Sunday, May 13, 2012

My Wickediest Darling Magaly

Magaly Guerrero is writing a series for all of us to enjoy. AlmaMia Cienfuegos Tours with Charm
She is without a doubt, a devoted writer of wonderful stories. I have been honored to be one of the sights she has selected to share her latest fiction pulled from life. It tickles and pleases me that the title of the section of the story shared on my blog on the 23rd of May, will be "Grandmothers are Magical Creatures". Magaly makes my heart sing, my spirit soar and my life richer by being in it.
Please follow the link to the beginning of the story and read and enjoy the gift that Magaly is sharing with us. Hold on tight when you get on this ride.......away.


  1. Yey... looking forward to it :)

  2. I'm all giggles. We had a bit of a chaotic start with the Amazonian gods, but all is well now and our girl is out!

    Thanks so much for the link love, Oma, and for having me next week. I'm excited ;-)

  3. Magaly, makes my heart sing too ;o)


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