Monday, March 19, 2012

Some sweet things in the mail.....

I didn't post my Sweet Sunday on Ye Olde Crones Gazette this week because......I was out of sorts, out of electricity and out of my mind with a headache from the wind. I know everywhere has had icky wind storms. We in New Mexico are used to the wind but once again scary winds are not my thing. We watched the sky turn strange colors, experienced hail, had neighborhood trees topple onto "things" like other houses, cars, etc. and more than the neighboring states blew through yesterday. I think I saw part of Guam blow by around Planes were rerouted or canceled. It was u-g-l-y.

But earlier in the week, I had some very nice pressies come in the mail. My buddy Stacey sent my sweet daughter a very dear Magic Love Crow painting as well as some cards and ACEO prints. She kinda finagled somethings around so I can't show you what we got....but it is such a dear thought and gift. Shelley cried and was so surprised. Thank you my sweet friend for being part of our family.

Jan from Laughing Dog Arts as become a such a delight to me. I love her blog, her art and her heart. She is the person who introduced me to Craft it Forward and I received the most precious bound book from her. The tiny, precious book is filled with all kinds of sweet cards, inserts and is so dear. She also shared with me some empty thread cones that I will use in an upcoming project with mermaids and donkey heads. Thank you Jan for making an Olde Bagg very happy and don't be too surprised if I take you up on your offer of calling you up for a chat some time soon.
And then there is my Olde Soul Sister.....the lovely and talented Ms. Maddyrose from Santa and the Mrs. Without knowing it Ms. Maddy has given me a life line that I so desperately needed. She is safe harbor on a daily basis. She makes me laugh, she understands my mean old broad ways and makes it feel like it's okay to be me. And on top of all that love, she sends me a herd of spring animals, chicken with a bonnet. sitting and standing rabbits and a bunny with a carrot that tickles my funny bone. I made a special trip to my favorite repurpose store to find an appropriate basket for said herd. They are right at home on the dining room table along with the other spring decos.
And I have a fourth goody to share. Ms. Georgina from La Llorna Arts and her hubster Vern are going to be in 'Burque this weekend. After being friends online for a good long time and only living a few hours apart, we are finally going to get to meet eyeball to eyeball over breakfast on Saturday. The Range cafe will never be the same. I'm looking forward to this very much. I'll let ya know the inside scoop next week.

I hope your week goes well and that you'll excuse me for not being around much this week. I have lots of spring cleaning to accomplish and have promised myself to "git er dun".


  1. Great goodies for a great lady!! Enjoy and remember how much you are loved by many!!1

  2. You deserve heaps of love and prezzies! Ms. Maddy also sent me a bountiful bunch of bunnies that I love. We had fun trying to decide what a bunch of bunnies are called. A flock? A Hug? A clutch? we went on and on. What is your suggestion?
    How fun that you will get to meet Georgina after all this time!♥

  3. Yay for fab happy mail, and enjoy eyeballing Ms Georgina on Saturday!

  4. Welcome back sweet girl!!! Enjoy the sun and the wonderful surprises. Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  5. My, what neat goodies you have gotten. You have been a good friend it seems.
    Enjoy your meet and greet. They are such fun.

  6. LOOK at all these treasures!! So gorgeous, well you must have been be making this post with a huge smile on your face!! Intrigued by the 'mermaids & donkey heads' are they 2 different projects because I had this image of a very interesting merkey!

  7. Linda, I am sorry about the wind storms! I hope everyone is well ;o)
    I am so happy Shelley got the painting and the extra treats ;o)They were sent with lots of love ;o) You could have showed it ;o) If anyone said anything, I would have told them to caw off! LOL!
    I love your other special goodies you got too! All very beautiful ;o)
    Have fun with your on line friend ;o) Sounds like fun!!
    Happy Spring and big hugs ;o)


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