Saturday, April 14, 2012

Yesterday was a very longgggggggg day

I have stated this before but it is worth repeating.....I don't do morning. I do my best work after 10pm. Always have been a night owl but being married to an upstanding citizen who makes a living at normal people hours has kept me on a "normal people" schedule for almost 40 years worth. Blech.....

I got up yesterday at 4:30 so that I could accompany Joe on a business type trip to Durango, Colo. at least the going up part. We had to meet a group of folks (7 retired men and a youngish woman) by 6 am at the latest to caravan with 7 SUV's and a 15 passenger van for 4 hours up to Durango.

The "head dude" said we had to meet them at 6 and then proceeded to fiddle fart around moving other cars until we finally left without them at 6:30. When my Sweet Man is in work mode he is a bit of a bastid. He wants folks to keep their word, do their job and stay on schedule. At home he leaves all that at the door and lets me be the Head BIC. When Joe asked me to go, I kinda hesitated but then thought of the gorgeous route we would be taking and the fun time we could spend talking etc so I agreed. I did let him know that I was pushing my comfort envelope with the early morning and he acknowledged my sacrifice (smiles). So I know that that had something to do with us just going ahead and leaving and telling the group we would meet them in Durango. 

We did. The only reason Joe had to go was to pay for the gas to fill up the vehicles in Durango and have the petroleum geologist sign the contracts for the 7 SUV's. ?????? And why couldn't the guys taking them up there have done that? Because the boss of that group had a bug up his butt about the use of his corporate card. Oh, this bobo head was such an impatient, rude twit, pacing about and wanting to hurry up and leave Durango and get back to ABQ.....his momma messed him up big time when she potty trained him. Sheesh. So there ya go.....organization at it's best. Oh well, we got lunch and a free trip up north even if I did have to get up before I usually do. (pssssst, I slept for an hour going up)

I must apologize for not taking pictures on the way up because we were on "a schedule" which meant we could not stop and none on the way back because I felt so bad (old ladies with fibromyalgia shouldn't just sit for 9 hours and not walk around). But the road NM550 from Bernalillo to Durango is some of the most geologically gorgeous in the state. The road runs through what would be considered in Hollywood "Indian Country", part of the checkerboard reservation and close to the Bisti and Chaco Canyon.

The colors of the landscape run from chalky white lime, to vivid ochre, deep red, stark purple and then of course all of the cliffsides of what used to be sedimentary layers of the bottom of the prehistoric ocean that covered this area. Ignious, sedimentary and metamorphic rock layers laced with lava tubes, fossils, volcanic eruption caused bubble caves. Between San Ysidro all the way to Lybrook you could spend days taking photos and never capture the beauty that Mother Nature has wrought. I am always blown away by the depth of color and the feeling that this is a region of profound history.

Sweet Man and I had a vehicle that had Sirius radio and we danced in our seats and sang at the top of our lungs to the 60's and 70's all the way home. Joe has never known the words but it's funny how he just sings along and has the best time and misses the words in the same places he has been for 40 years. Gotta love consistency and a man with good taste in music and women. tee hee

We went to bed early last night and got up late this morning so life is good.


  1. Lol, well it mostly sounds like fun, other than the early start and fuckwits trying to organise things o.O

    BTW, didn't mean to leave you hanging on the dates the other day sorry! We'll be going from Mesa Verde to Canyon De Chelly on Saturday 20th October, which I think will be the nearest to you as we pass through a corner of northern NM. Other than that we'll be at Mesa Verde on the 19th and Sedona from the 21st. I do hope we can work something out!

  2. I can't stand driving in caravans, even with people I like. There's always some slow asshole who has issues like yielding and I end up in an arguement.

  3. I think the best part of your day was being with that wonderful hubby of yours, singing and dancing in your seats, and seeing the scenery :)

    Sounds good to me!!!

  4. Yup, know all too well that kind of tight-arse "boss," pinchi!!! I'm quite familiar with that ride up to Durango...haven't been up that way in years, but you never forget it. Vern and I went up that way about 9 years ago and it was so much fun to just relax and enjoy the gorgeous it!!

    Well, glad you got out and it turned out to be a great's those wonderful simple moments that makes life so damn wonderful!!

    Loves ya, muchacha,

  5. I wish you could have taken pictures, but everything you described Linda, I could see ;o) Breathe taking! I love that you and your man, had such a great time dancing and singing ;o) Big Hugs ;o)

  6. What sounded like it would be a nightmare really turned out great. Glad you salvaged the day so well.

  7. Sounds like there were nuggets of good stuff tucked in here and there. I would have loved seeing some photos of this road trip but you did such a dang good "verbal photo" I'm not complaining. Hugs

  8. Well, a rocky start to your road trip, but it sounds like you saw some wonderful sights. I would love to see those beautiful colors in the landscape. Hopefully one day I will.
    And I know what you mean... 9 hours straight in a car with Fibromyalgia, oh my gosh, not good. Not good at all.

    you know, I used to be such a morning person, but now I'm finding it takes me a while to get myself going. I find my brain does not like to "click on" like it used too. Of course, it seems that it doesn't like to click on very much at all at any time during the day these days. ;-)

    Brightest blessings to you and glad you got to sleep in!

  9. Oh, how I enjoyed reading this post. You have such a wonderful way with humor and very cool acronyms. (BIC hehehe)

    Joe sounds like me singing the wrong words to the same songs for years. My sister always laughs because I will come up with the silliest, not even remotely close phrases and then pretend it is completely the correct words. Well there you go. I have great taste in music and women and men too. ;-)


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