Wednesday, April 11, 2012

I should let you know...

Sometimes, in my little world, I forget that not all of you know all about me.

Someone who is dear to me commented that she didn't know I had another blog and I laughed because I have three blogs. I don't usually connect the dots to the different ones I pen but I think I need to today.

The blog is where I discuss, family, life and yeah. I had originally thought that this would be my online store because this is the name of my business....Olde Baggs n Stuft Shirts, but there ya go.

My more witchy blog is Ye Olde Crones Gazette where I have fantasy stories about Ms. Baggs, Bopp the Bedbug, nature, the moon and witchery. Right now I am writing a series for Ms. Magaly from Pagan Culture's 3rd Blogoversary party this Friday the 13th. But as she has pointed out since we are both Aries, we very seldom if ever follow rules and so I began my story this last Saturday, then again today and I will post the bloody sexy part on Friday.......and to add to the strangeness...the epilogue on Sunday. So I invite you to read read La Justice Gitane at

And if you do speak French forgive my very bad attempt at it's usage in naming my characters.

And my third blog is my arting blog Practically Magickal where I sometimes show my work and feature other artist work.

So to go along with my multiple personalities, these are my multiple blogs.


  1. I too am one of those; I'm my own person, my own way, don't tell me what to do; Aries types too -lol- Actually, today is the day that lives in infamy in the lives of the Queenie Mother and Queenie Father.
    Have a great day!!
    Always, Queenie
    P.S. So this comment is not all about me *insert blush of bright red*... I thoroughly enjoy your blogs!!

  2. UMmmmmmmmmm..was this post because of me??? Sorry! ;o)) But, I am happy you told me ;o) I am glad I don't have multiple personalities, because who knows how many blogs I would have! LOL! Hugs ;o)

  3. From one Aries to another, I have many personalities...and many, many blogs. LOL!!!

  4. And we love each and every one of your zany personalities ;o)

    BTW, we now have a cunning plan of where we will be when in October for the mad/bad road trip...

  5. Well...I'm glad you've got that cleared up!! I'd have more than one blog too but none of my alter egos can spell and the sentence structure?? You don't even wanna go there! I'm heading over to read the newest installment. Hugs and smoochies

  6. Your blogs are a delight, I have to say each have a place & identity, sort of like t-shirts in one draw & undies in another, both a part of the same wardrobe but easier to keep track of if not all chucked in the same pile :)

  7. Thinking of creating another blog myself, Twisted Fairy Tales,
    I would have no visitors at all;)
    Love and hugs


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