Monday, May 7, 2012

Title changed because there are other lovely folk out there named these names and they shouldn't have attention called to them

Dear lovelies: this post might get messy so if you do not feel like reading it.....have a great day. Oma Linda

Here is the no reply comment I got about GereaKaye's Birthday post this year. Instead of sending her anything like card etc......we get this from her loving family in South Carolina.

Wow, and not even a mention of your grandson's birthday...Wasn't it in April? You are REALLY a class act. It's obvious who you favor. I'll say it again, you should be ASHAMED of yourself! One day your grandchildren, BOTH of them, will resent you for your bullshit. Did it ever occur to you, even ONCE that one day these children would see your favoritism and this pathetic blog? Did it ever occur to you even for a split second that you could actually hurt their feelings by your incessant babble? How do you think GK would feel knowing how much you obviously despise her brother? You truly are a sorry excuse for a human. You are the epitome of a FAKE!


To the above named folks (Shelley's ex, his Queen mum mother or his whore) who cannot read, do not have any good sense or the fortitude to address me directly but use silly 3rd grade tactics (which really only proves why I call you or your son or you beau the Paper Bag Boy) and a non reply is the link to the post just about Ry's Birthday. And no I don't fear that the kids will ever have anything but love and affection for me. They know that I would and do anything for them, so do my readers.

On both of my blogs, I have written at length about my love and concern for Ry and his "differently abled self". If you had ever really taken the time to see with your eyes what really is and not what your black heart wants it to be you would see how much love is shown on, for and with MY grands. Yeah they both are MY grands and always will be. So once again Paloma, Carlos Mendez or whatever alias you are using instead of being adult and doing it under your real identity, you have proven what a fool child and loser you are to an even bigger audience.

In the past in order to keep the peace for Shelley and the kids I let your crap go by and just ignored the stupid........but this time since the divorce is final.........meh.


  1. What a bundle of morons. It's obvious to anyone who's read your blog that you love both of those kiddies and would move the earth for them if you needed to. How else would I know that Ry enjoys pirates while his sister plays at being a Gypsy princess? How else would I know Ry's your birthday twin and GK's a fiesty cinco de mayo baby? To read your blog is to feel a part of Casa de Cuckoo and to love and know all of it's inhabitants and I can say that I feel even more honoured to know you guys a bit better off the blog too. You guys are like my family and there's definitely no nasties or favoritism lurking here.

    To them I say, either actually read this blog so you can be informed before you speak or keep your clap traps shut.

  2. To these so-called "relatives" of Ry and GK, Linda is a fantastic grandmother and so is the kids' grandfather. They take these beautiful children to many wonderful places and adventures, teaching them about the wider world. Linda's blog is loved by many, many people and we all have learned a lot about the incredible family life that is really enviable to a lot of people. I saw the post on Ry's birthday and commented on it. Linda loves and cherishes these kids, writing about their school life, home life and various activities. They are an active, interesting, fun-loving family who appreciate the fact that the world is a big place filled with so much, and that there are many types of people who practice gentleness, love, concern, respect, courtesy, courage and so many other attributes that are obviously so out of your realm of understanding. And how do you think GK feels about the way you have ranted at her grandmother over a non-problem. Please stay off of Linda's is way above your intellectual ken!

  3. You know what Linda? you have no reason to defend yourself. this bullshit did not deserve a reply. It simply needed to be ignored. who cares what they think?

  4. ROFL, okay, someone obviously needs to get some MUCH better meds, or to get out more. Long walks and short piers are springing to mind...

  5. Oh Oma Linda, I'm so sorry you were subjected to such a odoriferous and rancorous comment. Thankfully there are many miles between NM and SC and you don't have to run into them in person as you go about your life.
    I hope you have a better day.
    Take very good care.
    Always, Queenie

  6. Anyone who truly reads your blog will have no difficulty whatsoever recognizing that comment for the malicious BS that it is.

  7. Oma Linda, I know the love you have for your grandkids! You are a special person, with a big heart and you show this to everyone! I am happy to call you my Oma Linda ;o) And, I am sending a big hug ;o) This other stuff is bullshit!!! Put it outside the door and slam it shut!

  8. Oh dear me...sounds like someone has been sucking on those old sour grapes again!
    Linda my lovely, you have got to pity someone who even feels the need to embarass themselves in public this way (and now you have named and shamed them it is very public ;o))
    It must really stick in these folks' throats to see how much your family of cuckoos love each other (which is obvious when reading all you write about them):o)
    And of course it will make more obvious to themselves, just how little love these people have in their own lives...which is kind of sad...and to be pitied.
    I think it is a good idea to post things for public witness, when anyone sends snide things to our blogs...too many people think they are safe in the land of anonymity and say things with bravuro, when in reality they would never dare be so bold, so good for you!
    Now...go hug ALL of your cuckoos in the safe knowledge, that these people will never have that kind of love...ever.
    Love to you my old friend,

  9. wow, there's nasty losers like this in every bunch...sounds like someone is taking too MANY meds.
    take care of yourself and keep being the awesome grandma you are:)

  10. Some people are just so fucking miserable they feel the need to share their misery instead of making themselves feel better. It's easier. Poisonous assholes.

  11. Maya Lynn: why yes, yes there is and we have. Check your facts darling. There is a cache with each and every blog, whether deleted or not and there is a trail to every comment. Gotcha

  12. This kind of behavior always confuses me... not the fact that some people feel the need to harm others, but how they pretend they are doing good while it is obvious they are just driving the spear a bit deeper and twisting. It reminds me of deranged religious people who kill/abuse others in the name of a deity who is probably covering his/her face in shame to be used in such a way.

    It makes me wonder how they sleep at night.

    The good thing, my adored Oma, is that Ry is an intelligent boy and GK is a brilliant girl, so not much explanation will be needed there. To use a little cliché (because overused phrases need face-time, too) when the time comes those who matter will see exactly how the cookie crumbles. The ones who don't, well, who cares...

  13. I was over at Can We Have a New Witch? Ours Melted reading some Dr. Seuss goodness and decided to snatch a bit of wisdom and bring it over: “Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind.”

  14. How awful that you have to put up with this nonsense, and she should be ashamed of herself. What she wrote was downright nasty and mean...and so untrue. You're such a wonderful grandma. I only hope that, when my sons decide to have children, I'll be a grandma just like you.

  15. Oh honey, this just breaks my heart. I cannot imagine what an ugly person it takes to say such hurtful things and I, who has never even met you, can see right through all the bull. You and your beautiful grands are in my thoughts and healing prayers.

  16. Okay, I missed this post obviously or I'd have said something sooner. We all know how bottom of the heap that bunch is so why are we even paying this any attention at all?? Everyone who knows you knows how much both of those kids mean to you. What an idiot!! It's not like any of us would be influenced by this moron's words! Some people aren't happy unless they can be arses and the crap they spew only appeals to others of their ilk so that excluds all of us who really matter! Okay, I've had my say and I feel so much better now that I've got it out of my system. Love you Sista.


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