Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Grandmothers Are Magical Creatures

It is with extreme pleasure and honor that I have Magaly and AlmaMia use my blog to let all of you hear of this wonderful, rich, soul filled work of fiction. Thank you Magaly for being a part of my heart.

Querida Oma Linda,

I’m the protagonist of “AlmaMia Cienfuegos: a Story of Blood, Scars and Nightmares,” and I’m nine-years-old. I’m writing from El Monte, Dominican Republic in 1993. Miss Magaly, my writer and the translator of this letter, said fiction is magic that will help my words travel through time and to you.

I had to write to apologize. People might think this is pretty special for me because I don’t really like saying sorry. But that’s not true. I say sorry when things are my fault. When they aren’t, like that time when I shaved Soledad’s eyebrow after she was mean to me, then I’m not sorry, so I don’t say it. Soledad is my big sister, and she isn’t very nice. She is always trying to steal a charm bracelet Mamabuela gave me, but I won’t let her…

Translator’s note: AlmaMia went on and on about different bracelet stealing moments, which were spoilers. I apologize for having to remove them. AlmaMia understood my reasons.

I don’t understand why Miss Magaly deleted part of my letter. I thought those moments were important. You see, Soledad… (Sorry, had to cut her off again.)

This letter is not to tell you things about my big sister, Señora Oma Linda. I just wanted to say sorry for some things I said to Miss Magaly about you. You see, I was telling her how Mamabuela is the best grandmother in the world. She taught me to care for our chickens, to tend our garden, she planted a mango tree that’s my happy place, and she gave me three charms for my bracelet—a frog, a book and a skull—that protect me from scary things.

It is easy to see that Mamabuela is the greatest grandmother in the universe, right? That’s why I got really angry when Miss Magaly said that YOU, Señora Oma Linda, were as great as my Mamabuela. I didn’t talk to Miss Magaly for days. I didn’t care that she was the one who wrote me; no one is as great as my grandmother.

Then Miss Toledo, my homeschool teacher and the smartest librarian in the universe, said that she read about you and that you are amazing. Miss Toledo told me you have two grandchildren. She thought I would like RyLeigh and GereaKaye, so she let me read things you wrote about them.

Can you tell your grandkids that I really like their names? They have big letters, in between, like my name. When I was reading about them, in your computer page, I saw why Miss Magaly said you were great like Mamabuela. You know a lot of stuff, you have pretty gray hair, your yard is full of animals, you have a garden, and you protect RyLeigh and GereaKaye from bad things.

So I’m sorry for saying that you weren’t great. Now I know you are. And I know all grandparents aren’t good people, but RyLeigh, GereaKaye, and I are very lucky. Our grandmothers are magical creatures who would do anything for us.

I wanted to write more, but Miss Magaly said this was getting too long already. Maybe one day I’ll write you a letter about Miss Magaly. You see, she annoys me sometimes. And I… (I’m terribly sorry, again. Must end things here; AlmaMia is getting, um… mouthy.)


Oma Linda, thanks so much for having me; you are the greatest ;-) And those of you who want to learn more about AlmaMia Cienfuegos, the people who love her and the things that scare her, visit my writing site, where you’ll find an excerpts and posts about the spunky girl.

For a chance to win a copy of her short story and AlmaMia’s charm bracelet, leave a comment on this post telling me about a fiction character who reminds you of a person in your life. Want extra entries? Follow AlmaMia’s blog tour and leave comments on one or all the stops.

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  1. I was very happy to translate for AlmaMia, even if every once in a while she can be three handfuls.

    I'm sure you, my Oma, understand that just too well. You have lived so much, and when life has grayed the hair and enriched the minds, souls can see that the ones we love most come with faults. Many times, the latter is the reason why we adore them so much.

    Thank you for having us. AlmaMia seems to be taken by you ;-)

  2. Oh Wow, What a fantastic tribute to you Oma :D I can only hope that when/if I ever get grandchildren, I will be able to live up to yours and Mamabeula's standards( well I already plant trees, so that's a start) :D XXX

  3. This is so beautiful and I truly agree, that Miss Oma Linda sits side by side with the very gifted and wise Mamabuela, that little AlmaMia loves so. Some of us can see the stars through her eyes and hold hope that in the future her name will be kept as sacred as her heart.

  4. @Gina, I think you already have some self-proclaimed (probably too old) grandchildren. One of them, even got her tree! Your grandchildren would love you. There is no way they wouldn't ;-)

    @Mina, you are so right. There is no easiest way to see the greatness of a person than to look at it through a child's eyes. They don't pretend because they don't know how. AlmaMia adores her Mamabuela and when I was writing her, I couldn't help but notice certain resemblances.

  5. Oma Linda, you are a beautiful woman, inside and out! You've touched my heart, like how you have touched so many others! I can see you with Mamabuela ;o) I know you would love AlmaMia like your own grandkids ;o) Big Hugs ;o) What a special post ;o)

  6. AlmaMia is right - it is easy to see what a great Oma you are! One has to only read any of your posts about those beautiful grandkids, and the love is shining through every word.

  7. Oma Linda, I got to your blog through Magaly, but for some reason on my blogger list, it is just older posts? Is there something funny going on? If I have missed any posts, sorry!

  8. @Magic Love Crow, Stacy, I'm so with you in this one. And I know many others feel the same way. I can see Mamabuela and Oma Linda crafting together, teaching the grandkids about the world, telling them stories... how would I love to sit around a bonfire listening to those two ;-)

  9. I'll make this short and sweet... I love this!!!

  10. Beautiful! I love her spirit :)

  11. @KeltikMystique, I'll make sure to tell AlmaMia ;-)

  12. what a wonderful, fun post :). I, unfortunately, didn't have a magical grandmother. I had one who hated me and took every chance to tell me that, until the day before she died sitting next to me in the car, when she told me she loved me. She subsequently haunted me for a while, peeking her head around the corner of my room, or leaving scent of lavendar and roses in little cold spots in the house. Mamabuelita is the grandmother I always wanted, and Oma Linda seems to be her physical body here on earth.


  13. @Bones, I do, too. Very much ;-)

    @Texan Zombie Goddess, in my own life I had a bit of both. My maternal grandmother is probably dancing and smoking her pipe in the Summerlands, my paternal grandmother, on the other hand, is probably somewhere telling someone how to live their lives and how even if they do it they still suck. If they are anything like me, they would ignore her ;-)

  14. Oma is wonderful & so happy AlmaMia reconciled her differences with you Magaly over the 'grandmother' topic... the world is full of those unsung teachers & guardians called grandmas & there can never be enough - they make the world a better place for those who choose listen & watch :) Great post!

  15. ... and sometimes, they just make the world ;-)

  16. I never enjoyed the love of a grandmother. AlmaMia is blessed to have her Mamabuela's love and protection.

    Magaly, I enjoyed how you wrote the post is AlmaMia's voice. That was fun to read.


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