Thursday, May 10, 2012

The birthday thangs.........

As soon as we returned from the fishing trip, Shelley and Ry were waiting to surprise Ms. GK with her birthday loot. Ry had spent the day planning how he would jump out and yell Happy Birthday to Sissy, as he calls her but was engrossed in his block play when we happened in the door and he was the one who jumped with surprise. He ran to her bedroom door and said, Nope, you can't go in until it's officially your birthday his best piratical voice.

I'm going to stop the story to let you know how lucky we are as a family of cuckoos. The balloons you see are from a "regular" from the restaurant who like many of you has taken a shine to the grands. This woman always has treats for every holiday, gifts them great things for birthdays and then things like a cupcake maker of their very own, just because. Other folks Our very special Auntie Donna (SoDarkSoCute) from the netherlands sent Ry and I giftees for our birthday and now GK as well. And so many of you send your love and support for the grands every day....we are lucky cuckoos.

Ry as the tour guide to Birthday Land

We got away without pink frosting last year but looooookie it's back

and about an hour after this she and her brother were sound asleep on the floor. They both had a big day.

part of what Auntie Donna gave her. GK is into Hello Kitty, skulls, learning how to flirt and not being a girlie girl, yep very 12.


  1. What a great party! :D You're very fortunate to have so many loving people in your life, Oma Linda. How lovely to have family and friends (who are like family) to have share in your joys and such beautiful grandchildren to get to shower with love.

    Yum... that cake looks really, really good.

    Bright blessings,

  2. What a beautiful post! I love the pictures of these loves and how adorable that Ry spoke all piratey to GK, (even though he was caught off guard.) Best laid plans and all huh? Please give these sweeties a big warm hug from me.

  3. I haven't been blogging lately. Very busy with making stuff for my first kinda exhibition oct the 27th. a big Halloween event at the Keukenhof-Lisse, called: Haunted Castle. I'm very exited about it and a bit nervous too! I'm so glad GK had a wonderful birthday! And what a yummi cake! mmmmmm!!!
    xxx Donna

  4. What a special and happy post! I love all the pictures ;o) Ry and Ms. GK are so darn cute ;o) I love pink and Hello Kitty is cool, and skulls are double cool! Happy Day ;o)

  5. So much fun, and love the last pic :o) (Yep, this is the first of your posts that didn't show up for me, we may be some time...)


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