Monday, March 5, 2012

Spring break is almost upon us........

Yesterday, the grands and I were out.....spring shopping while Momma took care of an auto dilemma. I can't say that I envied her job because the said vehicle stalled out, yet again, on the way to be repaired and she had to chill her jets on the side of the a very busy cross town road. While the grands and I were poking and looking and finding all manner of good stuff for the great out of doors.

We went to a big box store to look for handles and knobs for the new and improved kitchen. But mostly we went to look at the seeds and gardening fun. Ry's favorite was a fountain that had a huge lion on top with water cascading out of it's mouth. GK preferred a serape wearing garden gnome taking a nap while resting up against a cactus. My vote was for the gawd awful pink flamingos.......that match the ones we already have up in the front yard. tee hee.

Saturday we put up our wind spinner flowers of many colors and the "Guard flamingos" on each side of the front gate. The man across the way, who is a man of very little real funny bones" just shook his head and went back inside his neatly manicured front entry. Poor dear....he just doesn't get us, but then only the discerning do.

Anyway back to seed shopping. This year we're only growing okra and carrots and baby bottle gourds in the back yard. In years past we have planted all sorts of things and well to be honest with all of you, we either had too many of some things and none of the ones we really wanted. I think it is cheaper in the long run to go to the farmer's market and help our local economy rather than having a bazillion real live things that we don't eat. Now if I could have an instant white peach tree.....yum, we do that puppy in a minute....or strawberries that the turtles don't ravage before we get to But sports fans there are no instant trees and the berries are always ready for the marauding turdly durds, no matter where we plant them.
We also will start a new bunch of containers of herbs in the front yard. We have a very small section of soil right up against the front wall of the house about 12" wide which runs the length of the house. The driveway comes right up to it so there isn't much that doesn't outgrow the bed. We are going to fill in the beds with weed barrier and rock and then plant our herbs in pots, planters and raised beds. This will all be done during spring break. I've got the kids convinced this is gonna be so fun...... Shhhhhhhhhh, don't spoil it by telling them it's work. This arrangement will also provide the perfect hiding places for the garden gnomes to take over the front yard. It's a win/win. We're planting dill, fennel, orange mint, oregano, basil, thyme and sage. We will transplant some cuttings of rosemary, french and English lavender as well.
For years now I have had a jungle on the front enclosed patio of epiphytes, South American tree plants. But I am going to be selling or giving these beauties away because we have no room to give them the care they deserve in the winter. They all must come in and it's either the night blooming cereus or using the dining room. All of my epiphytes are at least 8 years old, have spines, have each bloomed and are ready to wage global domination so they must go to new homes. So even the plant life here at Casa de Cuckoo will be shifting into a new paradigm very soon. Change is a good my new mantra. Now I just have to resist the urge to buy big green plants to make the front porch look "friendly" during the growing season. Joe volunteered to make big crepe paper flower just so I wouldn't re inhabit the porch with other needful things that have to come in the house. I also was warned about no little fishes for the fountain in front.....the old little fishes live in an aquarium in the living room and are "filet of fish" sandwich size now. I like growing big beautiful things......bottom lip quivers.


  1. sounds like you have your hands full of nature and fun for the grands this spring break.....they will remember forever you know!

  2. I can't believe I'm saying this but I'm actually ready for Spring and Summer. I'm ready to sit on my patio during the evening listening to the crickets and the chimes in the breeze. Breathing in my herbs which I plant surrounding my swing. Ahhhhh.

  3. Awwwww....poor Linda! I don't want to see your bottom lip quivering!! Remember, change is a good thing, but I think you should buy at least one thing ;o) LOL! I would love to see a picture of your "Guard flamingos" ;o) Do you have names for them? I'm getting mom two big round barrels this year, so she doesn't have to bend over as much. One for herbs and the other for wild flowers, for the birds ;o)

  4. I love the tiny turtle...hurry up spring. peace, mary helen

  5. Bwahahahaha, love the flamingo, spinners and gnomes in the front gargen :oD You'd have loved a garden that used to be near me, the front was entirely filled with gnomes of all shapes, sizes and colours! On the flip side of this, in Ireland, near where we often have great (drunken) get togethers, there's this amazing(ly awful) hug pink and white house, with columns and curlicues and God knows what on it, and the front garden is full of white statues. I'm sure their neighbours must hate them, it's definitely the house that taste forgot ;o)

  6. Well now, aren't you Tom Sawyer'ish. If they think it is a fun thing, they will fight to do it.
    My garden is in and now I wait with crossed fingers that a stray freeze doesn't surprise us.

  7. I'm really looking forward to spring and I don't even have any pink flamingos. I bet they help brighten things up lending a bit of color and drawing attention to your yard. Luv the sweet little turtle. You are surrounded with so much color and life. Enjoy it, all of it!

  8. I bet your garden is gorgeous and all the flora/fauna love it! I"m going to miss my Spring garden when I move from my house, but then it'll be time to learn about indoor houseplants, etc..Would love to see photos of your flowers blooming : )

  9. We haven't had much luck in growing much in the last 2 years. We love home-grown 'maters, but 2 years ago, during the hot summer we had a cache crop, but the aphids found them just too tempting and they just would leave even after many attempts to encourage their exit..sigh. Last year, our poor little sprigs didn't have a chance...too hot, too soon and all withered in the heat, even though I earnestly watered the poor little thangs.

    Every year I grow the stuff and usually dill, Italian parsley and Greek oregano but again, last summer's heat was just too much, so I have put up shelves in my studio, which gets wonderful natural lighting, and will grow my herbs in fact, I could probably grow everything in there, including my insanity!! LOL

    Got out of the habit of playing on the 'puter, but now have a brand new one with an industrial size anti-virus and spyware...yea, come and try to crash me, suckers!! Need to run..have book club (really the food and wine and sometimes "whine" club)tonight and I haven't finished the book...really a good one too.

    Loves ya and the goats said they want to visit once you get the garden in!!!


  10. Oh Linda, this entire post just sings to my heart! Grands, gardening, gnomes, rocks, dirt and guard flamingos. ;-)

    I know there are those who call this work but for me it has always been therapy. I used to tell people you could tell the state of my mind by the size of my flower and herb beds. ;-)

    This year I am adding some rosemary, sage and lavender to my bed because they seemed to have lived their full lives last year and the originals look so sad. Now I will put out my bottom lip as it quivers. Had you not sent me that beautiful rosemary wreath this past year I would have had none for winter. Thanks again for that, my lovely friend. Wishing you all a beautiful week and...don't work too hard. ;-)


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