this is quite within the norm. I love spring but I also hate spring here. Great excitement for new growth, pretty flowers but on the other side....icky allergies. This whole love/hate thing brought up a very lively discussion. We played the good and bad game about the season.

Let me interrupt myself to tell you that I know I am an extremist. I know I belabor the balance in life. I know that I try to see both sides and view the other side of my point of view. I should have been born a Libra....instead I am just married to one. That is not to say that my views sometimes become concrete and not flowing but that is usually attacked to a love of someone or something that slants the results of the good and bad game.

Anyway the kiddos took opposite points of view in the game. We listed goods and bads of spring. The rules are pretty simple, no one is wrong, everyone can say what they believe to be true, everyone has to take responsibility for their opinion.

I was surprised at some of their answers and opinions but then that is part of the fun. I used to use this technique in working with kids in school and in youth groups. For those who are still open to seeing the other side of a situation it is an excellent way to inform. For those who are already concrete in their opinion, it is not always an exercise in futility but rather lets them know where they stand with respect to their peers in their opinion. And everyone learns something that they didn't know before.....even if it is a little tiny factoid. The review of the game is the most fun. We pick by popular vote what we think is the one good and the one bad that is the best.

For instance, I learned yesterday that without the wind, I couldn't enjoy the feeling of knowing what the air "feels" like. And also what the temperature of the direction from whence the wind came is. That was the good. I also learned that not all the growth in spring is of "good" plants but each of them has the right to start to grow, because that's what happens. That was the bad. Okay, it isn't going to change the world or win a noble peace prize but we actually discussed what we thought we knew not only about Spring but about what we felt about Spring.

Anytime we engage in discussion is a great time as far as I am concerned so......the outlook here at the Casa is sunny with a chance of growth.


  1. ~"without the wind, I couldn't enjoy the feeling of knowing what the air "feels" like."

    are you trying to comfort me this morning through our wind storm...branches flying and things coming down as if teh sky wa falling...ok...i am thankful for wind as i would have never known what air felt like...

    really a beautiful thought my friend...which wise one came up with this???

    i am a huge list maker but never have done such with the seasons...may be a lessons for my littles this day...thank you...much love light and blessings~

  2. That's a great thing to teach kids -- perspective, balance, good and bad in everything, life!

  3. You know, I feel wind is mother nature's way of cleaning up! We have had some pretty bad wind storms. On sunday, because it was nice and sunny outside, I went to clean up. I couldn't believe the things that had fallen. I was wondering where they all came from? But, the trees looked happier and lighter ;o) Just to let you know, Shelley's gift was mailed today ;o) Yeh!!

  4. Sounds like a fun exercise. I have a love hat thing with it too, but if the pollen and cut grass stays out of my way, I'm happy ;o)

  5. What a neat game. We should all be allowed to voice opinions under those rules. I would say you are teaching the kids right, but it is nice to see that Oma(and us) are learning also. Pretty heady stuff they discussed with sharp observation.

  6. "the outlook here at the Casa is sunny with a chance of growth." I love this! The fact that you are teaching the children that their opinions and ideas are important helps instill a sense of self-worth and self-confidence that should follow them through the tough years.

    Knowing what the air feels like sounds like Ry ;)

  7. That is really good...I'm super impressed...

  8. Interesting perspective. I love "the outlook at the Casa is sunny with a channce of growth." This week we've been having some really windy days. A tree blew down on one of my sister's properties and did quite a bit of damage. I've been watching one tree on the edge of my property very closely since it now has a huge crack running down the trunk and is leaning over a bit more. Isn't Spring grand?!?

  9. Since I teach Weather & Climate for a living, I love the weather, especially this time of year. Next week is one of my 4 favorites solar holidays, the Vernal Equinox!

    My one goal for class this semester is to make a cloud in the lobby of our building.

    Wish me luck!!!


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