Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Gardening and other pursuits..........

Sorry I have been missing in action from blogging as of late. As you know we are "creating" a new look for our back porch area. The house has gotten smaller since the kids moved in. You know....more people less space to stretch out or to be alone with your thoughts. Luckily when my folks built this house they did include a covered back porch. We are also fortunate to have a patio in the entryway of Casa de Cuckoo. So both areas have been under utilized until now.

The back porch is on the west side of the house and we have installed shades to control the vicious afternoon sun. But the mornings are glorious out there. So we've set about changing it into a whimsical area using recycled and upcycled furniture etc to make it a useable and relaxing place.

It is taking awhile and so I thought I would share it with you in stages. So first I will show you the tomato can planters and how they "enhance" the look of the back porch area. Shelley works at a restaurant and so they save the huge tomato cans for us. We modge podged the labels to plasticize them a little, hoping they would last for a few seasons. We have 3 posts like the one in the upclose photo and there are 4 cans on each post. Lots of full sun loving flowers were "placed" in the cans. We did not plant directly into the cans but rather punched holes in the bottoms, added 1" of pea gravel and then placed the plants in their pots into the cans. We did this because honest, the sun is really the dickens and I would rather just replace the plant not have to take down and repot the can.

Also here are some photos of the faery yard on the north side of the house. The arches were from a trellis I had in the backyard. We took it apart and used the two sections to trellis the climbing roses that usually "eat us" as we make our way down the side yard. This way they are free to climb high and we can enjoy the gorgeous Tropicana, Oregold and Peace roses as they grow instead of hacking back to save our faces and hands. I think it looks so cool. We also put up more hummingbird feeders and have already had them use trellis as the new tunnel of chasing one another.

I just love the color play from my tulip tree and the neighbors Japanese maple and Giant Juniper
I am making an offer to any of you who would like some seeds come fall from the hollyhocks. We now have mature white, light pink with a dark pink center, flamboyant red and black hollyhock plants and I should be able to supply you with any or all of the colors.

The faerie's garden is already for Beltane and Midsummer now.

Thanks for coming and visiting. Smooches and squoozes, Oma Linda

ps....I shall show you my gifties I received this week, later in the week. Wow what a lovely bunch of coconuts you all are.


  1. This project is really going to be something when it's finished because it's starting out great and I'm loving it. My yard is scary and ugly and it's going to stay that way for awhile and yours is going to just keep getting better. Feel sorry for me. :o{
    The tomato cans for plant holders is brilliant!!! Did you come up with that idea?? Can't wait to see what else you're going to be doing. Smooches and squoozes back atcha.

  2. Linda, this is amazing!! I love the idea of the tomato cans! You have my mind thinking ;o) Everything looks so beautiful! I would love some seeds ;o) Big Hugs, smooches and squoozes ;o)

  3. Such a pretty garden, it's going to look lovely when it's all in bloom

  4. Well aren't you clever!! I love the tomato can idea.
    And that trellis of roses is just beautiful. I can just see the little hummers blasting though the tunnel.

  5. Your gardens look so lovely. If I had a green thumb I"d attempt some patches of my own. The apartment I'm moving to actually has a nice patch for a small garden just for me and I'm going to attempt to plant some gorgeous flowers for a fae garden and some container flowers. If I was a fae (well, I am ;) I'd fly straight to your fae garden!

  6. What a lovely, peaceful haven you are creating outside!


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