Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Like you need another weather report.....part 2

Thanks for all of your comments about yesterdays post.

I wanted to share with you what has happened since then because I think it is fandamtastic.

Yesterday was the first day of Spring break and the grands and I had a shopping trip planned to the "other" big box store (the orange one), to see the plants and pots. Ry wanted to pick out some seeds just for him and so then did GK. He got snapdragons, she, chinese lanterns, me blue bachelor buttons. As we walked along the rows of plants, they recited what they have heard in their young lives about the plants they recognized and asked about others they didn't. Ry read us the "needs" of the plants, light, water etc. says it was his job. We were loooking for a pussy willow plant and also for a white peach tree....found neither but we're hopeful.

As we were on our way to surprise Mommy by showing up for lunch where she works, the grands played questions about what they had just seen.....hmmmmmmm influence seen huh?

After eating, GK went to see her friends in the back of the restaurant, (the owners kids). Ry and I sat and finished eating. I turned to Ry and started interviewing him as though I had never met him. What's your name little boy? He looked at me with a sparkle and said, oh Oma, you know who I am. I said yes, but let's play like I don't.

After a few minutes I realized that there are some things about himself and the world he lives in which he is not well versed. So when GK joined us, Ry interviewed her, (but had to ask me for the answers if she didn't know). I had no idea that they would play this interview game, along with Mommy and me for 2 hours. They loved it. They learned new things about family, New Mexico, the universe, how they were as babies, and much more. The funniest one was when I asked GK what SM's mother's name was. Ry said, he had a mom? Uhhhhhh yeah and whose fault is it that they don't know all that? Ours, the grown ups. So......new game, new information.

It was too much fun.


  1. That's a great idea to help kids learn about their family -- and the stuff they REALLY want to know!

  2. Did they ask:
    - Where do the baby penguins come from?

    Much love
    Your Becky

  3. Don't be silly, SM was found in the gooseberry patch, obviously... ;o)

  4. Sounds like a great road trip game too!

  5. What a great outing! I love that you learn and play, that's the best way.

  6. Linda, this is fantastic!! This is family!!! I was smiling ear to ear reading this post! Thank you!

  7. What a great game!! Makes the kids think and the adults learn. Actually I think adults would be surprised if they played that game amoung themselves.
    You are rather clever you know.

  8. What a great idea. I love this game and next time I talk on the phone with my granddaughter I'm going to interview her. Should be interesting.

  9. You are the funnest Oma ever! Flower shopping, interviewing and laughing with everyone. Sending everyone lots of magickal blessings and an abundance of spring flowers everywhere!


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